TGIF: Vegas Outfit & Lip Tar Giveaway

Hi Guys! Here’s this week’s TGIF- a Vegas Outfit of the Day, along with a giveaway of OCC’s newest Lip Tars from their new Heroine Collection!
Entering is as easy as filling out the form below! You can enter up to 6 different ways :) If you enter the “tweet about the giveaway” option, just click the little “tweet” button please!
Giveaway is international and ends on Monday at Midnight EST. Enjoy!!

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  1. EvilStrawberry says

    This weekend I will be spending at the hosptial. My grandmother was admitted Monday with a heart condition and will probably be having surgery.

  2. Elisa Fernandes says

    I freaking love the wig on you!

  3. Elisa Fernandes says

    This weekend I plan to workout and then workout some more ahah

  4. Aja says

    My friend is coming home from college so I’m hopefully spending some time with her

  5. oooobarracudaaaa says

    Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! This weekend I don’t really have any plans, other than sending some mail… Woohoo so much fun, right!?

  6. mary says

    hopefully i get some down time to watch TV this weekend!! ((how exciting))

  7. Elyse Crawford says

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! I think I am going vintage shopping this weekend!

  8. casssaye says

    i love your whole outfit and you should definitely dye your hair brown and grow it out. super pretty :)

  9. Di says

    I’m going shopping, I’ll probably go to the beach because the weather here in Portugal is freakin’ amazing! And I have a friends birthday party!

  10. Allie says

    I’m gonna be dying my hair purple <3

  11. Dakotah Tung says

    This weekend I’m going to be relaxing and hanging out with my family :)

  12. Brittany Mayer says

    I died my hair and going out with my friends because I finally have the weekend off!!

  13. Autumn says

    I’ve never tried the lip tars but always wanted to.

  14. Sarah says

    Always been interested in lip tars. Thanks for the giveaway Leesha :)

  15. Krista Lukas says

    Cleaning, hair dying, and english homework…what a wild life I lead ;)

  16. Lily says

    The dress you had on is amazing!

  17. Haley says

    I have never been to vegas but I wish I could go! Although i have some great nights out here in VA at the hat factory! Have a great time!!

  18. Alexys Grace says

    My favourite night out was definitely the Green Day concert I went to!

  19. Steambotz says

    I love the after parties at vegas! Way less people and you get to have a lot more fun (:

  20. millie says

    You look FABULOUS

  21. Raisa says

    I never really wear intense colors, but Im really interested in the lip tars they’re so cool ;)

  22. mic says

    thank you for the giveaway! ^^ <3

  23. Melissa says

    love the dress

  24. Rissalady says

    I went to Vegas in ’09 and saw thunder from down under. That’s not even my forte but it was prettttttttty awesome. Unfortunately Planet Hollywood (where I stayed) closes their pool at 7, so we had a ‘pool party’ in the jacuzzi tub hahah. Making the best of things!

  25. Mariana says

    Never been to Vegas, but my fun night out would be simply hanging out with friends. :)

  26. devon says

    Favorite night out..can I just say that every night for about 2 months after I turned 21 were pretty freakin great!

  27. LH says

    Never been to Vegas but my fav night out is anytime bf and I get to get away together just us two

  28. Jess says

    we went when i was younger and stayed at the circus hotel. i really liked seeing the pirate ships.

  29. Kelsey Turner Williams says

    Favorite night out would have to be hitting up Bar Lexington and meeting CT Big Easy and Katie all from Real World/ Road Rules!!

  30. zivizivi says

    thanks a lot.. I would love to try liptars.. it’s been on my list for such a long time

  31. Nish says

    Nothing much. Just babysitting.

  32. Katie says

    that hair really suits you :O !

  33. stephanie says

    Never been to vegas, and ever really had a fun night out, hoping to soon though.

  34. Guylaine says

    I Live In Vegas , so my favorite experience in Vegas, was the crown nightclub which is so amazing!! and the circus circus adventuredome theme park, its really fun !

  35. nvbeauty/nviousbeauty says

    You look beautiful Leesha! I hope you have a great time!

  36. Candis says

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but my favourite night out was my 23rd birthday. I wore some awesome extensions and looked super nice :)

  37. Anja says

    Never really had a night out, except for the movies with friend :)

  38. Alexa says

    I’m dyingggg to add some fun colored high quality lip colors to my freelance kit:) Thanks for the opportunity!

  39. Leslie Duenas says

    I love walking the strip and seeing all of the bright lights

  40. Rebecca Corona says

    Probably hanging out by the fancy pool at the hotels, very relaxing :)

  41. Alina Dobre says

    my favorite night out was when i were in paris and we got to stroll around the streets! :)

  42. aurora says

    I would love to try out lip tars and hopefully gt a chance to if i win :)

  43. sunyuqi90 says

    night rafting hang out was the best

  44. Tai Kulystin says

    I love the buffets that are found all over Vegas. I’m definitely a foodie, and aside form my love of lounging at the pool and drinking my other favorite Vegas experience was definitely going to the buffets.

  45. da_kine85 says

    most memorable was when i went with a bunch of friends the year we turned 21. we were there for new years and it was a great time drinking :P

  46. Naomi says

    I’ve never tried any Lip Tars before!

  47. deby says

    i always wanted to tried them but never got around to buy them!!

  48. purni says

    my favorite night outfit is plain black dress n spiky wedge with studded bracelet and silver chain

  49. Diana Francis says

    Bright lights! Oh and there was once a half naked man just chilling in the street hah

  50. Celia says

    This weekend I’m hanging out with my sisters! Woohoo!

  51. Brooke says

    I love those colors! They’re so intense!

  52. Darling Nikki says

    I’ve been dying to try OCC lip tars, they are perfect.

  53. Catherine says

    They look so…….INTENSE :D

  54. Astrid says

    this new year’s partied with friends

  55. Paula P says

    Thanks for the giveaway!! You are gorgeous.

  56. Kim C says

    i love seeing all the cirque shows! definitely a vegas favorite :)

  57. Lexi Torres says

    my favorite vegas experience was when i saw alice in chains at the hard rock for my birthday two years ago!

  58. Claire says

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but my favorite night out was going to the movies with my friends. It’s always fun.

  59. Dylan Corrao says

    I love the outfit and more importantly those lip tars! the only ones I have are blue, red, yellow and clear so I dont use them as much as I should! Not to mention they are the old packaging so they are a P.A.I.N.

  60. Nick says

    The lip tars look so awesome!

  61. Jamie says

    I’ve never been to vegas, sadly. My favorite night out would probably be going to the mall all day with my sister and niece.

  62. Laylaluv says

    I’ve only been to Vegas about 3x but my favorite night out was probably one where me and my friends spent a bazillion hours getting ready and then we danced the night away.

  63. Kimberley Wright says

    My favorite night out was to one of my friends weddings where I met my bofriend. I must have been looking good because he opened converstion with “wow, you look stunning!”. I was wearing an assymetrical hemmed dress with gold, black and tan colours with a wait belt, my hair to the side just like yor wig in the video :P and my makeup was perfect to match with shades of gold and a nude lip.

  64. megan says

    i loved the vegas shows :)

  65. Taylah says

    Favorite night out was probably my first night out in London! I don’t even remember the name of the club but it was just so fun since I live in a small town and this was like the first GIANT CLUB I went to. So good.

  66. kuhtreenuh2491 says

    My favorite experience in Vegas was actually the last time I went, which was exactly one month before my 21st birthday! I was so sad that I couldn’t really live it up, so my parents took me ziplining down Fremont street! It was so scary but absolutely amazing! Hopefully I can top that though when I go to Vegas next weekend!

  67. Stephanie Freeman says

    I’ve never been, but I have fun doing simple things such as hanging out with friends at the mall.

  68. Zoe says

    I can’t wait to see the tutorial for this look! It looks so amazing on you and I’m loving that wig!

  69. Allison says

    My favorite night out was with my best friend the night before Halloween :)

  70. marina says

    i want to try occ lip tars soo muchh but theyre not available where i livee :( Anyway thanks so mucchh for th giveaway leesha!

  71. Kristy Hahn-Maczuba says

    The only time Ive ever been to Vegas was when i got married! It was awesome ! WE had a great time a very nice wedding. Id really like to go back this febuary for our 5 year ,but we will see.

  72. AliciaD372 says

    Vegas is so much fun I hope you girls have a great time!!

  73. lissa says

    that dress is beautiful!

  74. ash says

    im so excited to see the belle look!

  75. roocythao says

    yay!!! giveaway

  76. Evamarie says

    I absolutey love OCC Lip Tars! Pageant is my all time fave <3

  77. Casey says

    Never been to Vegas, but my favorite night out was this time in Boston. I was at a dance convention with my studio so me and all my friends went out to dinner the first night, it was awesome!

  78. stephen says

    I like this look on you! you look so classy!

  79. Lisa Dee says

    My favourite night out was at Centre Island in Toronto. Watching the skyline at night from the island was amazing!

  80. V.Tse says

    I want to go to vegas with my friends… Hopefully soon! :-)

  81. NykkeyB says

    If I ever get married I’m ding it in Vegas, by elvis

  82. Haley says

    I’ve never tried the liptars, and I haven’t really gotten the time or money to actually purchase them.

  83. Chu says

    Saw the Jabbawockeez on my birthday in Vegas (new years eve) ! And the guy have me the tickets for a super discount because he loved me haha. Favorite memory of vegas

  84. heirtothespaceship says

    i wish i could go to vegas

  85. Cara P. says

    Never been to Vegas, but I had a lot of fun going to the premiere midnight showing of Breaking Dawn…lol

  86. Abbie says

    My favourite night out was tonight! It was the last night we were all together before leaving for uni, we managed to rope the biggest wusses into watching a scary film haha! Was a perfect send of for us!!

