TGIF #1: Outfit of the Day & Brush Kit Giveaway!

Happy Friday!! I wanted to do a little series every Friday that’s pretty relaxed and fun :) This week I wanted to show you my outfit for the day, which includes a shirt from a local store in Flagstaff, AZ, a necklace from H&M, and some of my favorite Abbey Dawn Shoes (available from JustFab) Also, these videos will include a small giveaway, as I have this HUGE box in my makeup room that is all giveaway items :) This week is an amazing Brush set from Royal & Langnickel that is their Silk line, valued at $119. Enter below, and I hope you have an amazing weekend!!





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  1. Alisa says

    I like how you’re showing us your pits in the screencap. Don’t know why but that’s cracking me up!

  2. jess says

    hopefully im going apply picking tomorrow after class.

  3. Chelsey says

    I’m working on a photo shoot with a plus size model :)

  4. thefish says

    im going birthday shopping this weekend!!

  5. Ari says

    I love those brushes!

  6. hanh nguyen says

    I have to get my car fix.

  7. Sam says

    I’m out to dinner with some family friends and later going to see Finding Nemo 3D

  8. Danii says

    My weekend plans? Work >.< How boring. Just got myself a second job though. Woohoo for working girls! Need some way to afford my makeup habit -__- :p

    If you must confirm my subscription my youtube name is FreakkShytt

  9. Alma says

    We’re celebrating my nephew’s birthday this weekend. I’m looking forward to being around family, abcs watching the Chavez fight lol(: Thanks fire the giveaway Leesha!<3

  10. Jenna says

    It’s so nice of you to do so many giveaways.

  11. Katie says

    Super cool!

  12. Allison says


  13. lilmissvixen says

    Enter me! I love your giveaways!

  14. Guest says

    Thank you so much for this giveaway Leesha :)) xoxo

  15. Robyn Freen says

    The band I’m in is leading a strongman competition into the arena then we’re all going to hit the pubs :) haha

  16. FarahElawam says

    yayyyy for the weekend!! soooo sweet of you to do this and im going to 6 flags :D

  17. makeupbydarla says

    I will celebrate the 15 de Septiembre in Mexico this weekend :D

  18. princetennis4life says

    I’m just gonna be chilling and working on Sunday!

  19. liat kahati says

    cleaning my room but like going over every draw!!

  20. Raven RSRPRODUCTIONS says

    Hey Leesha! Love your new outfit, especially that bad ass necklace.

  21. Femke Vrieswijk says

    awesome giveaway :D i don’t really have big plans for the weekend.. probably do my laundry XD

  22. Olivia MissMotorbaby Romero says

    I’ll pretty much be out all weekend.
    going out tomorrow with friends for my bday
    sleepin over my cousins
    and going to a bbq on sunday :)

  23. Sara Boyette says

    I’m so glad its friday! I’m going to the beach in Santa Barbara tomorrow so excited!

  24. Kristeen says

    Birthday dinner for my best friend :D

  25. Tracy says

    Working all weekend..and loving it

  26. Florence Rozario says

    Brush sets are my favorite thing!

  27. Stephanie says

    On Friday I just came back from a girls night out then Saturday we’re going clubbing =D

  28. Tai Kulystin says

    I’m heading to a conference this weekend!

  29. CoreyLynn says

    Fff, I never do anything on my weekends anymore. lol… Just either Tumble around on Tumblr, draw, read, video games or play around with my makeup & hair. o_o I’m a fun one, yes… But dude. I am so in love with brushes; so if I ever had my lucky stars aligned just right to actually WIN them, I would be the happiest shut-in in the world.

  30. Danielle Eudy says

    So glad it’s friday <3

  31. Shirley says

    I’ve got my friends bachelorette party!

  32. Rachel says

    I’m moving to university this weekend

  33. ash celia says

    awesome give away
    so want to add to my collection :)

  34. Katie says

    My whole weekend is consisting of serious cleaning haha

  35. Stephanie James says

    Work work and more work lol i feel anti social, thank you for the give away

  36. Sarah Damery says

    I’m going shopping and chilling out before I start my new job on Monday.

  37. Mariah says

    enter me pleaase!

  38. Mariah says

    This weekendd I don’t really have plans. Law and Order SVU marathon! Haha.

  39. Sydney says

    Leesha! I love your videos sooo much :) They made me be more bold when I put on makeup if that makes sense haha :b

  40. Gabbi says

    Love the outfit :] I am pretty much relaxing…

  41. Amy Elizabeth Duggan says

    Not much! Dinner at a friend’s on sat is the only plan which is “set in stone!”

  42. Eyeshadow Eyeliner says

    I have to do a lot of school work this weekend, but I’m also going to celebrate my birthday!

  43. Jenna says

    Moving, ugh again for the 3 time this year. I am wait to finally be a nice home and actually have some good food. My roommate cooks sometimes so I’m happy. Plus I get my heels Nikita heels from just fab. Might go out in them. ^-^

  44. Letitia says

    Hanging out with friends and maybe going to a party… I also have work..

  45. Maria says

    well,I’m just going to relax and sleep as much as I can:D

  46. Jess says

    Cute! I may have to try those jeans on at old navy! I am working, having a movie night with friends, and hanging out with family this weekend.

  47. Hana says

    Loving your hair color!

  48. jaceekelly11 says

    So nice…good luck everybody and mee :)

  49. arwa says

    love it!

  50. Anna Y. says

    Loving the hair!

  51. Sarah says

    I’m probably gonna catch up on my work

  52. laurennn121 says

    Excited for the weekend, not so excited for all the reading that will follow…

  53. Alyssa says

    Thanks for the give away~. Very cute outfit, by the way~.

  54. Serena says

    Working all weekend as per usual! D:

  55. Elizabeth Kim says

    Thanks for being AWESOME!!!!

  56. Stephanie Shanty says

    Great Giveaway!

  57. Hana says

    Working on a trend forecasting project this weekend!

  58. Stephanie S. says

    I intend to relax and do some laundry this weekend…not a ton of fun I know but you gotta do what you gotta do :P

  59. Adora Williams says

    Im going to a wedding tomorrow. Also a grand opening of a torrid in my town

  60. lavagirlcourtney says

    This weekend I am going to go to a farm and pick apples! And maybe get some pumpkins :) Yay fall!

  61. Alice Acid says

    I AM THE PRETTIEST ONE NOW THAT KENYA’S GONE!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. quotewriter85 says

    I have a wedding to go to & working!

  63. Brittany says

    This weekend I’m going to be spending some time with my brother whom I don’t very often :) btw your outfit is adorable, I’m so jealous of your fashion sense. Also every time I watch your videos it makes me seriously consider cuttiny my hair

  64. Cynthia says

    I’m looking up the shoes you wear because my wardrobe needs something other than sneakers. I live in the boring part of NYC where NO ONE dresses cool -_- But when I start college in January I’ll finally be able to wear the clothes I have. NO MORE HIDEOUS HIGH SCHOOL UNIFORM!

  65. Joy says

    Can we please go shopping together sometime?

  66. Cynara says

    Having date night with the husband, working, and watching football. =)

  67. Morgan Ronan says

    Bowling tomorrow (I’m on a bowling team!), then dance (acrobatics), then theatre rehearsals (i’m playing Alice in Alice in Wonderland), and Sunday I’m going apple picking! busy weekend o:

  68. Charity A. says

    Leesha, I absolutely love your shoes the black wedges in your TGIF outfit of the day and brush kit giveaway video! Just fabulous! You are wonderful.

