TGIF: Vegas Outfit & Lip Tar Giveaway

Hi Guys! Here’s this week’s TGIF- a Vegas Outfit of the Day, along with a giveaway of OCC’s newest Lip Tars from their new Heroine Collection!
Entering is as easy as filling out the form below! You can enter up to 6 different ways :) If you enter the “tweet about the giveaway” option, just click the little “tweet” button please!
Giveaway is international and ends on Monday at Midnight EST. Enjoy!!

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  • Heather Adrian

    Btw hope you’re having/you had fun in Vegas! I’ve only been there once but it was such an amazing atmosphere

  • Maya Walton

    You look really good w/ brown hair!

  • Steph

    I have never been to Vegas but I want to make a trip on my 21st birthday!

  • Rebecca

    Thank you for the giveaway :)

  • Alexis Colon

    I’ve never been to Vegas wahhhh :(

  • Abbey

    You are so generous and awesome! You look even prettier every time I see one of your videos!

  • Shayna Terina Christoe

    I have yet to go to vegas :P thanks so much for the giveaway and I hope you had an awesome tome this weekend!

  • Crystal

    I really loved the outfit and shoes:3

  • Sandipa Sharma

    Your nail polish display is divine!! I have way too much nail polish to be able to display them like that though :/

  • April Wigley

    Thanks for keeping me updated on the world of cosmetics and beauty. I
    appreciate the effort you put into it! One of my favorite nights out was Halloween in Nashville. I loved all the creative costumes.

  • Kristina Linn

    the last time I went to Vegas was to visit my bestie, we had an amazing time and I won a bunch of money at the Playboy Club so then we shopped till we dropped!

  • Patty

    I am dying to try a lip tar!

  • Sara

    I’ve never been to Vegas but my favourite night out was to see the Empire State Building in NYC!

  • Crystal

    Last St. Patricks Day some friends and I went out bowling and just had a great time. We had a few drinks and than just hung out. It was fun

  • nopuffmail

    when i went to vegas i was not yet 21 so i dont think there was very much to do there for me.

  • Melanie

    I have never been to Vegas, but I’m sure it would be fun and a bit overwhelming.

  • Joyce

    I love that black dahlia colour! Ever since you used it for the Regina/Evil Queen tutorial I’ve been thinking of getting a lip colour like that!

  • Jayde

    i love your hair pink, it brings me back to the old days. <3

  • 808behbehgirl

    i love your outfit

  • Cin Cue

    me and my boyfriend are long distance right now so any night out with him is my favorite :D

  • Eunice

    Love the look!

  • victoria

    favorite vegas would be visiting madame tussauds!

  • EndlessSumms

    I’ve never been to Vegas! BUT I would LOVE to check out peepshow and eat at the Sugar Factory! (*: Excited to try some OCC makeup!

  • Nykole Jillyn

    I needddd that dress! :D

  • Ashiie Imperfect

    My favorite night out would have to be the Punk Crawls every year. I get to see every one of my friends ad just have an awesome time.

  • rochelle

    falling into a puddle of vomit hahahah

  • Guest

    Those shoes are awesome!!

  • Kelsey Zinck

    I went out in Germany in April, it was just at a hotel bar but so much fun!!!

  • Marie-Louise

    Favorite night out: I danced A LOT with all my friends :)

  • jicurwin

    favorite night out was in atlanta for new years with all my friends

  • Alexandra S

    Awesome giveaway!! That dress looks great on you.

  • Alexandra S

    Btw, the last time I was in Vegas was for EDC 2012.

  • Barbara

    I love your TGIF outfit. Look forward to seeing more videos :) Thanks for having the giveaway! It’s an awesome one!


    My favorite Vegas experience? Being born? Haha I was born and raised there! :)

  • Ariel

    Love the hair and can’t wait to see what’s next

  • Alana

    Seeing the Beatles Love :) ahhh… great night

  • Kaitlin

    love lip tars!

  • Kim Teague

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but favorite night out was at an outdoor concert last fall. I danced until my feet killed me and sang at the top of my lung, then had the most amazing pizza at the end of the night.

  • Kassy Lara

    I love the shoes!!

  • Rachel Lwyn

    My favorite nights out usually consist of going out to this local place here with my girls.. they have drag shows and dancing, its always a blast.

  • Jesica Hercules

    thank you for the giveaway

  • firegoddess21

    Love the outfit! And your makeup :)

  • Sarah

    never been to vegas, but my favourite night our was my trip to Edinburgh and walking around with my family, having dinner, and going on a graveyard ghost tour of Edinburgh.

  • heather

    I’ve never used a lip tar, but I’d love to try one.

  • Sara

    Awesome contest

  • Eliza

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  • Hautebeautygirl

    What an amazing giveaway!! I’ve been wanting to try OCC lip tars for ages but never had a chance. PS: You seem so much happier back in Arizona.

  • azucena

    you look so pretty and what an awesome giveaway!

  • Cynthia

    Never been to vagas,,, but my favorite night out is with my sisters and friend to clubs and dinners!!!

  • Bonnie W.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I always love your videos