  87. sammy says

    Good luck to everyone and have fun in Vegas!

  88. Francheska says

    Unfortunately, I’ve never been to Vegas. Best night out had to be seeing the eighth (7 part 2) Harry Potter movie with my best friends! I’m not one to party, but I definitely had a blast!

  89. Paula says

    My favorite night out was last Christmas, when me and my friends decided to go around our city at night, just hanging out, talking, going to a party with great music.. Just having fun.

  90. Nina says

    Mine was the night I went out with my friends for my 21st birthday!

  91. Elizabeth says

    My favorite nights out are always with my husband :)

  92. Katelyn Marie Bailey says

    <3 Your eyeshadow is delightful. I hope you have fun! I want to go to Vegas in December.

  93. Stephanie says

    Never been to Vegas but I love partying & dancing the night away :)

  94. alyssa t says

    loving all of these giveaways!

  95. Andie Vecchione says

    Haven’t been to Vegas. It’s really been so long since I had a night out, I can’t remember. I’m more about nights in anyways.

  96. Shannonatorrr says

    Never been to Vegas, but I had a great time in Tucson for my bff’s wedding. A week of pampering in spas, swimming, and partying. Whoo hoo!!!!

  97. Bianca says

    Those lip tars look so lovely…

  98. Kristine says

    The best way to relax in Vegas is at the Cosmopolitan, uh-mazing!

  99. Alli says

    i love going out with my friends for drinks and dancing!

  100. heirtothespaceship says

    i my 8th grade formal was really fun i don’t really have nights out.

  101. Annie says

    I love staying at the Wynn on NYE. Time of my life, I’m hoping for these lip tars!(:

  102. Onyx Faith says

    I envy you so much for the trip to Vegas. I’ve been here twice. Once was for a week and the second was for a month. I loved it so much. Hope you enjoy!

  103. Sandra Devaux says

    I love Vegas it’s a paradise for both adults and children!!

  104. Poppy says

    I’ve ever been to Vegas, I’ve never even been to America. My favourite night out was my 21st. We did kareoke, we danced for hours and we acted like idiots.

  105. Angelique Diaz says

    I once went to Vegas with my family & my extended family & it was fun to watch shows with them, go shopping, & walking the strip with them.

  106. Nicole Berg says

    I really want to try the OCC liptars!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  107. Fiona says

    One day I might make it out of Australia to get to the USA, and thense to Vegas.
    Gotta live in hope :)

  108. kristen says

    every Saturday i get together with my friends at this hookah lounge and
    just have a good time… it helps me get through the work week for

  109. Trish says

    My favorite Vegas experience was going with a bunch of great friends I had met over a summer. Perfect ending to a great summer!

  110. MsDesignDiva says

    I’ve never been to vegas but my favorite nigh out was a few years ago when my brother and I went out with our older cousin Nicole and her husband Dave (they had only gotten married about a year prior and had no kids yet) and the 4 of us went mini golfing. It was a pretty fun experience and sticks out in my memories because normally all the older cousins sort of just left my brother and I on our own at family get togethers.

  111. Sarah says

    I haven’t been to Vegas but my favorite night out was one night with my mom. I know it sounds a bit kiddish but my mom and I have so much fun together and it’s really great being able to have that connection with her :)

  112. RedCashmereScarf says

    You look great! Enjoy Vegas!

  113. lifeasmurphyslaw says

    Sounds weird to say, but I’ve never really had a night out. I hope you have fun!~

  114. Dian says

    Oh I’d love to go to Vegas, but apart from the fact it’s on the other side of the world, it would be a bit hard!!

  115. Ronnie says

    My fave night out was last son was finally old enough to enjoy it:)

  116. Channy Newsie says

    i have never been to Vegas but when i go you i LOVE to meet new people and dance the night away rocking out a new dress and shoes =)

  117. Gigi says

    I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some lip tars but was waiting to go to IMATS in jan, so this would be awesome. Thank you by the way love the wig on you.

  118. Kim H says

    Haven’t been to Vegas yet, but my consort and I are planning a trip soon.

  119. Charmaigne Domingo says

    I don’t own any OCC products, but I would love to start out with this& it would help build my collection/kit (:

  120. Jennifer Sevillano says

    As Soon as i turn 21 in two months! i’ll be able to have my favorite vegaAs experience

  121. Kimberly Haggerty says

    Hope you have a blast in Vegas Leesha! Also that Black Dhalia lip color looks so bad “A”

  122. Tiffany Crippen says

    A fav experience has to be the Absinthe show they had there last year, not sure if its still running.

  123. Patricia says

    I’ve only been to Vegas once and was pretty young so didn’t really experience a true Vegas night out. Though I did see Steven Tyler from Aerosmith in a store in Ceasars Palace.

  124. Hannah cotton says

    Great giveaway (: xxx

  125. MyUltimateAddiction says

    My favourite night out was 2 Thursdays ago at a party called #HausLife in Kingston Jamaica. I had so much fun. The music and the vibe was great!

  126. Sara says

    My favorite nights out are always at the docks in Portland :) none in particular, but any night we end up on the river is guaranteed to be awesome!

  127. gio says

    I actually went this summer, it was a whole lot of fun. I went with my now ex bf’s family and another friend. We went to many shows, and my absolute favorite would have to have been the Blue Man Group. That one blew my mind away!

  128. Sharina Jay says

    I haven’t been too Vegas, definitely on my 101 things to do list. Everyone I know who has been said they had a great time. I really do want to try a lip tar, hear great things about them too.

  129. Rachel says

    Never been to Vegas yet! My favorite night out was just a really casual one bowling with the girls. I love those times that I can just let my hair down and not worry about guys or money or anything else.

  130. daisy says

    Love your YouTube channel and great giveaway

  131. Elodie De Carvalho says

    You’re soooo pretty <3

  132. Tiana says

    I’d love to win some Lip Tars!!

  133. Nikola says

    I’ve never been to vegas, but as a raver I go out and enjoy the nightlife all the time! :)

  134. Lori says

    I’ve never been to Vegas but hear it’s a blast. Maybe for my 35th
    birthday. I love to do big events
    for my birthdays like planning a trip to Paris for my 40th! You only
    live once right?!? :)

  135. Gabby says

    Those shoes are to die for.

  136. Kira M. says

    Never been to Vegas, but I often love catching late night movies with friends and then grabbing some grub at either IHOP or Denny’s :)

  137. DANIELA DODEL says

    I have never been to vegas, every time I go out with my friends I have a better time than the last time so I could say last saturday going out was the best!
    thank you
    dani ♥

  138. Darla Renee says

    My favorite night out was going to see my boyfriend play in his band.

  139. Shoudra Stargleam says

    I love those shoes. I wish I could stand to walk in heels.

  140. Yoseob's 여진 wannabe says

    I rarely going out at night because I like it in my bed better when it’s night and when I go out it’s with my mom and dad and we’ll go to a department store. But it’s fun tough, going out with my parents because I don’t have to pay for anything I end up buying :D

  141. Steven says

    I’ve never been to Vegas but my favorite night out had to have been the night I celebrated my 28th birthday…shloads of fun!

  142. kailee says

    i love u some much i hope i wint the lip tar it would be so amazing to win to help build my makeup collection

  143. Brittney B says

    Ive actualy never been to Vegas

  144. Erdbeerkuchen says

    I went to Vegas once with my family and i can tell you: My feed never hurt that much again in my lifetime! It was great walking down the whole strip though and seeing all those different “worlds” that the casinos have to offer. I especially loved the Venice hotel. I’ve been to the actual Venice before and it did capture the atmosphere quite well i think ;)

  145. Jordie says

    i would loove to go to vegas!

  146. Rachel says

    Ive never been to Vegas! I would love to soon!

  147. Autumn Rae says

    I have never personally been to Vegas, but I would love to visit. But I love to go out (mainly being able to dress up in my nice clothes without having to go to work), when my friends and I go out we usually grab a couple of drinks, eat and shop or go to the movies. I also go shopping with my mom a lot! I always have fun with her! My mom, grandma and I always went shopping together when I was a child and I remember always looking forward to shopping. I am a born and raised shop-a-holic!

  148. lainey says

    <3 xsparkage, thanks for thinking of your fans!

  149. Nejy says

    I have really been wanting to try the liptars

  150. Julie DiFrank says

    My favourite night out was going to canada for vacation and seeing the fireworks with my boyfriend! It was very romantic! :)

  151. Laura Barrera says

    Ur outfit is amazing…and u look great keep up the hard work!!!

  152. Sarah says

    Enjoy Vegas as a tourist. It sucks if you live here.

  153. Alyssa Halpin says

    would love to go to Vegas someday!

  154. Carmen Patrick says

    My favorite night out was when I went on my 1 year anniversary celebration with my boyfriend, we had been saving all these tickets from the arcade and it just so happened that we had saved just enough, throughout the year before, to get an awesome stuffed animal. It was great. lol

  155. Melissa says

    have fun in vegas

  156. SALLYVAJ says

    I’ve never been to Vegas YET but I will soon sometime this year!! My fav nights out are the ones I don’t remember but waking up knowing I had a blast!

  157. kel says

    My fav night out has to be when i took my 3 year old out and we watched a movie and ate out and just had a great time!

  158. Stefanie Jeanson says

    Wow the shoes are soo nice

  159. Josie says

    I would love to visit Vegas one day! The best night of my life (so far) was my senior prom, which happened to be Vegas inspired!

  160. Haylee says

    Never been to Vegas, but I would love to go :)
    Last time I went out, me and my friends snuck into the Elementary school’s playground and we swung on the swings and laid on blankets, and played games. I prefer simple, toned down nights rather than crazy parties!

  161. Amanda says

    Never been to vegas but would love to go! My favorite nights out are the ones with my husband! Going to the movies grabbing some dinner and just hanging out with each other are my favorite nights out!