  69. Rachel S says

    The brush kit looks great! I’ll probably spend the weekend with my niece. Hope your weekend is great!!

  70. lucy says

    sleeping yesss!!

  71. kiimmiieee says

    This weekend I’m going to SF to celebrate my little brother’s 16th birthday (:

  72. Kelly says

    I always like your stuff but I think the necklace is too much with the shirt. Also the neck lines done flatter each other.

  73. laurenwhit279 says

    I really like your style! It’s not “my style” per say, because I could never pull it off, but I love how confident you are and you rock it!

  74. zoe says

    organising life!

  75. Ana Villarreal says

    just relax in my home and watch movies :)

  76. Danielle Neilson says

    I’m going to a fundraiser this weekend called Bras for a Cause. It’s for breast cancer research.

  77. Grace says

    I love watching your videos!!! You’re such an insperation!!!!!

  78. NANCYandJ0NAthAN says

    My pans are to do hw :c but if i do finish i will hopefully go to the beach on sunday! :D

  79. Shamy Slefo says

    I’m working and going to the gym this weekend :P

  80. Cara P. says

    Watching the Seahawks for sure!

  81. chi nguyen says

    going to NYC for the first time >v<

  82. Emily says


  83. Sookki says

    gooo groceryyy shoppingggg:))

  84. Nish W says

    Picking up my love from the airport…finally home from Afghanistan…yay!

  85. Nina Englezou says

    Im going to be working and chilling for the rest of the day. Sunday is my slow day so ill probably stay home :)

  86. nullie says

    Laundry :/

  87. Vicks says

    I had the LONGEST week and SO glad it’s the weekend. TGIF indeed!

  88. Laila Crane says

    Weekend plans: Go to Party City and Walgreens…Buy ALL the Halloween decorations!! (^___^)/ BTW, I absolutely love your style. I hope you keep doing these outfit/fashion videos. ;)

  89. Savannah F. says

    This weekend I’m gnna hang with some friend and catch up on my studies! :)

  90. Katie says

    Been craving some sushi and a big drink! haha! i can only hope i have time in between studying! 0.o

  91. Bethany Kim says

    Hey Leesha!!!!! My boyfriend has been in Spain for the past THREE WEEKS! ugh! So this weekend, I am cleaning the apartment and then surprising him at the airport with a big sign that says his name!!!! Can not wait!!!! Have a good weekend!!!

  92. Joslyn♥ says

    Heyyy Leesha :) just watched your video! You mentioned getting that top from Flagstaff and you got the one you’re wearing from H&M so I’m assuming you live in Az, maybe Scottsdale, hope to see you around! I’m in Tempe lol. But this weekend, I am touching up my hair because I happen to have pink as well! haha but only dip dye. Anddd doing excessive amounts of homework.

  93. Mesillah Bin Soekardji says

    I have to work this weekend… :( but oh well, least I’m getting some money in return for my hard work :P

  94. minnie says

    home work and sleep

  95. Christine says

    So excited to go shopping tomorrow! School started, haven’t had too much free itme haha

  96. Sarah K. says


  97. Hannah says

    I’ll be spending the weekend running errands and hopefully going out to a nice dinner with my boyfriend. I hope you have a fabulous weekend! I adore your hair. You pull it off so well!

  98. Lisset Meza Del Aguila says

    Hi!.. for the weekend I have to finish my thesis project… yap.. that’s about it I guess (so lame I know..) :D

  99. Shiara says

    I’ll spend the weekend visiting friends!! They moved to another city for college, and I haven’t seen them in around two months. I’m super excited about it.

  100. Ashley Castro says

    Gonna make some Kandi for Nocturnal Wonderland and then girls night out at the local bar!! Pretty stoked!
    Your lookin pretty spicy for a night out ^_~ oh lala

  101. GlamRockSylist says

    I’m so resting this weekend, catching up on lost sleep + some clothes shopping :)

  102. Paikachu says

    I’m excited to sleep! I’ve been sick all week.

  103. Megsify says

    watching Johnny Depp docos and having dinner with my family :)

  104. Laura Vickery says

    shopping for a friends birthday:)! plus its a long weekend here for me!! yay!!

  105. Samantha says

    That brush kit looks amazing. It would be great for carrying around and travel. Also, this weekend I’m studying, studying, partying, then studying some more!

  106. keylah says

    this weekend I’m working on a few soap making projects

  107. lilitshak says

    I’m spending my weekend hanging out with friends!!

  108. Tammy says

    This brush kit looks very nice! I would love to win it. :)

  109. Cindy Gutierrez says

    Im going to cut my hair:D this weekend woohoo!! #needachange!! Hava an awesome weekend!!!

  110. Miranda says

    Ugh, homework!! The life of a college student is super exciting.

  111. Catherine Mae says

    I am going to be watching my niece and nephews on sunday! my youngest nephew is almost 7months and he is such a round little thing!

  112. Guest says

    Really liking this idea. I love your fashion, it’s so different. This week has been a little rough, especially today, so I really enjoy reading your blog and watching your videos on those kinds of days. Thank you for everything, Leesha, you’re wonderful :) <3

  113. Kim says

    I love the edgy style you have.

  114. Jessica Williams says

    Spending time with my husband, our two dogs, our cat, and going shopping with my mom for baby items…gonna be having a baby in less than a month!

  115. Ally says

    That necklace is beyond awesome! I’m staying in this weekend with my video games. I have a bunch of back-to-back weekends of stuff planned for next month, so I don’t feel bad being anti-social, hahah.

  116. Joybird30 says

    Love those wedges! You are so cute. The brush set looks so nice! Have a good weekend Leesha!

  117. Taime says

    I plan to hopefully fully recover from being sick this past week! More rest and fluids…nothing too exciting :(

  118. Lisa-Marie Salyers says

    I will be spending my weekend working on a thesis for my Early English Literature class. This week’s paper is dedicated to Early 17th Century short stories, so lots of reading! :))

  119. Claire says

    Date night with my man!

  120. Cathy B says

    I will be spending Saturday fishing and bike riding with my three munchkins and then sunday, I have to be at the hospital for my nursing clinical rotation. Sad I’ll be missing football.

  121. Allison says

    Those wedges are AWESOME!! This weekend is an out-of-town date with my fiance, my best friend, and her husband! Can’t wait!

  122. ihazabeautyblog says

    Love those shoes!

  123. Lauren Michelle says

    can’t wait for these weekly vids! this weekend i’m building a cat scratch post for my cats from some scrap wood i found in my back yard and some leftover carpet! #crazycatladiesunite

  124. Amanda says

    Those shoes are to die for. I think I’m going to buy them.

  125. Adrianna Hersom says

    I like those boots! Nice outfit, Leesha! I’m having a board game night with all my friends, I can’t wait to unwind C:

  126. Emily Lauren Christensen says

    Not up to much this weekend, just trying to get all my reading and assignments done for class next week. Not sure if college is the right fit for me yet.
    This week has been a little rough, especially today, so I’ve really been enjoying reading your blog and watching your videos, they make me laugh. Thank you for everything, Leesha, you’re wonderful :) <3

  127. Teresa says

    pool party – thanks for the awesome giveaway

  128. Paula P says

    Great giveaway!

  129. Liana Worshell says

    Unfortunately I work tmrw! At least as of 230, I am free.
    This brush set looks lovely!

