TGIF: Vegas Outfit & Lip Tar Giveaway

Hi Guys! Here’s this week’s TGIF- a Vegas Outfit of the Day, along with a giveaway of OCC’s newest Lip Tars from their new Heroine Collection!
Entering is as easy as filling out the form below! You can enter up to 6 different ways :) If you enter the “tweet about the giveaway” option, just click the little “tweet” button please!
Giveaway is international and ends on Monday at Midnight EST. Enjoy!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • Cheyenne Hope Brewer

    i love the lip tar this give away sounds AWESOME!!!

  • frou

    i love your makeup! i’m so excited for the belle look video!

  • Guest

    awesome giveaway! hope you have fun on your travels!

  • kassie


  • crynikimci

    Love your wig!

  • Karolien

    I’ve been really loving the OUAT series, so keep up the good work! From Belgium with love ;-)

  • Christine

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but now that I”m 21 I hope to fix that soon enough. I desperately want to see “O”, the Cirque du Soleil show – I’ve been transfixed with it ever since i was a kid!

  • Chloe Dillinger

    Leesha, I have been a fan of your videos for a long time and I hope you pick me for the giveaway, everyday after school I come home to see if you have a new video up!

  • Rachel Palacios

    My favorite weekend in Vegas was a couple of years back, because I got to visit with my family, barbecue and go bowling with them, and then I got free breakfast at the hotel buffet before heading home!

  • veronica

    That dress is amazing

  • Veronica

    Love the dress! Can’t wait for the Belle tutorial!

  • keeelli

    thanks for all the giveaways

  • Brianna

    Have a great time! Fingers crossed for the giveaway!

  • Laura Aguirre

    I went to Vegas with my family and some family friends when I was like 8 years old and we all kids stayed at the hotel room with the “big kids” that was my sister and another girl that weren’t old enough to go to the casinos, so to entertain us they “performed” a play, I don’t remember what it was about, I just remember that the other girl pour a glass of water on my sister’s face, haha, was hilarious :D

  • ShanCPants

    OMG! I would looove to get these! I am an OCC virgin!!

  • andreas1317

    ive never been to vegas and i cant wait to go

  • Sandy

    love the shoes (: do more party outfits!

  • Marissa

    taking a trip to Vegas is on my to do list : )

  • Baillie

    I’m obsessed with OCC lip tars! My favourite night out will probably be an event I have coming up this weekend that is fancy dress, can’t wait to break out my new wedges and dress.

  • emma

    my favorite night out was last night when I went out for my 21st birthday

  • KelsDelo

    My favorite night out was when I went to my best friends sweet sixteen, it was a fun night filled with dancing!

  • Kylie-Sky Lindsey

    The only time I’ve been to Vegas I was (almost) two and my parents got married at the Little White Chapel! I walked halfway down the aisle with them, but started crying. Hehe.

  • melissa caban

    I absolutely admire you. Makeup is my life. I love it. You motivate me to become the best makeup artist I can be. Thank you so much.

  • Natalie Kushmaul

    Never been to vegas but, one of my favorite night outs was when i
    went to my first big party. I had such an amazing time^_^ It was at a
    friends house

  • Ana Baxtah

    I would love to try the lip tars. I almost never wear lip products because they never stay long enough, but i bet these stick around a while. Black Dahlia looks so freaking gorgeous!

  • Sami Haigh

    Thanks for the give away

  • Jennifer Reynolds

    Never been to Vegas but I definitely want to go one day. New York at Christmas time is also on my list.

  • Cassandra Szczerba

    Marrying my best friend in Las Vegas was the best experience!

  • Jenney

    That dark shade I’ve seen swatched and looks so similar to this gloss i still have… which… I really need to find out what it is… Someone gave it to me and the label was rubbed off already ;~;

  • Ashtynne

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love your outfit it is super cute!

  • Jasmine

    I love the shoes, Thanks for the giveaway :)

  • CherisedPoetry

    i love the shoes!

  • emidio

    the new lip tars look awesome!!