  162. Jess says

    I would love to try black dahlia!

  163. Kesley says

    I loved the shows outside Treasure Island. Have fun in Vegas!

  164. Jenn says

    I love your tutorials @_@ So much. I’m excited for the Belle look!!! And I hope I win the lip tar >.>

  165. Amy says

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but my favorite night out was with all of my friends on the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia. We had such a lovely time and didn’t get home until about 6am. We had pizza on the beach at 5am! :)

  166. Sneakymink says

    I’ve been to Vegas many times. My favorite was when I stayed for a week with my girls and the best night we went to three clubs and didn’t get back til 7am!

  167. Caitlin says

    I haven’t been to vegas but my favourite night out would have to be my 19th birthday because I’m finally legal! :)

  168. Bailey Buckhannon says

    I’ve never been to vegas, but my favorite nights out are always just with my girlfriends. Even if its just seeing a movie. I love them so much <3

  169. Brittany says

    Favourite night out was with my sister and friends at the gay club for my birthday! Everyone there is sooooo nice and friendly!

  170. Audrey H says

    Have a great trip and thanks for the giveaway!

  171. Keri Tanzi says

    My fav night out was halloween 2011. I had a blast and dressed like a giraffe lol.

  172. Codie says

    You’re amazing, that is all..

  173. paige fowler says

    never been to vegas

    fav night out was when i went clubbing for the first time :D

  174. Zoe says

    One time when I was in Vegas, I saw my favorite band play. It was totally unplanned! I saw an advertisement in the paper the day I got there and it was the next day!

  175. Amber says

    favorite nights out are with the freinds going to dinners and line dancing! :)

  176. Haley Northington says

    I really hope I can win these lip tars because they’re downright amazing.

  177. Cot says

    My fav night out was going to the peak and enjoy the amazing night view of the city!

  178. Samantha F. says

    Have yet to go Vegas, probably will someday. My favorite night out was on new years. Went to a party and the guy I liked FINALLY asked me out. It’s my fave because we are still together and getting married in a couple of months :)

  179. Jae G. says

    I’ve never been to Vegas. D; However, favorite night out was my 18th birthday! Bowling at a blacklight place, Chinese and then silly game of Twister afterwards. :3

  180. Justine says

    I love Vegas with close friends!

  181. Shli says

    black dahlia looks awesome

  182. saucyfbaby says

    I haven’t been to Vegas in years. Last time I went, I wasn’t legal yet, so I couldn’t really do any of the “fun” things in Vegas. Haha.

    But I enjoyed going to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum & visiting Sephora at the Venetian. :)

    Oh, & watching the Atlantis Water/Fire show at Caesar’s Palace!

    — Nicole O.

  183. Monica J says

    I love your makeup! (:

  184. Courtney says

    never been to vegas buuuut i think my fave night out was when i saw mumford and sons in toronto last october. it was so much fun and i honestly relive that night all the time ((:

  185. Shli says

    I’m an introvert so I kinda prefer to stay in but a good night was when a bunch of friends got together for a friend’s birthday and we went to dinner and hung out at her house after and wandered around the neighborhood.

  186. Desiree V. says

    Yay! Love how the wig looks on you!

  187. lljun says

    I have been dying to try the lip tars!!!

  188. Robin Turner says

    I’ve never been to Vegas but lately my favorite nights out are just going on a date with the hubby and leaving the kids with a babysitter. My how things change in 5 years ;)

  189. Stephanie Lynn says

    I’d be so stoked to be able to try the lip tars! They look so amazing (:

  190. Laurah Robbyn says

    leesha !! hope you get lots of relaxinn done !! awesome giveaway ! <3

  191. Marinarey says

    My favorite night out was a girls night me and single lady friends had! We got all dressed up in dresses and high heels and simply went to the mall haha

  192. Gwendolyn Cruzado Uhle says

    I would love to see vegas but not really for the club scene. More about the shopping n glitz and glam. I would love to try all the new lip tars. I still want nylon o i can have a dupe for candy yum yum,loved dur video on that :)

  193. Breeanna Graham says

    My favorite night out was my first night out alone with my boyfriend. ^_^ I love him so much! We went out to dinner, and had a wonderful evening. :D

  194. paola bustamante says

    Amazing shoes!! Loved them

  195. Lauren Meyer says

    Those lip tars look absolutely amazing!! They also look like they would last all day.

  196. Angela Yen says

    my favourite night out will involve my best friends with dinner and drinks!!!

  197. Jocelyn Myers says

    Circus Circus cause I was 5 when I lived there for 6 months.

  198. Zulleh says

    I’ve never been to vegas, but 5 or 6 years ago, i went to Niagara Falls, that was amazing, i went with some friends and we have the most amazing experience at night, when u can see all the falls and the fire works, i guess that the best and unique night out of my place LOL

  199. Danielle says

    i want black dahlia so bad and sephora is sold out!

  200. Jamie says

    A low key girls night in, pizza, the TV show Supernatural and of course the girl talk!

  201. Helena Ribeiro says

    I love the wig :)

  202. Eva Laura says

    Never been to Las Vegas. My favorite night is any concert night. XX

  203. Stephanie says

    Haven’t had a chance to try the lip tars, but I’m dyyyyying to!

  204. Kirsten says

    Those are more than just shoes, those are works of art! Also you look lovely!

  205. Adrienne Z says

    I haven’t been to Vegas, but my favorite nights out have been with my best friend going to dinner and rocky horror :)

  206. Gabby says

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but I’m going to go for my 21st birthday!

  207. Narcisa says

    I need lip tars so badly!

  208. Mara says

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but my favorite night out was going to see my favorite band in Chicago.

  209. Sarah A says

    I have never been to Vegas, but it seems like my kind of city.

  210. Kerri says

    I love dark lips and I’m dying to try Black Dahlia

  211. Moony says

    I’ve only ever been to Vegas twice when I was really little with my family so I don’t remember much Hope to go again in the future :c

  212. Crystal Roberts says

    LOVE the shoes. My best memory from Vegas was having some amazing lemonade. Granted I was about 6 and I was very thirsty.

  213. Adrienne Z says

    Dinner and Rocky Horror with my best friend :)

  214. Tristen says

    I haven’t been to Vegas since high school. Not a whole lot to do there when you are underage!

  215. Karla Martinez says

    My favorite Vegas moment was going to the clubs and malls.. The were just too BIG and pretty :)!.. Awesome giveaway btw, I’ve been dying to try liptars for ages! ♥

  216. Ashlee says

    Never been to Vegas but I love raves! =]

  217. Lisa says

    eating at the buffet is the best memory in Vegas!

  218. Becky S says

    Vegas for my 22nd bday! woot

  219. Hanna says

    Never been to Vegas, but my fav night out was Canada Day in Ottawa with my best friends!

  220. Jess Ellarma says

    You look super hot in this video! My favourite night out was definitely my Uni grad!

  221. Rachael Terry says

    So LOVE those shoes. I canNOT walk in heels, which sucks, cause there are so many that I want.

  222. Delenn99 says

    Would lovd to go to Vegas some day!!

  223. Gabby B says

    Have fun in Vegas…hope to see ur vlogs

  224. uppingthestakes says

    Loved when my marching band marched in Disney World for New Years night! Definitely the coolest experience I’ve ever had

  225. Brittni Alyse says

    My favorite experience was seeing the Blue Man Group (:

  226. wildmage0013 says

    Black Dahlia seems like an awesome color. I wish I had more opportunities to wear colors like that

  227. Meia Glick says

    My first date with my husband was in Vegas. We were doing the Star Trek experience with friends. :)

  228. Kristina says

    One of my recent favorite night outs was going to see one of my favorite bands with my brother for my 18th birthday :)

  229. Emily says

    favourite experience was watching chippendales!

  230. rachel says

    hmm i think i could pull off black dahlia

  231. Stephanie says

    Love those heels! I’m trying to get better at walking in them, too. lol

  232. raiderbandgeek93 says

    i just love lip tar! well i think i will

  233. jennifer s says

    Don’t own a lip tar , so I really need a lip tar in my life asap :)

  234. Raquel says

    Love that outfit, so sweet and beautiful! :)

  235. Joyce says

    I went to Vegas for my best friends 21st birthday for 5 days and don’t remember a thing hahaha I can just say I heard we had a great time!

  236. nessa says

    I’ve never been to Vegas but thankfully I will be going for new years!! I’m so stoked

  237. lavagirlcourtney says

    I’ve never BEEN to Vegas, but I guess one of my favorite nights out would have to be the night of senior prom last year! It was just a great time, and it was so much fun. we didn’t do MUCH but it was filled with hilarious moments.

  238. karen says

    My fave night was simply walking up and down the strip staring at all the lights

  239. Vanessa says

    Last time I went to Vegas I was about 13 and don’t remember much about the trip.

  240. Yaquelin says

    I’ve never been to Vegas but my favorite night out was going to San Diego’s Gaslamp district for her 21st birthday. It was fun to walk around and go from bar to bar to see all the people. :)

  241. Amy says

    i love just hanging out with my girls sometimes its movies others its just partying it up lol

  242. laurenschroerphoto says

    Last New Years Eve I spent the night in Toronto with my friends and it was so fun!

  243. leah says

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but Im moving to Phoenix in a month, which is much closer than chicago so hopefully i’ll make it out there then :)

  244. Diana says

    Never been to Vegas, yet, but I’m excited to go this Spring Break!! My Fav. Night out was probably about a month ago for my friend’s 21st birthday we had a blast.

  245. Jackie says

    Never been :(

  246. Sarah p says

    I went to a club in Atlanta and one of my favorite home town bands was doing a surprise show that night! Score!