  130. thenabayybee says

    Giveaway * I going to spend. The weekend with my family. Play some volleyball. And a lil BBQ :)

  131. heatherrr323 says

    getting my son ready for his move to florida:(

  132. EvilStrawberry says

    Just spending time with the family. Probably do something outside since it’s more fall like weather.

  133. Paula P says

    I´m gonna rest a lot!

  134. Amanda says

    This weekend I am doing a beach cleanup with my environmental college group. Not too exciting, but I love helping out our environment.

  135. Kaylee says

    I love your necklace!!! Just staying in and read a book this weekend :)

  136. Heenal says

    finishing up school homework -___- and hanging out with my family

  137. Alice says

    I’m going to a manifestation (in Portugal)..

  138. LaHenrietta says

    Going to San Fran, my dream city, for a college trip. Annnnnd, I’ll be having my very first job interview. Hopefully I get it!

  139. Aly Neal says

    I’ll be fundraising for my chorus trip, work, and church. (:

  140. Allison says

    I am doing scholarship applications and studying for a huge test I have next week! Life of a college student /:

  141. Teresa Coelho says

    I’ll be going to an amazing meet up of online shops with my friend, where they’ll be selling awesome vintage and DIY stuff and, overall, very lovely and adorable things for a cheap price! It’s gonna be so great <3

  142. Becks says

    This weekend i’m working 24 hours but the perk is that im bringing my puppy to work with me!

  143. Krizmah White says

    My hubby’s on vaca this weekend! planning on spending the entirety with him!

  144. Tara Wood says

    I’m working all weekend, but i’m also working on planning a vacation for this winter!

  145. _alreadytorn says

    in love with the wedges

  146. Guest says

    I love you so very much, I’ve been watching you FOREVER. Please don’t ever stop making videos! <3

  147. OnyxFaith says

    I’ll actually be out and about in Austin, watching Ghostbusters and Predator at the Drafthouse, as well as spending quality time with my guy.

  148. Alexes Leone says

    This weekend I’m going to see paranorman at the drive in theater :D

  149. makeuplover says

    hanging out with family and having a good time!

  150. Raechel says

    I’m just going to be hanging out then I’m going to a concert on Sunday :)

  151. KimiToxxxic says

    Great Giveaway!

  152. Livia says

    Love the necklace & shoes! Very rock-chic :)
    This weekend, I’m working, so nothing super exciting :(
    Have a great weekend!

  153. Lindsey says

    I have cosmetology school all day tomorrow, and then I get to spend time with my friends who are visiting!

  154. KimiToxxxic says

    This weekend I am hanging out with friends

  155. Charity Knott says

    Babysitting all weekend long! Yay money! I love those boots.

  156. Kesley says

    I’m going to see my dad this weekend!

  157. Nina says

    stay home most of the time and saturday a dance rehearsal

  158. Melissa says

    this weekend i will like to go shopping :D

  159. Dixon Hill says

    <3 the looks. It's great to go all out with make up and hair on the weekends, when you work in a conservative office environment.

  160. Edy1234555 says

    I love u! Ur blog and videos make me smile! I’m gonna be studying for my medical boards that are next week!!!! Ekkkkkkkk!

  161. Tiffanie says

    Going shopping tomorrow for my future godsons baptism outfit & doing some gardening on sunday :)

  162. HenrietteR says

    Looooove your shoes and necklace ! <3 I'm so bummed about US web pages doesn't ship international without it costing a fortune ! :s

  163. Monica C says

    Thanks for the giveaway! =]

    1. Monica C says

      oh and this weekend I got a mess of chores to do =D

  164. Elsa says

    I have ti work tomorrow :(! Then Sunday I am going to just bum around all day after 60 hours of work

  165. Adrienne Lewis says

    I absolutely love your videos, you just seem so down to earth plus you are so good at makeup, but anyway this weekend I’m going to the beach with my family and some family friends but mostly packing to go away to college :)

  166. Sarah says

    I’m going shopping and hanging out with some friends. Yay for pro-d days and therefore long weekends :)

  167. Kali says

    Thank You for doing a giveaway, Leesha!

  168. Vanessa t. says

    Reading a crap ton for college, so much for a “exciting weekend”

  169. Michele l says

    Partaayyyyy ;D

  170. Nicole Tucker says

    I have history of rock music on Saturday. Then I have to write a paper in criminal justice.

  171. Brandi says

    spending the weekend with my niece

  172. HenrietteR says

    I’m really not up to much, maybe baking a really awesome cake ! :D

  173. Danielle says

    I’m getting my drivers license this weekend and I have homework.

  174. Jessica Leather says

    I am going to my friends football game, then bowling, then on sunday im going to my baby cousins first birthday party :)

  175. Makenzie says


  176. Bailey says

    Going to a birthday party :)

  177. Olivia says

    Tonight I am going on a double date and meeting my best friend’s new boyfriend, and tomorrow I am checking out the local art and wine festival with my mom!

  178. Blanca says

    i’m going to sleep as much as i can and go out with friends too :)

  179. Jaclynn Seesink says

    Going to TIFF seeing a documentary called “Artifact”

  180. Stephanie Jeannine says

    Leesha, thanks for doing this for us! You’re so kind! I’m going to see Nightwish with My sister in NYC. :)

  181. Rachel says

    I’ll be playing a football match, washing my brushes(overdue) and catching up on homework! urggh! Stressss hehe :D

  182. Chauncy Burnett says

    This weekend is all about catch up and getting ahead in school.

  183. Katherine says

    I’m studying for exams and going to Niagara Falls!

  184. Tiffany says

    Playing Video games and doing basically nothing else haha

  185. Reilly says

    I’m going to see a movie and make cookies with my friends!

  186. JulieL59 says

    Riding horses and family time! :)

  187. Joy Smith says

    Lacrosse game!

  188. Jessica Walker says

    Weekends at counter are busy, so that’s when I work the most. All work and no play this weekend for me.

  189. Amber Storme says

    This weekend, I have to study biology… But other than that I’m just going to enjoy my weekend and maybe shop:D

  190. Sam says

    going to the mall :)

  191. Sarah M. says

    I’m going to Disneyland this weekend!!! (Like I do almost every week…I have an annual pass ;D) And then sleeping all day on Sunday

  192. Kelly Hendriks says

    I would love love love to win the brush set! Housework for me this weekend *ugh*

  193. Lisa Brown says

    Doing nothing but relaxing after a hectic week :)

  194. Krystal says

    I absolutely adore those shoes :o

  195. EJ says

    maybe go to a bee bazaar.

  196. Sierra Ades says

    I am going hang with friends and family because my brother is visiting this weekend(:

  197. Jenny Wrath says

    I’m not really up to much this weekend. Just trying not to hurt my neck any further ><

  198. Erin says

    Would be awesome if I won. I really dont have any brushes. Best of luck to everyone! x0x0

  199. Allie says

    shopping and lots and lots if homework lol

  200. Donya says

    I’m on a much needed vacation, so after my cousin’s b-day party, i will be relaxing!!!

  201. Jenny323 says

    Gotta babysit this weekend :3 Gonna be a wild night for me and my 1 year old niece :P

  202. Brizelda Chapeton says

    staying home and organizing my home

  203. Meaghan says

    I am packing this weekend for my move to Ottawa.

  204. Ashiie says

    That outfit is gorgeous, i love the Abbey Dawn Shoes, i need those ones in my life and have wanted them for so long.

