TGIF #1: Outfit of the Day & Brush Kit Giveaway!

Happy Friday!! I wanted to do a little series every Friday that’s pretty relaxed and fun :) This week I wanted to show you my outfit for the day, which includes a shirt from a local store in Flagstaff, AZ, a necklace from H&M, and some of my favorite Abbey Dawn Shoes (available from JustFab) Also, these videos will include a small giveaway, as I have this HUGE box in my makeup room that is all giveaway items :) This week is an amazing Brush set from Royal & Langnickel that is their Silk line, valued at $119. Enter below, and I hope you have an amazing weekend!!





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  • katherine paulino

    well this weekend i am limited to what i can do… i have a cold : /

  • praecipitium

    this weekend I went to Maine and it was uh-mazing!!!!

  • Danielle

    I went skating today and worked on homework this weekend

  • avantgardenx

    Are there going to be giveaways every Friday?

  • Danica

    I worked all weekend :( Finally have some free time and of course I use it up watching videos on youtube!

  • Frickster32

    You are so much fun. Love the fashion stuff. Your makeup is super all the time!

  • Caitlin Corey

    Hanging out with my kitties&Sleeping in this weekend.
    Maybe some vegan baking. >.<

  • ArtandBeauty

    You so suit that hair, it looks edible. If you’re not doing anything
    next weekend , fly to my house in England and be my model.

  • Crystal Roberts

    who doesn’t need a new brush set

  • Jey Lynn Perkon

    The weekend is over! :( But I went to a party for my grandma who i haven’t seen in almost 3 years. It was a blast!

  • Donica

    This weekend? 10 marathon hours of tailgaiting in the Grove and watching college football (Ole Miss vs. Texas). My team lost, but loads of fun. :)

  • MO

    Love these brushes!! I am working the whole weekend!

  • Faryne Mayer

    Throwing a small shindig for a few of my friends, probably making some jello shots! yum!

  • Carla Morris

    Fun fun and more fun.

  • iibarrawa

    Went to the fair

  • tina yoes

    I spend sat with my bf watching lord of the rings

  • Alishaaa

    i’m up to shopping and just relaxing!

  • Joyce

    This past weekend I said goodbye to my sister who moved to England, and this coming weekend is my birthday so I’m definitely going out with my friends!

  • Jeanne

    Going shopping with cousins and auntie!

  • Leanne

    Studying, unfortunately… :(

  • Sheila Crews

    I worked on sat and spent the day cuddling with my man on sunday!

  • Sarah

    I’m working all weekend.:/

  • Caroline P.

    Work and a visit to the county fair :)

  • Tori


  • Sarah

    I watched movies all weekend!

  • LaOrEhn

    Drink a little bit and chill out:)

  • Karen

    I did as little as possible :)

  • Miss E.

    My weekend was limited because I had a very severe toothache but I managed to buy my daughter’s tap and ballet shoes because her dance classes start up next week and we spend family time together! <3

  • Samantha

    Hrm. Well, the weekend is over but next weekend I might go to a friend’s birthday party. Kind of on the fence about it because they’ll be drinking a lot and I’m trying to get away from that right now.

  • Allison Perez

    This weekend I’m stuck doing homework… :(

  • Bella Muffen


  • anneynonomous

    Spent the weekend celebrating my dad’s birthday!

  • Nanci Tuttle

    you are amazing hun!!!

  • Lizardlove21

    I spent time with my bf watching movies on a projector.

  • Totti

    I’m gonna spend time with friends!

  • Inge

    going to a fair(market/festifal) in a small village near my hometown with some of my childhood friends!

  • Leah

    Super cute outfit and love the idea of the new series

  • Chris

    Work on homemade DIY wrap bracelets! And cleaning out the garage.

  • Gabby

    That brush kit is so cool. I really want the pencil brush and the angled shader brush :D

  • Gabby

    Also, this weekend I went to a farewell and wrote a four page paper. Fun stuff

  • Helen


  • Danielle Nichole Garcia

    I wanted to see the new Resident Evil movie, but I’ve been sick this whole weekend =(

  • Alexy

    I had a bonfire for my friend!

  • Lilliana Molina

    this weekend….. I got engaged!! =)

  • Sarah Connell

    celebrated a birthday and went to the park with my 3year old

  • Cookie

    I spent the weekend doing face charts/plans for college and planning how to celebrate my birthday (tuesday) while I have no money lol

  • Robin Caplett

    Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  • Ida

    This weekend I am doing a couple of photoshoots with my friend :)

  • Claire

    I would love to try this brush set!

  • Claire

    oh and my weekend’s just done. Mostly hanging out with friends and lapping up the sunshine