  247. MabQ says

    I never really wanted to go to Vegas to hot and I hate the sun.

  248. Emily C says

    I love just going and getting drinks with my friend and tag and laugh about what’s going on in our lives bc we don’t see each other too often

  249. Ashley Sanchez says

    i’ve never used the lip tars. i’d love to try :)

  250. Kristen Maria says

    I’ve never been to Vegas! I would love to go, but my fear of flying makes it difficult.

  251. Kendra says

    Old school bowling with the besties

  252. Kendra says

    I really want to try lip tars, you recommend them so often.. But i dont have any yet

  253. Elizabeth Villa says

    I’ve never been to vegas, my favorite night was one fourth of July…

  254. Angie B says

    never been to Vegas but bachelorette parties are always my favorite nights out!!

  255. Taisia says

    The dress is soooo adorable!!

  256. ashley says

    I’m going to Vegas in Nov. I’ve been dying to get some lip tars

  257. mightyclassy07 says

    Yay Vegas! I recommend the Mandarin Oriental for breakfast (the parfait) and Aria for spa. :) Enjoy!

  258. Taisia says

    My favorite night out I was in minneapolis with friends out dancing. I miss those days!

  259. lineeeee says

    you’re just too pretty!

  260. Lizzy B says

    I think my favourite night out was my friends 18th birthday and we went to a karaoke bar… that was deffinatly a night to remember

  261. Georgia says

    I am SO JEALOUS of your vegas trip! someday i’ll go haha :)

  262. chemicallyfeline says

    i guess my best time in vegas would have to be wen i turned 21, my dad paid for everything, so it was fun lol. even though i had to spend the whole time babysitting a teenager who was rly annoying. it was nice to go to vegas n not have to spend a dime.

  263. Cindy C says

    This is pretty awesome! I was so upset when I went to Sephora, and they didn’t have OCC yet. :(

  264. Chey says

    Movie night out with the best friend!

  265. Valeria Briones says

    my friends and i went to go see Magic Mike and my friend that was the only boy with us had to go see it with us!!! most of the time he was closing his eyes. but at the end he said he needed to try their moves out in front of his mirror.

  266. Ruth says

    I’ve never been to vegas, but i plan to!!! But the best night i had was with my high school friends. We usually like having movie marathons at a friends place and drink all night! :)

  267. Ally says

    Have fun in Vegas! I’m so jealous; I’ve never been. Maybe someday ;-;

  268. Claire Robertson says

    Loving the outfit and the wig and the makeup here :) Can’t wait for OUAT Belle tutorial to go up x

  269. Rachel Hardin says

    Never been to Vegas but my favorite nights out have got to have been when I celebrated my 21 and 22 birthdays! So much fun, and I didn’t have to pay for a single drink ;)

  270. Charity Knott says

    Never been to Vegas but my favorite night out would be when I went to Seattle with a group of my best friends !

  271. Mandy says

    I love your shoes! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  272. Danielle Spoto says

    I’ve only been to Vegas once. But my favorite thing I did was go to see criss angel perform. He was amazing. I had such a great time!

  273. Alexandrea Wilson says

    I have never been to Vegas but hopefully next year for my birthday i will. I love going and just being with my girls and forgetting everything for that night drink and just catch up on everything. Have fun and be safe

  274. Dice says

    When I was younger I went to Vegas with my parents and got to go to Star Trek: The Experience– I loved it!

  275. Elaineybolaney says

    My favorite night out would be getting dolled up for a night at town with my friends and having a few cheeky drinks.

  276. Tory Rose C. says

    Never been to Vegas, but I hope to go, especially since my boyfriend is a big poker player

  277. Emily Bryan says

    I’ve never been to Vegas. I have many favorite nights out, usually the best ones are the ones where I land on my face xD It’s the “running gag” of my friends because I’m always running and tripping over myself. Good times <3

  278. Vivian Li says

    I had to go to vegas w/ my dad and grandma, guess how fun that was?

  279. leah says

    Never been to Vegas but my fav night out was my birthday with my bf!

  280. Myan Judd says

    I’ve actually never been to Vegas but its definitely on my bucket list :)

  281. Gabi says

    I’m really not a Vegas person, but a while back I was obsessed with Criss Angel and I went to see his show and I managed to get really good seats and he touched my hand! Hahaha I know its super lame but I freaked out about it for a while

  282. Amanda Rose says

    Never been to vegas but i love going ut with the girls dancing :)

  283. Allie McDermid says

    Never been to Vegas, but my favorite nights out ever are when my friends and I go to The Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight :)

  284. Roxy says

    Holy moly, you look gorgeous!!! You always look awesome but your look in this video is amazing!!!!!!!!

  285. Keziah says

    Why do you have so many wigs? Hahaha!

  286. leila says

    i live i vegas so it would have to be Mt. charleston

  287. Skye says

    I never been to Vegas but I would love to go! It sounds like a lot of fun and I hope you have a good time!

  288. Maris Leigh De Mott says

    Vegas was such a blast when I went. Luckily I got there before they closed the Star Trek experience… I spent three days in that place hanging out with Borgs and Klingons and drinking smoking drinks. It was fab :D

  289. Catherine Lugar says

    Thanks for the giveaway! Hope vegas is fun!

  290. Adrianna Hersom says

    looking beautiful! My favorite night out was last weekend we just went all out reliving our childhoods…and with beer bongs. what’s not to love?!

  291. Kendra says

    My favorite Vegas experience has to be my trip in 2006. Me and friends
    went out to walk down the strip and go shopping! This was one of the
    last times I got to hang out with my friend Katy before she died. We
    didn’t drink or anything, we all enjoyed each others company and it was
    one of the funnest nights i’ve had. love and light xx

  292. niki says

    I went went to Vegas with my parents and though it was fun, I was too young to do anything. I went as a trip after high school with my best friend and my sister. We still couldn’t drink or gamble but it was a blast walking the strip and shopping!! Hopefully going in December for my 21st!

  293. Diane Rubendall says

    never been to vegas… fave night out would be when I went out to eat with my friends.. we had a blast. Nothing fancy, just friends hanging out.

  294. Megan B says

    Going out for a friends birthday last year

  295. Sarah Osborne says

    I have never been to Vegas but I will defiantly be going when i have enough money :P

  296. Danielle says

    cute heels!

  297. WillowJule says

    I was only able to go to Vegas once when I was 8. It was fun though :) I got to see a reenactment of a battle of Pirates!

  298. Mai says

    I love your outfit! I definitely need to go to Vegas soon!

  299. Cathy Nguyen says

    I love the shows in Vegas. Lots of fun!!

  300. Kerriigan says

    I love the wig on you =]

  301. Jen N. says

    that dress looks amazing on you. i love a classic white outfit :)

  302. Amanda Rowloff says

    You look great as always, thanks for the giveaway.

  303. Karen says

    You are amazing – AND two giveaways in one day – more than amazing! Enjoy Vegas

  304. Julia says

    Vegas seems like so much fun!

  305. koopaqt says

    My favorite vegas experience was when i walked down freemont street with my mom & dad and had 50 mardi gras beads on my neck. It was so much fun giving away beads to other people!

  306. Alexes Leone says

    I have been watching you for over a year now and I just love you to death. And two giveaways in one day thats insane, have a great time in Vegas & NY !

  307. Kim says

    Love your eyeshadow love. I hope you post a vid on this look!

  308. Liz says

    I’ve been to Vegas a few times. Mainly for concerts, it’s not really my thing tbh. But I hope you have fun!

  309. Tazeen says

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve never been to Vegas, but my favorite night out was two years ago on my birthday, when I went to the concert of a band I’m really crazy about, and afterward when I got their autographs and pictures with them, they sang happy birthday to me :)

  310. Gabby says

    I’m so excited for this giveaway. You have gotten me addicted to Lip Tars. Now they’re my favorite lip product. Also, I can’t wait for the Belle tutorial. Thanks for the TGIF giveaways. :)

  311. Emily says

    You are fantastic and I would very much like to try out some lip tars after hearing you rave about them!

  312. Taylor Renee says

    Honestly any night out with my friends are awesome! Though there is one I remember better than any night and it was the night we hung out at a park then when to grocery store and took crazy pictures with different products! So funny.

  313. Ana says

    Lovely shoes! I wish I could walk on heels :(

  314. Ann-Marie Raposo says

    I’ve been to Vegas once for my 21st birthday with my now husband and we had a blast! We walked up and down the strip so much during the weekend that my feet actually swelled up. We didn’t sleep at all the whole weekend that on the last night we were there we got dressed and ready to go out I decided to take a nap and ended up waking up at 2am with my clothes still on. We were so exhausted we slept through our last night but it was an amazing trip. Hope I win the giveaway i’ve been wanting to try the lip tars. Thanks!

  315. Sandra M. says

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but my favorite night out was in April when I went out to dinner with all of my best college friends and we had such a great time. It meant a lot to me because we graduated this may and most of them have now left to go study their master’s outside of the country. I really miss them and cherish how much fun we had in one of our last nights together.

  316. Katherine says

    My favorite night out is definitely with my boyfriend :)

  317. deanna says

    you looked amazing

  318. sam says

    there is a lot! but i had such a fun new years

  319. Samantha says

    I’ve wanted to try the lip tars for a really long time now and I’m super excited for this giveaway. :)

  320. Melanie says

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but anything with a good live band I’m there!

  321. Bailes says

    I love all of your videos!! I’ve wanted to try lip tars for the longest time!!

  322. glaciouslyjc says

    my favorite night out is always a stroll by the beach and sitting down and watching the sky :)

  323. Patty says

    Went to Vegas with my girls and danced for almost 2 whole days. Best time ever!

  324. Nicole Tucker says

    vegas has some of the best hunted houses I have been too I love going to them

  325. Laura says

    Stunning dress!!!