  205. Ashiie says

    I am spending this weekend curled up on the couch because i have a head
    cold and have been told not to exert my body too much. Such a shame, but
    i do get to play with my makeup :)

  206. Kate Knapasjo says

    Working, but I’m also doing a friends hair and make up for someone’s film project which should be fun ^_^

  207. Eva Laura says

    Napping, yeah! xx

  208. Kelly Carlson says

    I love your videos. I am really enjoying the “once upon series”. My plans for the weekend are going to my sons football game, and then having a girls night out. I also loved the princess series. My daughter (future makeup guru) and I watched them together. She loves your pink hair.

  209. Hayamie says

    i’ll be busy this weekend.
    i will comply to the requirements to the work that im applying.

  210. SamanthaMae says

    I will be watching Once Upon a Time. Thanks to you I am now obsessed. I love it!

  211. Mich says

    This weekend I’m gonna hit the beach and enjoy this nice weather before it gets cold :)

  212. Jae G. says

    I’m doing homework all weekend. D:

  213. mickey says

    Not much this weekend, just doing hw and cleaning!

  214. Vicky says

    Friends birthday party!

  215. Jennyfer Leon says

    This weekend Im going to study for school and apply for a makeup job!

  216. Fanny says

    I’m gonna relax with my boyfriend and our cat ! :)

  217. Monica says

    chilling at the beach in sunny san diego!

  218. Shamima Aktar says

    This weekend I’ll be volunteering at the hospital, writing a 3,500 word essay, and finishing other various assignments. :)

  219. Kaylie says

    Love your necklace!

  220. Stephanie says

    I’m working on Saturday and Sundays are usually rest and relax days where I do absolutely nothing (although I see some school work in my future). :)

  221. Kacer says

    Ahh love this! I am going to buy those boots! I am working at my families apple orchard, working backstage at Rocky Horror Picture Show, and babysitting my cousing <33

  222. Lauren Tyler says

    I want those shoes soooo bad!!

  223. Arlene Santos says

    Going to the Sippin Saturday with the family at the local winery!

  224. Nhan L says

    I really dig your hair! :)

  225. Amber says

    Those wedges are so beautiful, I love them and I really enjoy this, so excited for more!

  226. mlo says

    i love the shoes. n for my weekend not doing nutin much just going over my sis

  227. Amber says

    I’m going to the fall fair in my town with my boyfriend btw :)

  228. katelyn says

    i’m about to lay in bed and watch american reunion! having a relaxing night tonight :)

  229. AmberE says


  230. Jordie says

    3 homework assignments :(

  231. laurenschroerphoto says

    This weekend I’m shooting a concert tomorrow night and seeing a movie at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday!

  232. monica says

    i love my rockstar jeans too

  233. Victoria D. says

    Working at Target and hopefully doing some shopping with my mom! Pretty much the highlight of any week for sure!

  234. Joy says

    Playing Dragon Age!

  235. Sabreen says

    Weekend=no classes!

  236. Anisha says

    This weekend I will be studying!

  237. Tatiana Burgos says

    Work work work

  238. Dee says

    Clean my room!

  239. Jennifer says

    Going out on work experience for my friends media business!

  240. Bethany says

    That shirt is so cool! And sparkly! *.*

  241. Bethany says

    This weekend im goingto find some new quick before school makeup to do.

  242. Gabrielle says

    horseback riding on Sunday for a friends birthday and some irish drum playing i think lol

  243. Tanya May says

    Love your blog & youtube!!! Ahhhhhh! :)

  244. Jessica says

    Not doing a whole lot. Just relaxing. :) Excited to be having a 3 day weekend from school. :)

  245. Naaila Ali says

    This weekend consists of … tons of readings for Uni
    and then I have a henna artistry gig !

  246. dalia vega says

    just chillin with the homies

  247. kiwi says

    I’m going to probably to hw and go shopping

  248. jen says

    This weekend I probably have exams to study for :( :)

  249. Julie Zielke says

    I will be working 3rd shift all weekend! And hopefully I will get to see my boyfriend at some point.

  250. WillowJule says


  251. duhdragon says

    i love your ootd’s theyre always so edgy

  252. Helene Madsen says

    Making a few changes at home with my BF.. cleaning too, it’s needed xD

  253. Maria says

    Love the outfit! This weekend I’ll be studying for an exam i have on Monday, and catching up with my sleep lol

  254. Stacie says

    Thanks for the giveaway! And those boots are so cute. I can’t believe they’re comfortable! I wish I could find shoes as cute as those that were comfortable too :)

  255. Caitlin says

    This weekend I will be celebrating my birthday since it is on Monday!

  256. Erin Wozney says

    watching say yes to the dress tonight and work/homework the rest of the weekend! thanks for the giveaway! :)

  257. Gabby Garcia says

    i’ll be testing out new makeup products and reading A LOT for university!

  258. Chins says

    I’m going to my school football game then taking a much needed nap!

  259. Katherine Dyche says

    Will be baking cookies with my daughter (adopted) and her bio-sisters! :)

  260. teen21 says

    love your videos….yay

  261. chio says

    I am really just looking forward to relax & catch up on my sleep (:

  262. Julie says

    I’m going to hang out with my best friend, try to quickly do homework so I’m not busy all Sunday night doing it c:

  263. Beckah says

    Im going to see a movie this weekend, idk what yet though

  264. Diandra says

    I’ll be spending time with my bf =)

  265. Miranda says

    RIOTFEST in chicago this weekend!

  266. Teresa Wood says

    I am a stay at home mom…so you know what I will be doing on the weekend…but I still love to play with make-up, and those brushes are adorable.<3 :)

  267. Christa Hooper says

    So Leesha, I’m a hair stylist and I’ve gotta work on Saturday. I’m not sure what line you use in for your pink hair, I have pink in my hair to and I use Rusk scream I feel like it last longer then manic panic. Where would I send that to???? As far as my weekend who know what will happen on Sunday no official plans as of right now maybe just relaxing.

  268. Julie Yamzon says

    i’m going shopping with my family and go out to dinner afterwards… it’s my sister’s birthday this Sunday…XD

  269. Amanda Williams says

    This weekend I’m going to be WORKING :D Making that money! I’m also going to go to a makeover party with Mom :)

  270. jessica cramer says

    staying in to save money this weekend. going to spend time with family :)

  271. Jennifer says

    That necklace is so badass!

  272. Shoudra Stargleam says

    I love those hell yeah boots. You’re awesome for doing giveaways =)

  273. Yaya says

    I Really like your sense of fashion. And love those shoes!! I might need to pick them up lol

  274. Gemini says

    This weekend I am spending my paycheck on makeup. Go figure.

  275. Rita says

    Hmmm after cleaning the house, i’m thinking on going to the cinema with my mom. Just to Relax a little bit

  276. janay says

    Love ur YouTube

  277. Michelle says

    My weekend is work and video games with the mister :)

  278. chio says

    I want it to be a relaxing weekened since ive been so stressed about school /:

  279. Kristy B. says

    Unfortunately I will be doing nothing this weekend. I can’t afford the gas to do anything, so I will be hanging out around the house. Thanks for the giveaway!

  280. Karylanne Marie King says

    This weekend I’ll be hanging out with a best friend and going to the Bengals game!

  281. Somayea says

    I get to study all weekend. YAY! .____.

