TGIF #1: Outfit of the Day & Brush Kit Giveaway!

Happy Friday!! I wanted to do a little series every Friday that’s pretty relaxed and fun :) This week I wanted to show you my outfit for the day, which includes a shirt from a local store in Flagstaff, AZ, a necklace from H&M, and some of my favorite Abbey Dawn Shoes (available from JustFab) Also, these videos will include a small giveaway, as I have this HUGE box in my makeup room that is all giveaway items :) This week is an amazing Brush set from Royal & Langnickel that is their Silk line, valued at $119. Enter below, and I hope you have an amazing weekend!!





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  • Sarah Cadosh

    I love your hair and you boots!

  • Sarah Cadosh

    I went to a real beatiful Beach this weekend

  • Jenny

    Moving house for start of university :D Too excited

  • maybe_me8

    Going out for the weekend with my best friend for girls night :)

  • Vanya

    This weekend all I did was doing chores around the house and playing with my 7month-old niece :)

  • Mel

    I was really sick this weekend! Bleh! I love that you are back to posting a lot again, the rebirth of xsparkage! =D

  • Melodee

    I went camping with my family this weekend

  • Sweta09

    euurhmmm! Some shopping on saturday and movies on Sunday. The rest of the time, I relaxed…:)

  • Halifax

    I was just lazy-ing around lol

  • Denice

    This weekend I was busy doing my hair and helping my husband write a paper for his writing class.

  • Ericka

    I had to work all weekend :( But I got to go out for sushi with my coworker and my boyfriend!

  • Katelin

    We have family visiting.

  • elli

    We went to harpers ferry :D

  • Amanda

    I have homework to catch up on!

  • Heather Adrian

    Joined twitter just for you! :P I spent my saturday relaxing. This has been the first saturday since school started that I haven’t had work or school! :) Loooooove your videos Leesha! I love that your style is more on the edgy side! I prefer makeup looks with bold colours and you definitely deliver! :D

  • Mr253652

    My puppy is sick so I have a busy day around her.

  • Anna Lundgren

    I’m working all weekend as usual :( Love your videos! <3

  • Katie

    This weekend was a lazy weekend :)

  • Bethany More

    I am going to edit videos! ♥

  • Karolien

    This weekend I’m going to my balletclass, visit my grandmother and study for school

  • Kayla

    I went to a baby shower

  • kdaniels

    Well weekend is over now but we just did some home repairs around house this weekend cause it was a super nice weekend outside…and did alot of painting outside and also did a little bit of garage sale shopping.. :) Thank you for giveaway :)

  • Amanda

    Dying my friend hair creating a big mess lol. :)

  • Cindy Ramirez

    I actually had to work over the weekend! But I did manage to watch some football. :]

  • Dusti Rose

    Love the necklace! Nad had a great weekend with family and friends!

  • Christina Uribe De Leon

    This weekend we laid my grandfather to rest. He passed away a week ago. Sorry, not the funnest thing to do. Try’n to stay strong. I know next weekend will be a lot better. Thanks for the giveaway. Ur videos r definitely getting me through a really tough time, keeping my mind of my grandpas death. Luv ur videos.

  • Kati

    Watched a lot of sports this weekend! Yay!

  • Stephanie Perez

    i love fridays/weekends bcuz its the most time i get to spend with my boys and be a awesome mom with them. its the best time of my week

  • Kimberly

    I spent my weekend participating in a historical reenactment in Russiaville, IN.

  • sari

    Spent the weekend with my family celebrating my moms birthday!

  • Caitie

    This weekend I turned 22 so I went boating (for the first time in over 10 years!) and then went to a show at a bar in town wearing a dress that made me look like a disco ball. Very fun!

  • karmon

    goin clubbin for my sisters bday

  • Julia Ryan

    Work work work! But that’s fine by me:)

  • Sarah Thompson

    This wkend Im working! Waaaa!

  • Kacee

    I didn’t really do much.

  • Charlotte

    awsome video, love your videos XD

  • Dylan

    love the outfit!

  • Krista

    I didn’t do anything exciting. Catching up on some books.

  • Jo

    Alright, the weekend has already passed but I went to a partayy wearing a bronze glitter eyelook (got a lot of comments “How did you DO that??”) and then to my lovely grandma’s 75th birthday wearing, well, no makeup. Hope you guys all had a nice weekend too!!

  • Amanda Rose

    This weekend i Spent time with my new bf :) And went to my sisters babyshower :)

  • Netta

    i don’t know my weekend plans yet! gonna hang out with some friends though :)

  • Jazz

    i worked this weekend… lame, but that’s the life of a full time student with a part time job

  • Kitty

    Being supportive of my man, since he got sick. Stomache flu, and cold. Also, with balancing the whole cleaning, and homework that had to be done. In all, praising Jesus, as He deserves. ^_^

  • Kelice Agosto

    I <3 your outfit

  • Kathrine

    I went to a filmfestival this weekend, which was awesome!

  • sunyuqi90

    just stay at home and watch telly!

  • katherine paulino

    this weekend im no feeling too well : /

  • maruskastar

    chillin :) I will be doing this all weekend looong :D

  • Brianna Szul

    I am going to a wedding this weekend :) Can’t wait!

  • Brittneychu~

    This Weekend, I Thiiink I’m Doing Makeup For A Photoshoot! =]