  326. Laura says

    Best night out was a few weeks ago for our anniversary!!

  327. Jeanne says

    Whooo hoo! Love the shoes girl!

    My favorite Vegas experience was honestly just checking out the different themes in the various casinos and hotels. They are so beautifully constructed and I just felt like I was in a whole other world, away from the stresses of real life! (I’m under 21 so no clubbing yet!)

  328. Rachel says

    I am loving all these giveaways you’re having! My favorite night out is any night I spend with my best friend :)

  329. Ëresse says

    Love the shoes!!!!

  330. Marisa Henry says

    I am definitely going to vegas when I turn 21! going to be soooo much fun!

  331. Venezia Orozco says

    My favorite experience in vegas was when i went to see a show called medieval times. I highly advise you to see it!!!

  332. Steph says

    Ive never been to Vegas, but my fav night out was my birthday last year
    and it involved dressing up in tall heels, putting on tons of blue
    eyeshadow, and winding up at several clubs and not going to bed until
    like 6am!

  333. sandee says

    Ive always wanted to try out the lip tars but they are so expensive :(

  334. Aly Del Risco says

    The first time I went to new york city at night!

  335. Cat says

    My favourite night out ever would definitely have to be the Springsteen concert in Moncton last month with my best friend of 15 years!

  336. rsrproductions says

    You are so cute!

  337. Candice Powers says

    my favorite night out is going to a nice dinner with my friends, then maybe a cool club to dance the night away!

  338. amazing_maruma says

    I love fall colours!

  339. Naureen Sayani says

    My favorite experience in Vegas is sitting at the blackjack table. It gets even better when I am winning.

  340. TaniaG says

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but my favorite time is to spend with my
    husband, when we get a chance. We have little ones so these nights out
    are even more enjoyable.

  341. bryanda says

    ahhh so glad these have hit sephora!

  342. Emily T. says

    Favorite night out was when I traveled out to where there were not lights and had a star party with a few friends. Set up a few telescopes, watched a meteor shower and kind of geeked out about it lol

  343. Carola Vanha says

    You look stunning! Love those shoes. Hope your having a wonderfull trip :)

  344. Loreena Fernandez says

    I loved going to Vegas and watching shows like cirque or just seeing the sights on the strip!

  345. Jess Bolzonella says

    My favorite night out was my freshman year homecoming while I was in highschool. I had never been dancing with my friends and everything was so new!

  346. Ashley Smith says

    I didn’t have a good vegas experience unfortunately, so my sister and I just got starbucks drinks and fruit salads for dinner every night. It was AWESOME! THe view from our room was the bellagio fountains and the eiffel tower. It was great!

  347. Jillian Huntress says

    my favorite night out was when i went out to a gay club with all my friends first year of college! i got together with my current boyfriend that night!

  348. Eliz says

    Fall is my favorite season. That black dahlia is gorgeous

  349. Amy says

    My fave recent night out was with my bf, we went to Foxwoods resort and casino – id never been, it was a blast!

  350. beyond-the-pages says

    My favourite night out was a date I had not too long ago. we hung out for nearly 4 hours, and I returned home with a huge smile on my face. :D

  351. Annie Nguyen says

    I’ve always wanted to try OCC’s lip tars! (:

  352. Kat Rasula says

    Favourite night out was my 19th birthday, the first night I go to into the bars (in Ontario!). My friends and I went to see Harry Potter (5? I think, whichever was released in ’09), and then bag hopped the three bars in my small town!

  353. † Stephanie says

    love the shoes!!!!!! any of my favorite night out always include my girls!!!!!!! any night with my girls is my favorite :)

  354. Jenny042 says

    favorite night out are usually over holidays just drinking and eating with family and friends, lots of dancing is a must for me =)

  355. Grace says

    I’m glad you did the Evil Queen look. I started watching Once Upon A Time and now I’m waiting for it to start up again on the 30th :)

  356. ehemwhy says

    i like the lions at mgm grand but they dont have those anymore :( cant wait till im 21

  357. katherine Paulino says

    i love dark nail polish for fall….so cute

  358. Guest says

    Lip tars are so amazing!

  359. JennyBenny-PickME says

    My favorite night out was when me and my friend and he brother went out and we did the invisible rope gag we did it on just a random road.It was pretty busy and we would go tot he middle of the road and just pull the imaginary rope when a car came and we got 223 points I believe and we spent the rest of the night watching movies and eating junk food.

  360. Jenny Clinkenbeard says

    My most recent night out was the best. I was able to go to the symphony with my mother (John Williams birthday concert which made me want to watch Jurassic Park INSANELY bad), and then after the symphony, my mother and I went out and had a few drinks together. I was able to dress up, and as a mother that in itself is a blast, go to the symphony, and get some quality time with my mama. :)

  361. Jessi M says

    I’ve sadly never been to Vegas! I can’t think of the best night out, but I prefer nights in with a few close friends and a bottle of wine anyway.

  362. Madeline O'Krongly says

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but my favorite night out was my first date with my bf of 5 yrs :)

  363. Faith G. says

    My favorite part is getting ready, and trying out new looks :)

  364. Zee-Ashley Key says

    Well, I have never been to Vegas or a casino, but I do enjoy going shopping for shoes when I have a nice night out with my mom! haha :p

  365. Marisol says

    Love the Vegas Buffets!!

  366. dancinfool0228 says

    I cannot wait to try these liptars!

  367. SonjaFaithLund says

    Really cute! When I’ve gone clubbing in Anaheim I’ve usually gone for sexy-but-kooky, because I’m not exactly trying to pick up any chicks (have had a girlfriend for nearly ten months).

  368. misspennylane says

    My favorite night recently was staying in with one of my best friends who I haven’t seen in months and ordering chinese food and drinking wine and just catching up!! I’ve missed her so much! = )

  369. Stephanie Gamboa says

    My favorite weekend in Vegas was just a few months ago when I went with a few friends for my birthday. It was so awesome and fun! We drank and went to a clubs and pool parties and just had so much fun!

  370. Sam says

    My favorite night out was when my boyfriend and I took another friend of ours on a “date” type thing. She had gone through a few pretty bad relationships in the few months before and we wanted to do something special for her to make her feel better so we took her to the movies, dinner, and ice skating. It was really fun =)

  371. Crystel Mireles says

    I love fall, because the colors of the fall are so warm, it’s cute n____n

  372. teayuh says

    AHHH those shoes! I want! I want to buy heels all the time but I hardly ever wear them! hahah They’re all so cute though

  373. Natasha D says

    just walking around vegas is a great experince since im from a small town. :)

  374. Ella says

    I’ve been totally swooning over the OCC lip tars lately! I think they would work great with my busy schedule! I can’t find anything that will stay on for the whole school day, so I think I’ll try a lip tar next!

  375. mnmroyalty says

    My favorite moment was when my hubby and I got married at Vegas Wedding 3 and a half years ago

  376. ryuuk96 says

    Love going out and singing on the streets

  377. kk says

    i really wanna win the lip tars!

  378. melizabeth280 says

    My favorite nights out are always for my birthdays

  379. Jessica Bryce says

    I’ve never been, but my favourite night out was my birthday last year when my friend and I really let loose and had a crazy fun time… and then froze to death waiting for a cab!

  380. Dana says

    My favorite night out was going to Glamorama in my town and partying all night long

  381. Catia Gonzalez says

    My favorite night in Vegas was with my family when we walked all over the place and saw about everything. We also saw a water show. It was pretty awesome xD

  382. Samantha Victoria ® says

    I’ve never tried occ before but always wanted too, not just there products intrest me but the fact that they are cruelty free and vegan is great!! I’ve also never been to vegas, im not a big fan of all the crowds

  383. Katasaurus says

    I’ve been to LV but as a young child ~.~ But I did enjoy the site seeing and all those flashy signs. I wish to go there once i’m older. :)

  384. kate says

    I can’t wait to see the Belle look!

  385. Tracy says

    I’ve only been to Vegas once. It was with my family and the kids went to Circus Circus. I won a giant teddy bear!

  386. Natalie says

    I would absolutely love to win this giveaway.

  387. TabithaStarr says

    Never been to Vegas .. So, my favorite night out would have to be just a night out with my husband .. We have a 7 month old baby girl , he works , and we hardly ever get to spend alone time with each other .. So, dinner and a movie , or bowling would be may favorite nght out .. But only if I’m with him !!! <3

  388. AlexandraFerland says

    I had a girls night out we went to dinner then a movie

  389. Valen Garcia de Ceca says

    I love how the wig looks on you. It looks super pretty ;o I would have loved to see you wear those heels in the background with the spikes though, those look amazing.

  390. Kitt says

    Yay! The outfit is so great and it’s so perfect for Vegas!

  391. priyasha says

    My favorite night out was last night! We went to karaoke and I had to walk around four empty parking lots to find my car.

  392. Kristen W says

    I Love Fall! I Love everything beauty related with fall!!

  393. Marissa Lee says

    First time and only time in Vegas was when I was about 10 years old. Don’t remember anything accept getting lost in the New York, New York arcade! Spent all my money because I couldn’t find the exit. Even at 10 I was shopping through my feelings! Haha. Have a great time in Vegas!

  394. M S Vargas says

    You’re looking fab with that wig on!

  395. Sherinee Kanaga says

    My favorite night out was when i went out with my friends for my birthday lunch/getaway! We went downtown and blew off all our money, and just had a GREAT time!

  396. Mireille says

    My favorite night out was when I went skating downtown with friends for Valentine’s Day. Everything was lit up and beautiful, and we had cocoa afterwards and it was just perfect

  397. Shannon says

    I love that white dress

  398. rae deminter says

    My favorite nights are usually the nights spent in. With friends, just having fun.