  282. Allie McDermid says

    Lazing about my house, possibly going to see Finding Nemo in 3D :D

  283. Tess says

    Loved your shoes! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  284. Jennifer Overweg Cottrell says

    I am hopefully gonna be gettin better and get some dang dr’s to answer questions! thanks for chance @ giveaway

  285. Alli says

    It’s the Jewish New Year this weekend!

  286. Miche says

    Gorgeous outfit AND brushes!

  287. kayla says

    Really cool, love it

  288. jessica says

    I have a party :)

  289. Michelle says

    Working this weekend. :(

  290. heirtothespaceship says

    shoes are so cute and i love the necklace.

  291. Sweetstarr1 says

    I want to buy those shoes, I just don’t think they’d fit me cause I have kind of wide feet. So so sad…
    Love your videos.

  292. amarismarquez says


  293. Lola says

    This weekend I will be BARTENDING

  294. AmethystMystress says

    This weekend I am going to watch and support my boyfriend in his firefighter competition. <3

  295. Chelsea says

    Yay another giveaway! I never win, but with these many chances maybe I will :) thanks Leesha!

  296. Yelena says

    i am going to a weding today (sunday) with my boyfriend :D

  297. Claudiakttn says

    I’m volunteering at a retirement home :)

  298. Alexandrea Wilson says

    This weekend i planned a bbq for my brothers 21st birthday so yeah excited about that

  299. Chelsea says

    My plans for the weekend are to clean my makeup brushes, demi dye my hair burgundy violet brown, and some book work for college. Wooo.

  300. virginia says

    I’m havin my first makeup class :D

  301. amber kubicek says

    This is an amazing giveaway thanks Leesha!!! This weekend I am taking my kids to the park and just hanging out and enjoy myself with them!

  302. Joan says

    I am writing my philosophy paper all weekend D:

  303. vanessa says

    I will be reading about Blogging and how to get started.

  304. Kathryn Raz says

    love your videos…im doing nothing lol cuz its my birthdya weekend!!!

  305. Cassandra says

    I’ll hopefully be drinking lots of alcohol this weekend. Not glamorous but definitely more fun than the weekday.

    I ‘ve been a fan for two or three years now and I just think you’re so beautiful and your makeup is always flawless.

  306. Cati says

    I agree, your shirt is really cool:) I love your videos:D

  307. Trish says

    Love those boots! Glad to see them on you! Have a super weekend!

  308. Erin Walter says

    Im in bed sick, going to watch makeup tutorials and the big bang theory with my puppies! Storm warning outside so I dont really mind.

  309. Bianca says

    sadly, the entire weekend is devoted to homework and readings for school :(

  310. dancinfool0228 says

    Your hair looks so adorable! You definitely rock the short hair!

  311. Vargasgirl13 says

    I’m going to catch up on sleep.

  312. Nadine says

    Love those boots!

  313. Maria says

    Hello :) iam going to stay home with my family <3

  314. Jessica S says

    I will be doing the same thing I have done this past two weeks, NOTHING. Lol. I recently had surgery on my foot for a Jones Fracture. I am limited.

  315. MaddieK says

    I will have a super fun weekend full of homework..

  316. SuperDeviousMind says

    I am just staying home studying this weekend :(

  317. Kristina Gomez says

    Homework :0/ but it’s my last semester before I graduate =)

  318. Jess says

    working this weekend.. sad face

  319. Amy says

    love this video! thanks for doing the giveaway!

  320. Amy says

    this weekend i will be playing in the volleyball band for my college and seeing my boyfriend!

  321. pklsnickrm says

    Awesome, hope I win..I need a new and matching brush set

  322. Roberta says

    I’m so in love with your boots!

  323. Kellyanne says

    This weekend ill be spending sum much needed time with my love and family :)..another awesome thing u should do is autograph ur TGIF gifts… :)

  324. Roberta says

    This weekend I’m up to nothing but study and watching youtube videos. :P

  325. Samantha Conner says

    I might be going to the movies with my mom tomorrow and other than that I have a lot of homework to do :( but ohh well haha

  326. Dahnii says

    This weekend I’m going to be relaxing with my friends and family and hopefully getting in some sleep since I’ve been studying a lot :P

  327. Karina Ayala says

    I’m hoping to spend some time with my cousins this weekend :D

  328. Nat Thao says

    I am going to try and get better from my cold ; )

  329. Brinda says

    This weekend I am seeing Finding Nemo in 3D!

  330. Kayleigh says

    I’m going to disney world!

  331. Alli says

    I’m going to be hanging out with friends and relaxing

  332. Ellie says

    I am planning on going to CVS to use my 20% coupon and church on Sunday!

  333. Noella Curiel says

    Playing a game of rugby, followed by getting all dolled up for the team social afterwards. Some brushes might be useful for future dolling-up endeavors… *hint hint*

  334. Shing ♥_~ says

    …date day with my hubby on Saturday & church day on Sunday!!! ^_^

    nice shoes by the way!

  335. Beauty Girl says

    This weekend I’m relaxing!

  336. Kimberly Steele says

    Saturday is my birthday! I will be watching Dr. Who and eating Red Velvet mini-cupcakes!

  337. Christina Parada says

    This weekend I’ll be working like i do every weekend :(

  338. Wynter Hale says

    This weekend I’m hoping to finish sewing a few things, and start a bunch of craft ideas I’ve had in my head for a while

  339. Jennifer casanova says

    Wher did you get your nail polish rack?

  340. Lauren L. says

    I am going to a pool party this weekend as a goodbye to summer! Even though its still like 100 here. There is going to be like a floating movie screen in the pool!!

  341. rebecca says

    Love that necklace. Really edgy

  342. Elodie De Carvalho says

    I absolutely love your shoes!! <3 and that necklace… *_*

  343. Amanda E says

    We’re headed to the ASU women’s VB game tonight then just hanging out the rest of the weekend.

  344. Janie says

    Loving the makeup! :)

  345. Kim H says

    I’m planning to make and eat brunch a lot. I love to cook and have been dying for eggs benedict.

  346. haley says

    Your awesome.(:

  347. Janie says

    This weekend i’m catching up on chores around the house and trying to fit in some wedding planning as well :) (i’m diy most of it!)

  348. Qur says

    I’m excited about sleeping in.. yay weekends!!

  349. Jillian says

    Going to yankee candle outlet to get some incredible fall scents (:

  350. krystal says

    sleep and hanging out with friends! :)

  351. Elyssakathleen says


  352. Rachel Wicks says

    i’m seeing jason mraz this weekend!

  353. Purr Bren says

    i’ve been sick…so catching up on getting healthy is what im doing this weekend …so sleep sleep and more sleep

  354. Rebecca Himmel says

    hoping to find either a blue or yellow dress at a thrift store for my halloween costume

  355. lljun says

    Going on a motorcycle ride! Love your vids!

  356. Jessica Light says

    I agree, I love that shirt. I hate shirts that hug the underarms! I’m hanging out with the fella this weekend. Gonna go see Finding Nemo in 3D!!

  357. Lulu says

    The shoes were pretty awesome! :D

  358. Car Go says

    I’m going to celebrate the Independence day of Mexico! =)

  359. Lilian Velarde says

    I really loved the shoes, I’m tempted to buy them if I weren’t saving up for a phone atm. haha

  360. Mary says

    Love this :)

  361. Courtney Clark says

    Thanks for the giveaway. I am running a 5K this weekend and then going to class then I pane to sleep the rest of the time. Thanks Again.

  362. eva says

    im doing hw and college stuff :)

  363. Daphne says

    Love those brushes and you look amazing!!!