  399. Michelle says

    Have fun in Vegas, working here is wonderful!!! Maybe I will see you at Sephora, since that is where I work. :D I’d be a dumbstruck fangirl if I did see you :)

  400. Kristen Nicole says

    Never been to vegas, but my favorite night out was my 21st birthday :)

  401. Cherie Rufiange says

    I’ve never been to Vegas! But my favorite night out would be the night my friend and I stayed at a 24/7 cafe all night singing at the karaoke night!

  402. Chikitaamore1 says

    My first time in Vegas was amazing I got to see Lots of lights felt like a star lol it was nice vacation wit the fam!

  403. JoreaL Yap says

    It wasn’t my personal fav night out in Vegas per se. But it must have been a dramatic one for this girl I’m about to mention. She returned to her room after a crazy night of party and drinks, decided to run the bath but fell almost dead in bed while running the bath and ended up flooding her hotel room.

  404. Linda Trinh says

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but my favourite night out was in Hong Kong! The city was lit up and it was amazing

  405. Anneka says

    I went to Vegas for the first time last November (I’m from New Zealand so it was well exciting). One of the best things was being up the top of the eiffel tower and looking down at the bellagio fountains at night. Soooo beautiful! <3 Also the sephora at the forum shops, the girl was so lovely and that store was huge and just amazing. I can't wait to go back to Vegas one day!

  406. Ciera Manson says

    My favourite night out (so far) was my 18th birthday. We kept it simple by going to a really awesome restaurant that I had never been to before. The food was really good and the slices of cheesecake we got were HUGE! And just spending time with friends and family.

  407. Katie says

    That dress looked gorgeous on you!

  408. Kayla Cummings says

    My favorite night out was the first night I went clubbing with my best friend.

  409. Amy Copeland says

    I have never been to Vegas but definitely want to go!! My favorite night out was walking along the beach with my fiancée a couple month’s ago. So relaxing n romantic. Thanks for the giveaway…this is my first time entering :)

  410. Vivien Phung says

    My favorite night out was the first night i went clubbing at my friend’s club!

  411. Lauren says

    i want to go to vegas! hopefully i’ll make it there within the next few years – i wanna see thunder from down under! haha

  412. Yette says

    Favorite night out is either with family & friends :)

  413. Karen Brokaw says

    My favorite night out would be my first date with my now husband when he came home from Iraq on leave from the Marine Corps in 2008. :)

  414. flower_girlz_15 says

    Never been to vegas, and haven’t really had a best night out, just a bunch of awesome ones!

  415. Dorothy says

    I love fall scents and flavors!!!! I’m obsessed with Starbuck’s new fall drinks!

  416. Katie says

    My favorite night out was going shopping and to see a movie with my friends :)

  417. Shelly R. says

    I hope you have an amazing time in Vegas!

  418. Elizabeth Melissa Herman says

    my favorite night out was going to the casino for the first time with my husband i won more money than him it was great lol

  419. Julia says

    Love the look!!!

  420. Cec Jordan says

    As strange as this is, my favorite night out was when I took my little brother to see Ringo Starr and His All-Starr band play in Durham, NC. lol

  421. kayla says

    My Favourite Night out so far has been my 18th birthday as I am sure most people have said but instead of your regular drinking club hopping night we went amusement park hopping and rode as many roller coasters as possible :)

  422. renee says

    I love Vegas! My favorite night out is going to the casinos. I won almost $300.

  423. Samantha Ordonez says

    my favorite night out in vegas was when i saw criss angel’s show then met him in person :)

  424. jgalvez says

    my favorite night out has been at the beach with all of my co workers

  425. Christina says

    Love the outfit!

  426. Marissa says

    Can’t wait to see the Belle look next week :)

  427. Crystal Munoz says

    My favorite night out was with my fiance just being spontaneous!

  428. Ambur Phillips says

    Do you wear your wig out of the house?

    Hopefully my favourite night out in Vegas will be this weekend! :D

  429. Kelly says

    I need to try these!!! <3

  430. Shawna says

    I love your outfits, too cute. :) And thanks so much for the giveaway!!

  431. Nia Santana says

    don’t really have a fave night out! it’s usually fun no matter what

  432. breannax0 says

    my favorite night out was my 20th birthday in italy with my friends while i was living in london!

  433. Mollie Burton says

    Favorite night out experience? Hmmm…..I dont really have one; I’m kind of boring haha.

  434. Fanny says

    My favorite night out is with my family !! :)

  435. jennifer says

    I love this outif, so cute ! :)

  436. Tanya says

    Have fu n in Vegas!

  437. ashley says

    love the makeup looks lately

  438. Crystal says

    That wig looks absolutely gorgeous on you!

  439. Luna says

    I would love to go to Vegas but I’ll wait 2 years so I can gamble while I’m there. I’m pretty good at it too c:

  440. Hilda Fernandez says

    my favorite night out has to be i recently saw Pablo Francisco at the Improv here in Miami. hes sooooo funny!!

  441. Gina says

    wow ive never tried the lip tars. coz they dont have them where

  442. Kristen says

    DROOOOLING over those shoes!! Have a great time in Vegas!

  443. Sandy says

    cute look and outfit today!

  444. Eva An says

    Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway! I look forward to all of your tutorials because they’re so different and love that you use TV series to inspire you. Love your shoes too! =)

    Never been to Vagas, but my best time out was with my new friend and her buddy. Just us 3 girls having fun downtown.

  445. Jrangel11 says

    My favorite night ou was with my hubby at Vegas.

  446. Shawna Marie says

    I was underage when I was in Vegas, but I loved going down the strip sitting up in the back of the convertable, recording the nightlife on video.

  447. Noelia says

    Your shoes are AWESOME!! Hope you enjoy your trip.

  448. ariellamuse says

    when i snuck out and did some bad things :D jk… or am i lol who knows

  449. Jane says

    I love going to concerts, all that I’ve been to have been awesome and memorable in their own way. =]

  450. Allison says

    never been to vegas! homecoming theme is vegas! ironic i know. fav night out: for my b-day my best friend took me on a shopping spree and then we hit up ihop @ 9 at night!!!

  451. yolanda says

    the clubs i love to dance

  452. Noelia says

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but my favorite night so far is the night of my last birthday. My friends threw me a really awesome surprise party.

  453. Lin says

    So excited for the belle look!

  454. Marie Allison Coon says

    My favorite night out was definitely going out with my friends for my 21 birthday! It was amazing we all just hung out, laughed, danced, and had a great time.

  455. Kat R says

    I adore warm fall trends!

  456. Shawna Eddy says

    I’m turning 21 next month so i’ve never been to vegas but eventually i’d love to go. Its all good though, i’m Canadian so i’ve been legal for almost two years :)

  457. says

    Favorite Night out has to be my first night at the famous gay club, The Saint.!

  458. Sydney says

    I LOVE your dress! Perfect for a night out! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! They are always so amazing (:

  459. Madison Arthur says

    Can’t wait to see the Belle look! Eek!!!

  460. EMKelley says

    I would go to a show, if I ever went to Vegas. OH, and I would visit my cousin!

  461. Paul Ramone says

    My favorite night out was wandering Boston with my art pals! And thanks for the opportunity to say so :)

  462. KevvieGaga says

    I wanna go to Vegas! :( lol

  463. Monica says

    My fav vegas experience was for my 21st! We went clubbing and everything! it was sooo much fun!

  464. Letitia Mc Conalogue says

    Favourite night out is night night out listening to my Friend’s band. :3

  465. Paige says

    loving the outfit! and remember: what happens in vegas, stays in vegas

  466. Emily Reynolds says

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but my favourite night out would have to be mine & my fiancée’s first date. We met up in the city and just had a really chill night talking and shared our first kiss, it was great (:

  467. Steph says

    i’ve never been to vegas but i’d love to one day. but my favorite night out was last summer, me & some of my friends did a late night scavenger hunt that we planned for like a week straight for. it was amazing!

  468. CherryJane says

    Love the shoes…they are so cute.

  469. Jessica H says

    Someday I’ll visit vegas, but I am far too poor to go now. haha

  470. TiffanyW says

    I love this look, especially with the wig =)

  471. Kelsey Flanagan says

    you are just so awesome! love the outfits and the nails, think its more belle-ish than queen of hearts lol

  472. Naggi says

    One night I went just for an icecream and ended having one of the best hamburguer in my entire life!

  473. Ashli says

    I think your taste in shoes is phenomenal, just so you know. =]

  474. Andrea says

    I like the outfit! I wish fitted dresses looked better on me!

  475. Kelly Cawvey says

    The only time I’ve been to Vegas I was 13. the only thing I really remember is circus circus and treasure island.

  476. Ashlee Dodson says

    My favorite Vegas night was my 21st birthday. I don’t really remember much of it, but from what I do remember it was a lot of fun and a lot of good drinks ;)

  477. Raechel says

    Haven’t been to vegas in a long time, but it’s my 21st birthday soon so I’m planning on going this winter!

  478. suushifl0wer says

    I’ve wanted to try lip tars for awhile, it would be awesome to win these

  479. Dani says

    Your giveaways are the greatest!

  480. Lisa Leo says

    Those shoes are gorgeous!!!!

  481. Maddy says

    Oh my goodness, Black Dahlia looks like the best thing everr 8DD

  482. Fiona says

    my favorite experience was having buffet in

  483. Kat says

    My favorite night out was just getting dressed up with friends and wandering city streets goofing around all night since we couldnt afford to actually go anywhere! XD so many silly memories!

  484. Brittneychu says

    Well, I’ve Only Ever Drove Through Vegas.. But This Past Summer On My Way To California, We Stopped In Vegas For A Bathroom Break. But, The 7/11 Was A Bit Scary So My Best Friend And I Went Into The Bathroom Together, And There Was A Dirty Thong In The Garbage!! It Was Hilarious.

  485. Lindolis says

    I was very surprised by the color of the Black Dahlia lip tar in your evil queen video!

  486. PrincessofHearts2014 says

    I adore dark colors for fall. I adore the jewel tones that are big this year.

  487. Ashley Muche says

    my favourite night out was with my friend Tia, her and I were helping at a play around halloween and got to do makeup for the actors and then got to watch the show… it was a pretty awesome time

  488. jac says

    i love the night time view!

  489. lahoma says

    thanks for the giveaway. Your awesome. ‘

  490. Mel Lis Sa says

    I love that belt! It looks awesome with the dress! and those shoes <3

  491. melissa ramirez says

    I love your outfits, makeup tutorials and your pink hair :)

  492. katie says

    My favorite night out was night swimming on the lake with my good friends. Im going to vegas soon so hopefully ill win and make this night a better one with the lip tars

  493. Kelsey Lombard says

    My favorite night out was at a local club here where I live :) it was drag night! The outfits and the makeup and the freedom…so inspiring :)

  494. Victoria says


  495. Jessica Walker says

    Haven’t been to Vegas yet, but my best night out was probs the night after I graduated college in 2009. Celebrations were epic.

  496. melissa ramirez says

    I have never been to vegas but my favorite night out was when I actually went to a house party and first time went to a bar…it was just super fun with dancing and meeting new people. I dont go out alot but its nice to get all dressed up and have a lil fun

  497. kasey says

    never went to vegas before, but my favorite night out by far has to be when i went to the opening of harry potter world in universal studios with my boyfriend. we just started dating and it really brought us closer as a couple and had an awesome time because the electric atmosphere of being on the rides and all the people mixed with our newfound chemistry together made it feel like i had fireworks in my veins the entire night.

  498. Cheryl says

    The dress is super cute! I absolutely LOVE the back :)

  499. Abby says


  500. Cajia says

    Thanks for the giveaway gorgeous <3

  501. Makenzie says

    I never tried lip tars XD I really want to

  502. monique says

    I loved going to vegas for my 21st birthday! it was fun ceasars palace and olympic gardens with my mom and friends!

  503. Rachel Loh says

    Thank you for the giveaway :)

  504. Olivia Bien says

    My favorite night out would have to be a date I went on with my boyfriend on Valentines Day haha cliche… whatev :) He took me to a lovely dinner and dessert and then took me to a mountain top and gave me a beautiful ring (he’s a keeper!) !

  505. Jennifer says

    Such a cute dress for vegas! I’m obsessed with this hair on you! The whole outfit is gorgeous!

  506. Maureen says

    The wig looks really nice on you! Though I do dig the short red hair.

  507. Angelica Perez says

    the last time i went to vegas i was about 7 years old haha-favorite night out was when i was in dublin ireland this summer, my friends and i were out at the pubs till 4 am it was so much fun!

  508. Mari says

    My favorite night out was when my homegirls and I went out to dinner and than went shopping for makeup!

  509. Steph says

    Love the look!

  510. Christine Hamada says

    Never been to Vegas. But my favorite night out experience is at Irish Village here in Dubai. It’s just a great place to hang out with acoustic music on the background, not much of loud music. :)

  511. Abstractallur3 says

    My fave night out actually turned into a failed night out…we were dressed up and ready to go but one thing after another went wrong and eventually we just ended up at ihop and had the best time just hanging out and eating!!

  512. Kriscod says

    Super cute in this vid.

  513. Sara Michelle Hall says

    Lip Tars sound amazing!!! and that color you used in your Evil Queen video….OMG!!!!!

  514. Mona says

    Favourite Vegas experience has to be laying out by the pool (beach) at Hard Rock Hotel

  515. Christina Parada says

    never been to vegas but i love to just hang out with friends and hang in a bar or something and talk about random girl stuff

  516. vargaswendy531 says

    You look stunning girl!

  517. Margaret says

    My fave night out was my formal night, it was also fun doing all my friend’s makeup as well, although quite rushed in the end.

  518. sable says

    so excited about this giveaway!

  519. makeup440plus says

    Have been dying to try lip tars they are something I haven’t been able to add to my collect this would be an awesome addition with a great range from OCC

  520. catherine says

    seeing the spice girls in concert in 2007!! :)

  521. Kim says

    Hope you have fun!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  522. Erica Chung says

    You have got to grow your hair that long!

  523. Cynthia says

    I’m so jealous that you can rock any hair cut/hair color!

  524. Jennifer says

    Love the shoes. I love heels but can’t walk in them for the life of me! Lol

  525. Caity C. says

    I’ve never been to Vegas, have fun!

  526. crazylover209 says

    Love the occ giveaway!!

  527. vanillatwilight09 says

    i love your dress! you look terrific!

  528. Lisa says

    I’ve never been to Vegas but I’d have to say my favorite night out was clubbing with the boyfriend and his family and the after party. being around people that you’re comfortable with and have fun with always makes for a good night. Btw, your outfit is so cute. :3

  529. mackenzieelegant says

    My favorite night out was when I went to see Rocky Horror Picture show in St Pete. It was hilarious and tons of fun dressing up!

  530. chelsea says

    Can’t wait for fall outfits!

  531. Sarah says

    I went to Vegas last december, right around new years with my mom, brother and fiance. we all got drinks at the casinos and walked around the strip. so fun

  532. Victoriah says

    I’ve never been to Vegas, seeing as I don’t turn 18 til December it wouldn’t be much fun for me there ;) I hope you have a good time and are able to relax!

  533. Lauren says

    never been to vegas:( favourite night out is dancing it up at stones place here in t.o.!

  534. Sarah says

    I love long sleeves!!

  535. gaby says

    so funny just got home from Sephora, looking for llip tars all week, but they only have three colors at my store :-(((

  536. Kristennroo says

    Love all of your looks!

  537. jossvonbee says

    You look great! I like the long hair!

  538. Johanna Määttä says

    Never been to Vegas, but my favourite night out is just going out with my best friends. Drinking a few cocktails and dancing all night long!

  539. isachic41 says

    I’ve been following you since forever really love everything you post!!

  540. Britt M. says

    My favorite Vegas moment was getting married there! :)

  541. jolie702 says

    Ive been to vegas. Ive had two great nights, one was my girls bachelorette party and the other was just being random with a bunch of friends on the strip very random n fun lol

  542. Karissa E says

    My favorite night out was when my best friend came home from deployment after I graduated an we celebrated for both occasions :)

  543. Stephy says

    your hair omg<3 craziest nights are always the ones that were never planned and you get into the most trouble unintentionally lol

  544. Jason Michalchek says

    I’ve never been to Vegas but I’ve spent many a night in West Hollywood and there are far too many amazing ones to count, although one that always sticks out not for being the best was the time I decided to try wearing platform shoes (Spice Girls style) and wound up having to park like 3 miles away from the club I was going to, so on the way back to the car, which I couldn’t even find, I fell over, off the sidewalk and into Santa Monica Blvd! It was crazy but it was worth a good laugh after the fact!

  545. Jess says

    favorite Vegas experience was going to see celine dion for my 17 birthday. she even said happy birthday to me!

  546. Amy Voges says

    Favorite time in Vegas was staying at New York New York, I like the club they have there with music videos playing all over the walls. :)

  547. Purple_Horsie says

    I really like that belt! Especially how it “hooks” together

  548. Faenya says

    You look so georgeous in that dress! And the long brown hait really suits you. ;)
    Let’s see when I can effort to buy myself the next Iron Fist shoes. :)

  549. Purple_Horsie says

    My favorite night out is just chilling with my besties at one of our house and doing our nails :)

  550. Tricia Fitzgerald says

    my favorite night out is just going out to dinner and having a couple drinks.

  551. Taylor says

    my favorite night out, getting all done up and driving to my boyfriend college to take him out for a nice evening, just the two of us making some really good memories

  552. Angel says

    i like all the nail polishes behind :D

  553. Fallon DeGirolamo says

    I’ve never been to Vegas but as I child I’d scream and cry every year my grandmother went. xD

  554. Michelle Maxx says

    Very fancy get up, looks great!

  555. Rachel L Stine says

    I saw Cirque du Soleil’s adult show last time I was in Vegas. Super sexy and amazing acrobatics! I loved it.

  556. Ada says

    i’ve said it before, you look gorgeous with that hair! ;)

  557. Jenna says

    I’m dying to try OCC. The lip tars look so fun.

  558. Hannah Lehew Richardson says

    Love the outfit!!!!

  559. Colette Plasway says

    I love going out when everyone is relaxed and not all hyper and wasting time being cool.

  560. nikki m says

    im so excited for the new lip tar colors!!!

  561. brittany says

    Ive tried occur lip tar at sephora but never bought it. Though ive been obsessed ever since.

  562. Celeste says

    I went to Vegas this summer and the best memory I have is going to the Divas Las Vegas drag show. It was amazing!

  563. Karina Killz says

    On my night out I wore a lime green dress covered in black lace, it was so cute :D

  564. jessica says

    They look so amazing

  565. Bethani says

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but I would totally love to go!

  566. Sarah says

    seriously, the whole look is amazing! thanks for always sharing with us and being so kind to your subscribers/followers!

  567. jess says

    That hair looks so nice on you and that dress is SMOKIN white hot giiirrrl :)

  568. Brooksie! says

    Thanks for the giveaway Leesha!

  569. patricia says


  570. Jaylene says

    Thanks for showing us all the new pretty makeup that comes out! lol i seriously learn about all the new stuff from you XP and also i love how there so much ways you can enter this giveaway, so thanks again! GL oooh ya, i commented about my favorite night out on the youtube video :P it was going to see a bunch of bands with my friends X)

  571. Megan says

    Neeeeed Black Dahlia in my life! So pretty!