  364. Yida says

    homework. That’s what I’m up too. Stupid homework :(((

  365. Kathy says

    I love those shoes! This weekend I will be moving things around in my apartment and doing some window shopping.

  366. Priscilla Lupo says

    Those brushes are awesome. I have 1 royal brush and it’s so nice. Love the shoes too, really rocker chic :)

  367. Taryn says

    I love those shoes!

  368. meredith deacon says

    I always do my eye makeup like you do. and you should show kiki in all of your videos! :D

  369. KatrinaNaficy says

    I love your style! I wish I was badass enough to rock that!:) I also love how many videos you’ll been posting recently because you are by far my favorite makeup artist on youtube! Amazing! :D ok, I’m done sounding like a kissass! Hahahahahahah

  370. Ashley Thorn says

    My plans for this weekend are cleaning my yard, doing homework, going to Teen Bible Study, and spending time with my love. Yourself?

  371. Louisa says

    holy poop i’d sell my soul for that brush set

  372. Danielle Cicchetti says

    I’m going to the Bath and
    body works event to pick up some candles!

  373. Gabby says

    Love xsparkage!

  374. Louisa says

    also this weekend i’m going shopping then having a food day with my brother :-)

  375. cindy :] says

    This weekend I’m working at the fair! :]

  376. desiree says

    going to dentist and shopping!!

  377. Alana says

    I can’t get over your hair, the colour is gooorgeeouss :3
    But I have readings for the weekend, so nothing special :(

  378. Di says

    Love the hair!!

  379. Majikku says

    This weekend i’m having 2 parties to celebrate my twin sisters and my birthday which was yesterday :)

  380. Azmiar454 says

    Unfortunatly I am working this weekend

  381. chelsea says

    I am doing homework, supposed to be anyway

  382. Melissa says

    I work on a normal weekend, but I’m looking forward to getting back to my diet as I have fallen off the wagon recently!

  383. Sandra M. says

    I’ll be going to one of my eldest cousin’s wedding tomorrow! I haven’t had that many relatives getting married, except when I was younger but I don’t remember much. It’s going to be at the beach so it’ll be different to the ones I’ve attended before. I’m excited!

  384. lukaalfi says

    I like your necklace :)))
    This weekend i’ll study :)

  385. Sarah Brand says

    I am working all weekend. Going to try to film some videos in my spare time, though!

  386. Jessica says

    this weekend I’m doing some homework and studying. Then Sunday i’m doing a walk to raise money for abused children. Something similar to the cancer walks.

  387. Brittany says

    I need brushes so bad, but this weekend I’m going to chill out with my sister it’s her bday!

  388. Gurl says

    sobbing over my workload only 2 weeks back into uni

  389. Abby says

    I am in love with you hair.

  390. Macayla says

    i’m hanging out with my amazing best friends and boyfrienddd :-)

  391. Jade says

    I will enjoy my weekend by watching movies & sipping ice tea <3

  392. Tatyana G says

    Wow, that’s an awesome giveaway. I am so in need of brushes.

  393. elana_s says

    My fiancé has been watching your videos over my shoulder and when he saw the brush set he started poking me like “enter! enter!” ha ha. He got excited when he saw the luxe silk lining. He loves that sort of thing ^_^

    1. elana_s says

      but of course the contest rules say to describe what I’m doing this weekend… I should pay attention.
      Tomorrow I’m getting a makeover at the local Guerlain boutique (yes! I’m going to buy some skincare and a Rouge Automatique because I can’t resist them…) and on Sunday we have a family dinner!
      Thanks for having this giveaway! <3

  394. Rebecca Carbin says

    I will probably spend my weekend in bed :( Stupid sinus infection

  395. monce says

    Going to be making a giant spread to celebrate September 16th,Mexico’s independence from spain and having family over

  396. Eliz says

    I plan on spending the weekend with family. It’s nice to not be on campus for a little bit! Love your style, always have!!

  397. BrittniAlyse says

    I am doing work for school…ugg

  398. Tiff L says

    I’m going to make kimchi over the weekend!

  399. Annette says

    working but nice to go when no one is around

  400. Dessiree says

    Homework and trying to recover from being sick. Not a very exciting weekend for me, haha.

  401. Sarah Osborne says

    Hanging out with my bubba watching fairy movies cause the weather is crap.

  402. Dani says

    I am going on a daytrip/date to the coast with a new guy I’ve been seeing. I’m excited.

  403. Celia says

    What amazing brushes!

  404. saucyfbaby says

    ••••••••••••••••••••• Thinking about going thrifting with my sister this weekend.

    — Nicole O.

  405. Christina says

    Im going to disneyland!!!

  406. stephanie says

    working all weekend:-(

  407. Sadia Ayn Parr says

    L-o-v-e the necklace. Do Old Navy’s jeans wear well? Like, last a long time, haha. :)

  408. lulu says

    I’m excited about training my horse!

  409. jumbie says

    those shoes are simply amazing! i love them :’3 and your make up is beautiful as always

  410. Chiara says

    I’ll be participating in some unique outdoor festivities both days! Looking fwd to them. Tomorrow my fiancé’s dad is having a fish fry..? And Sunday my best friends church is having a barbecue at this private upscale beach in VA! Can’t wait

  411. Samantha F. says

    I could really use some good makeup brushes! Thanks for doing this giveaway :)

  412. daniela says

    Leesha is my favorite guru!

  413. supercooln2009 (erin) says

    Taking my kids and my granny to the zoo! Soooo exited! Hope you have an amazing weekend too :)

  414. GinaRose says

    Love the shoes and that necklace! I’m looking forward to these new TGIF videos/posts

  415. Celine says

    I loveee youre styleee

  416. Chelsea says

    I adore those shoes so much!!!!

  417. Tiffanie says

    I have to study for 4 tests this week!

  418. Haley Mills says

    This weekend I am hanging out with my bestie for her birthday! I’m so excited!

  419. Melly says

    I’ll be at my aunt’s wedding! And using one of your tutorials for my akeup! (:

  420. Sarah says

    Looking forward to art-ing it up this weekend!

  421. Sarah Leonard says

    I am bathing my stinky puppy!!!! and trying out some makeup samples from Most Babealicious Cosmetics & posting some new looks!

  422. Ashley Sarah says

    Love the shoes!

  423. Sarah Ameele says

    This weekend I am going to see my friend who has been in college, we are going to catch up! :D

  424. Bonnie Yang says

    My weekend will just chilling out at home and going out to buy new shoes!

  425. Joy says

    I love your style! It isn’t something I could ever pull off, but you inspire me to try new things with my make-up and clothing. Thanks for being so inspiring! :)

  426. stephanie says

    Those booties. I was honestly just talking about getting a pair exactly like those just thiss afternoon. Will have to look into the abbey dawn ones.

  427. Carola Vanha says

    This weekend I will spend with my boyfriend. We’re going out in the woods looking for nice places to take some fall photos. Then I will scrapbook them.

  428. Marinusc8 says

    You always look so awesome

  429. makeupobsessionxoxo says

    Going shopping and visiting some family :)

  430. Amanda says

    thanks for doing the giveaway!!!

  431. ak says

    I love your shoes

  432. Fiona says

    This weekend, I’m visiting my very pregnant friend, going shopping and then I have to work Sunday :(

  433. Kristen M. says


  434. Elizabeth Villa says

    You are so gorgeous , love your style :)

  435. Katlin Morrison says

    I wish the kitties made more appearances! I love them. Who doesn’t love cats? Communists, that’s who

  436. LaurenM says

    thanks for the giveaway

  437. Nicolette Gomez says

    You have the most amazing style ever! My weekend will be quite subdued, lol.

  438. Elizabeth Villa says

    Now for the official comment… This weekend I have a dentist appoinment and after that where ever they invite me

  439. katherine paulino says

    This weekend will be like any other weekend lol… just doing school work and hanging out with the family.

  440. Isabella says

    Your videos are amazing. You are one of my inspirations for starting my channel on YouTube.

    1. Isabella says

      And I’m going laser tagging this weekend

  441. Whitney says

    Totally love the look!

  442. Ciara says

    those brushes look so amazing

  443. Alyssa T says

    I’m going to a baseball game with friends this weekend!

  444. whitney says

    This weekend I am doing homework and hanging out with friends. (:

  445. Hannah says

    I dont know what im going to to, im not well :-(

  446. Katie says

    I am not going to have a very fun weekend.. I have to go to a funeral tomorrow and work on two papers for school :(

  447. wildmage0013 says

    Those shoes are fantastic. It almost makes me wish I didn’t work with small children during the day so I could wear them…

  448. Nupi says

    My plans for this weekend is more shopping for my wedding!

  449. Justine says

    I’m going to be working and just relaxing!

  450. Yaneiris says

    I love how you included Old Navy clothes! A lot of gurus don’t and they really do have amazing things!

  451. Amy says

    I am heading out of town to spend time w/ family! Something I don’t do too often but it’ll be fun while it lasts!

  452. Celeste says

    Beautiful :)

  453. Hilarye Schoyt says

    I. LOVE. YOUR. VIDEOS! Every time I see a new one pop up in my subscription box, I squeal with delight! You have awesome style!

  454. Rachel Hardin says

    Very cute shoes! I’m just going to be relaxing all weekend and kick this sickness!

  455. Nikki says

    I’m going to see Finding Nemo at the movies this weekend with my mom and my brother :) YAY family time lol

  456. katherine paulino says

    this weekend jmmmm lol homework maybe

  457. katherine paulino says

    mmmm homework

  458. Bri M says

    This weekend, I’m getting my hair cut! Maybe just a trim or maybe a pixie cut!
    Going to try something new…

  459. Jennifer says

    I’m going to Ulta to buy a dark vampy red/burgundy and a dark vampy purple lipstick. Feeling fierce!

  460. maryam saeed says

    Going to Dave n busters… OH YEAH!!

  461. KaunisKalma says

    Your bracelet is adorable .

  462. Dana says

    Reading for school, writing a paper, family/holiday on Sunday!

  463. DaniiC says

    My plans for this weekend is to attend a High School reunion, with our kids.

  464. Sarah says

    I’m working on some homework and going out with my girls this weekend! loved your outfit leesha :)

  465. carliee says

    i’m going apple picking with my family this weekend! we do it every september to kick off the fall season :D

  466. Guest says

    I am so excited for my two week mid-term break :)
    I think there is some catch-up sleep and vacationing that is happening.

  467. Lora Harvie says

    I’m excited to just sleep this weekend so I can be ready to go camping next week! :)

  468. Jennifer Navarro says

    national holiday down here in chile! plan to have lots of fun! =)

  469. Danielle Austin says

    Those shoes are incredible!

  470. kellie says

    we’re having my nephews 1st bday party tomorrow :)

  471. yessy says

    I love your videos! I’ll be working on some candle making orders. Please enter me!

  472. Nikalat86 says

    Probably just hanging out with the hubby at home. There are football
    games going on and he will not leave the house until they are over. :)

  473. Charlotte says

    I really love those shoes :D

  474. Cleana Cynthia Francois says

    Plans for the weekend, Today I went To Universal Orlando. Tomorrow I am going to Islands of Adventure and Sunday I work ;3

  475. Laurel Homa says

    I am working on rewriting my tutorial proposal, and going to a retreat for student organizations

  476. Kimberly Hovencamp says

    This weekend my band is playing a show! We’re called Grasping At The Shadow, we are metal and I play violin. Its gonna be awesome.

  477. katherine paulino says

    this weekend im just going to spend time with my family

  478. Stefania says

    Love the shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  479. Fey says

    First off super cute video and outfit! For the weekend I plan on going to a local art event called WaterFire, it is just amazing to see.

  480. karen says

    homework :/

  481. Lucia T says

    This weekend …I will hopefully be getting over the shock of how much I spent today on things for my husband and I first house!

  482. Tammy Nguyen says

    I love that Abbey Dawn shoes. And I’m going to stay home, cook something with my mom and enjoy my weekend with the family

  483. Alithea Turnquist says

    swim swim swim… trying to cool down from this heat! 105 in san diego today!

  484. Sarah says

    This weekend I am watching football with my husband and his friends

  485. Nikki Zuleger says

    I’m doing sooo much this weekend. I’m volunteering at three different places, visiting my friend at the hospital, shopping, seeing a play, and babysitting.

  486. Jane Doe says

    Sorting my collection into my new Alex :0) xxxJoolsxxx

  487. Cara says

    Those shoes are amazing!

  488. Diana says

    I am in LOVE with your shoes!!

  489. Erin says

    this weekend I will be working, studying for big exams next week, and enjoying some WVU football =D

  490. Kawaii says

    im excited to go shopping this weekend and attend a party…

  491. thesehipsfly says

    Spending the whole weekend with my mom, since my dad is away on business :) aahh i want those so bad! thanks for the chance Leesha!

  492. Sophia says

    last minute packing and lunch with a friend

  493. Chelsea says

    my sisters are coming in from california for the weekend so I’ll be spending time with them!

  494. Jen caez says

    This weekend I’m working! I work at the Disney Store and I’m gonna be hosting the Jake and the Neverland Pirates event! Hope it goes well! Love the shoes!

  495. Chi Ara says

    Thesis!! i’m about to have my defense next next week and i’m pretty pressured right now.

  496. Daniella Rose says

    Getting things ready for school to start soon and relaxing from a busy week.

  497. Marisa Henry says

    going to be studying- calculus and economics exams next week!

  498. Tanya says

    Love that shirt!! Have a great weekend!

  499. Bruna Louise says

    i LOOOVE ur necklace.

  500. Sue says

    This weekend, I’ll be trying to check up on homework (you know… all that college reading) and makeup tutorials! I especially love DIY skincare!

  501. Syndra says

    Planning on going to a football game!

  502. Jamie says

    Working and watching football

  503. Yesenia says

    Your shoes are amazing ! This weekend I will be washing brushes so tehre ready for school Monday.

  504. jennifer says

    I’m going to party all weekend long ! :)

  505. KellyKeepsake says


  506. Nickala says

    Love the shoes!! I wish we had the same shops in AUS

  507. insanegirl96 says

    that necklace is killer!!

  508. Jamie says

    I’m staying with my sister and going to the mall this weekend

  509. AniBEE says

    I agree Kiki and Baby need more air time. You see them in the background and your never sure witch one they are.

  510. Kassondra Varela says

    Love the shoes and the outfit..

  511. Kassondra Varela says

    I qm going to spend time with my kiddos and my husband since I dont see him much..