  572. Marian says

    I really like that wig!

  573. Ashley says

    THANKS FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN!!! I love ur wig!!

  574. Teja Božič says

    i’ve never been to vegas, but i would looooove to, you’re awesome and thankyou for the giveaway :) :*

  575. Hannah says

    My favourite night out was my best friend’s 21st birthday. Wayyyy drunk in the end, but some of the best memories of being 21 were from that night haha.

  576. Aimee says

    I’d love to try! Woohoo

  577. yu says

    I think I only had bad experiences with nights out …

  578. Guest says

    That black dalia lip tar is an absolute must have! I love it!

  579. LaRissa says

    I’ve never been to Vegas but we’re planning a trip for my younger brother’s 21st birthday next and I can’t wait!!

  580. AranelFujiwara says

    This is awesome! I’ve wanted to get a few lip tars forever, but I just can’t justify the money for something I won’t be able to use very often.

  581. CJ says

    love the lip tar, the one you used for the evil queen was fantastic!

  582. Enk Satsuma says

    my favourite night out probably has to be any night involving conventions and convention parties. Nerds/Geeks just party harder and longer than anyone I’ve ever met and it is awesome!

  583. Kristen Oats says

    I go to Vegas all the time and I still love just to take in the view of the strip at night.

  584. Crystalyn says

    I’ve been loving all your wig changes. You look great in any hairstyle.

  585. Luisa Recinos says

    thank yo for the amazing giveaway :] love you

  586. Yuliya Gergel says

    Love the dress! It’s so cute ^^

  587. Kassi says

    My fave Vegas experience was staying in the Luxor hotel that place was amazing! My aunt and uncle live there so i hope to go back soon xD

  588. Luisa Recinos says

    favorite night out in Vegas was when my boyfriend and I went for the first time together and I got addicted to roulette :]

  589. wallowinthehallows says

    My favorite part of Vegas is the strip, of course. (: Haven’t been there in ages though. Planning on going back when I turn 21. Can’t wait!

  590. Vellss says

    I`ve never been to Vegas, but my fav night out was a few mounts ago with one of my best friend Iveta when we spent more than 12 h together, it was the bomb!

  591. biancayasmin says

    Lovee thelip colors! Vegas is always fun to go. And always a different experiance and memories. N wats vegas wit out a yard margarita lol cnt wait to go in nov for my 22nd bday yayy! N its 2hrs away from wher i live:)

  592. Marline Corona says

    love the dress!

  593. Tristine says

    The dress is so pretty!

  594. Tiffanie says

    My favourite night out would be with friends at Shanghai Dumpling Restaurant!

  595. Molly says

    I’ve been following you on twitter for some time…I don’t know why I only thought today to make a point of reading your blog regularly.
    Your shoes are super cute…I can’t wear heels that high, my feet will hurt. *le sigh

  596. Heathurrrxx says

    SUPER cute dress!

  597. sereart says

    *crosses fingers*!

  598. Tracy says

    Never been to Vegas but would love to go.

  599. sereart says

    I’ve never been to vegas unfortunately since i’m italian but my fave night out was last month with my friends ina place called “the garden”. I think i never laughed so much

  600. DanielleMc says

    Thanks for another great giveaway. Loving those lip tar colors.

  601. Emma Kate says

    Favourite night out is a chill camping night with friends and family

  602. elizabethglam77 says

    I lived in Vegas for nine months, not sure I would want to again…Thanks for the giveaway xoxo

  603. z says

    the wig looks awesome!

  604. Dawn Tan says

    my favourite night out is chilling by the lake with beer and best friends

  605. Sam says

    That Vegas outfit is so cute. Looks somewhat pin-up. And I think you could put on just about any wig (within reason, of course) and look amazing.

  606. Connie Wishon says

    I would love to try these LIP TARS!! Love the wig and the shoes…super cute!

  607. kativilaga says

    Yeah! I love lip tars! It would be so awsome to win! :)

  608. candyshock134 says

    I’ve never been to vegas but i love going dancing downtown for a fun night out!

  609. Devon R says

    ive never been but wud loove to go

  610. sabrina says

    Hope you are having fun in Vegas! You look good with dark brown hair. I was wondering how much makeup do you bring with you when you travel? As always I love your channel. You give the most honest reviews and are never boring!! Thanks :)

  611. elana_s says

    I’ve never been to Vegas – except for a stopover at the airport once on my way home from Sacramento! My favourite night out was probably at a club in France (I wish I could narrow it down even to the region but I was in high school and partying my way across Europe… how embarrassing, I have no idea where I was). But the music was hopping and it was in the basement of a château. Pretty unforgettable experience.

  612. Becca says

    I’ve never been to Vegas before, but it’s totally on my list of places I want to go. My favorite night out was going to see Rocky Horror with one of my close friends. It was so much fu.

  613. Lindsey says

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but I had many great nights out when I lived in New Orleans. There is no possible way for me to just choose one! :)

  614. alexz says

    I love love love this dress! ;)

  615. Phish says

    Lip tars look so awesome, plus your shoes are amazing!!

  616. Aleksandra Tarka says

    The shoes are delightful! Dress is also nice, both goes together really well:)

  617. mandy says

    My favorite night out was with the carnaval here in holland! X

  618. ChaparraNSL3 says

    I’ve always wanted to try some lips tars

  619. Whitney Parr says

    We went to Vegas for my 21st birthday! Thanks for the chance to win!

  620. HeyAmyL says

    Fab video, love the wig, looking forward to the next tutorial. Never been to Vegas, I think some of the best nights out I’ve had were not planned. Love going to meet up with friends for a catch up then before we know it we’re, in a club dancing our feet off.

  621. sailorsqueenie says

    I have never been to vegas, but planning on a trip with my hubby. My favorite night out was disneyland for the first time ever when I was with my husband, it was so much fun. It was November and they had everything Christmas you could think of and the fake snow at night with the fireworks. I never smiled so much in my life!

  622. Sweetstarr1 says

    I thought your outfit was super cute, but my favourite part was those shoes. I love love LOVE iron fist shoes, and those were to amazing. :D

  623. Lucy says

    Best time out was in Toronto (since I’m from Canada) going to china down, dinner, and seeing a show. I’m in New Zealand now with my boyfriend and the best night out was going to the ocean since I’ve never been there before (well since I was an infant)

  624. Bianca says

    going to the buffets and getting my first tattoo in Vegas was awesome!!! :) and the shopping is AMAZING <3

  625. Holly says

    You’re outfit looked lovely!

    1. Holly says


  626. Mia Salinas says

    I went to vegas with my friend and saw all the restrooms of all the hotels at the strip…we had nothing to do…but it was fun!

  627. Trisha says

    I love that you always change your looks with different wigs and your TGIF outfit was head to toe stylish chic … Very Vegas! Have a safe trip to New York & home. P.s. I love O.C.C lip tars.

  628. Lucila says

    Love your dress! Looks nice on you and girl you look so pretty with brown hair !

  629. Therocknrollqueen19 says

    Love it

  630. Diana Ocampo says

    I love ModCloth. They have such cute dresses and COATS…. cuz winter is my favorite and I love coats, boots, scarfs, and the fact that my makeup stays put because there will be no hot sun makin’ me sweat.

  631. Catherine Buckle says

    My favourite night out was my work leaving party, when the store was closing, we all went out together and had a great night.

  632. Bree says

    Never been to Vegas…my favorite night out was renting a party bus for my 21st birthday. Love that dress btw. :)

  633. JMarilyn says

    Love the Shoes! Have never been to Vegas but my oldest brother and his family used to go every year up until he passed away last year, and it was on the return trip home from Vegas. He died doing what he loved…

  634. Aileen M says

    i really like the new lip tar black dahlia

  635. elina says

    Loving the super-goldy eyeshadow! Was that for the Belle look?

  636. ja jaa says

    You should have that hair !!!
    like =D

  637. Estela . says

    I love your shoes!! Thanks for the giveaway! :D

  638. Jor Ien says

    Your not a bigger girl. You just don’t look like the 0.01% of the girls/women on earth that are displayed in magazines

  639. Veronica Pedroza says

    that wig looks awesome on you!! im totally gonna buy one to wear for the hell of it!

  640. Erikka says

    I’m thinking about doing a pixie cut and just doin’ the new wig thing because of this. Haha. :P

  641. ann says

    I’d love to have these new liptar shades! :D

  642. jill says

    Love the giveaway! :)

  643. Kristiina says

    never been to vegas but my favorite nights out are always with my best friends, I can never have a bad night out with them :)

  644. Cookily says

    Awesome give-away and the wig looks good on you :)

  645. chelsea says

    I realllllly want to try the lip tars. & That outfit is so cute! I live in Vegas so maybe next time you’re here you can do a meet up!

  646. Mari Helen Teighagen says

    I have never been to Vegas, but I would love to go. So I’m slightly jealous of you.

  647. Jess says

    You’re sooo gorgeous love you outfit. Hope you have a great time on your little vay cay :) <3

  648. мía says

    OMG! You look amazing w/ this wig. You should let your hair grow. And also I´ve spent a lot of money at OCC because of you lol

  649. Michelle says

    Cool outfit, hope you get to relax a little.

  650. Jane Q says

    Love your look in this video! Would love to try lip tars!

  651. amanda says

    my favourite night out was with all my best friends for my birthday this year, so fun!

  652. dunielle says

    I’m having a hard time explaining my favorite night out and I’ve never been to vegas. I don’t plan on going either. There is nothing about it that appeals to me.

  653. IrishGrl1 says

    Yay! I’m so excited! I live in Vegas, btw! Hi! :)

  654. Julia says

    You look so good in that dress! I love the shoes too :)

  655. Ashley Smith says

    My favorite Vegas experience? Seeing The Phantom of the Opera <3