  512. dazlinpearl says

    thanks for the give away and happy you love your boots so much – I finally bought a pair of boots I also love :)

  513. Kiara C. says

    This weeekend is going to interesting… I HOPE :))

  514. Aimee says

    My friend’s birthday is this weekend, so partying will ensue. :)

  515. kimburrlee says

    I love your hair cut & color!!

  516. veronica says

    I love doing make up on myself and on my friend and these would help a lot

  517. kennnzie says

    I’m moving into an apartment!

  518. Emily Reynolds says

    I love love love your blog. This weekend I’ll be trying out some of those amazing hunger games looks!

  519. Courtney says

    I plan on catching up on homework on Saturday. Sunday I am working at a charity car wash for a young girl with cancer.

  520. natalie a. says

    this weekend im just going to sleep and do homework for finals ….i go all out on weekends

  521. Rita Maldonado says

    This weekend I plan on enjoying some alone time reading.

  522. kristen says

    i will be on the internet on a dinosaur computer all weekend …

  523. Legnalos says

    I’m going to be studying all weekend, fuuuun :D

  524. tlweese says

    I’m going to Toronto for the week with the love of my life!

  525. xiomara servin says

    This weekend I am going see my husband, I haven’t seen him for a month and a half already

  526. Jasmine Perez says

    plam to spend my weekend at home relaxing… ive been so busy this entire week

  527. Katie says

    i love your nail polish collection

  528. Breejojo429 says

    I love your shoes! What’s your lip color

  529. Heather Green says

    I am enevous of the outfit wish I was brave to wear it but im to shy

  530. Amy says

    I have a lot of class work to do for my government class and a speech to write for my public speaking class but I get to take newborn pictures of my great-niece tomorrow, I’m excited. Sunday if all my school work is done I’ll be watching football with my toddler and boyfriend.

  531. Kara Zaychkowsky says

    woot love this channel & blog

  532. Annastasia says

    I am hoping to pack this weekend! I can’t wait for me and my hubby to move back to Texas!!

  533. Audri says

    Love the shoes, love the brushes! Antiquing this weekend, should be fun!

  534. Elyze says

    studying!! :(

  535. Allie says

    I really love your shoes! I wish Abby Dawn had shoes to fit my big feet D; xP

  536. Emily says

    Love those shoes!!! I can’t walk in heels so the wedges just look so comfy!!!!

  537. sammi says

    Going running this week

  538. krystaldeee says

    this weekend i’m just going to relax after working every day this week :)

  539. jazzy says

    Going to hang at a friends house.

  540. Pat Taveras says

    So cool, those shoes are to die for. And I love the set of brushes

  541. Georgia says

    I am in love with your hair. Ok not in love. But I love it.

  542. Raquel says

    Spending the weekend at school. Most of my friends are going home so I guess I’ll be on youtube getting my “Makeup Tutorial” fill haha

  543. Patty Housel says

    I love these fashion posts! My life is way too conservative so I can live funky thru you!

  544. Amanda & Melissa says

    What am I doing this weekend? Spending some much needed time with girlfriends and catching up on my zzzz’s!

  545. Connie Wishon says

    Shopping! I live in AZ too, it would be amazing to run into you one day!

  546. Jayde says

    ill be workinkg all weekend :(

  547. Jennica says

    I plan on having a good time this weekend (:

  548. Abby says

    I’m doing a fund-raiser for my youth group this weekend!

  549. Hello says

    You are do adorable.!

  550. gracie m/ says

    I just love all of your clothes and you are so pretty:3

  551. jacqueline says

    take a relaxing bath :)

  552. Chelsea Pittman says

    This weekend I am organizing, shopping & preparing to go out town for next weekend! We have a tradition on my Dad’s side of the family of a ‘Sister Weekend/Reunion’ where all the ladies (21 & up) who want to go, get away for the weekend. We shop, drink, eat, get mani-pedi’s, & just have fun not worrying about anything. This time we are going to Big Cedar in MI & I’m super excited since its going to be at least a dozen of us this time. ^_^

  553. Melissa says

    I have to work =[

  554. Karla says

    Love your top!

  555. irenecity says

    I love your makeup

  556. Lineee says

    you’re beautiful and a big inspiration. thank you. :)

  557. irenecity says

    I’m working this weekend and have a bachelorette party to go to

  558. Rebekah Warren says

    Love your idea about having a TGIF series! Thank you for being such an inspiration to women! <3

  559. Melissa Berry says

    Love Basement top. Will have to check it out next time I am in Flag. Have a wonderful weekend enjoying the weather !

  560. Nikki says

    movies and seeing friends for my weekend..and homework i guess too haaha:)

  561. Katie A. says

    This weekend is filled with school work and work! Yayyyyy! :( I absolutely love that shirt!!! WANT! Havea great weekend :)

  562. Jose Sanchez says

    I’ll be working out with my boyfriend, then headed over to the mall, going to buy my friend a present. On sunday that will be our lazy day and I guess we will just watch tv and snuggle, ^_^

  563. Jamie G. says

    I am starting a new job on Monday (I got laid off in July, this is just a temp job but hey it’s better than nothing)… So this weekend just going to lay low and get ready for ‘back to work’. :)

  564. gothicfairy91 says

    I am working this weekend. Pooo but I will have a nice check for next weekend so… :)))

  565. Valerie says

    I adored your outfit!! ESPECIALLY your boots!!♥

  566. Alejandra Gonzalez says

    This weekend I am going to pack and organize my room…

  567. chemicallyfeline says

    my sister comes over every weekend w her kids and spends time w me and my mom. me and my sister are supposed to see my dad this weekend too. :)

  568. Brianne says

    Shoes are gorgeous! I’m going to the beach this weekend with my baby girl ;)

  569. amanda says

    love the shoes

  570. Guest says

    Love this!!

  571. Arrielle Whitley says

    I will be sleeping!

  572. Jamie says

    Love the bright pink lips!

  573. Kirsten says

    This weekend I’m having a housewarming party and getting drunk off of a vodka jello bowl. stoked.

  574. Ashley Muche says

    I love your outfit and your hair, gorgeous!
    This weekend I will be spending time with my bf and his 3yr old son, as well as going offroading and then going to my friends bday party.

  575. alexia says

    I have school so I have a lot of homework and I’m trying to start a club

  576. Lori says

    I’m getting a mani/pedi tomorrow because my feet are looking bad.

  577. Emily says

    I’m going to a wedding! I’m excited to use some of the new makeup I’ve bought.

  578. katherine paulino says

    this weekend will be spent on school work

  579. Chitra says

    I love ur necklace !

  580. law589 says

    I am going to do homework and cook! :)

  581. Sare says

    Makin’ that money!

  582. jenna says

    work, work, work. lol maybe party a little.

  583. arkeisha2008 says


  584. Jessica Bryce says

    Spending the wholleeee weekend doing homework, finishing up my undergrad this year! :D

  585. Breanna says

    I’m going to catch up on laundry then go out of town with my mom for a girls day :)

  586. Keerat says

    Im studying for exams this weekend :/ Watching your video is just one of the many ways Im procrastinating

  587. Sara Nakatsu says

    I so don’t have any plans this weekend!!! gonna be a lazy one :D

  588. Lynnie says

    Ah I wish they sold Abbey Dawn in Australia, those shoes are amazing!

  589. Mariane says

    I love your videos and cats! They’re so cute….especially kiki…I also loved the necklace…

  590. Paulina Ll, says

    This weekend I’m planing on going shopping and studying for a big exam I have on Monday! :)

    Thanks for the giveaway! :D

  591. GabbyRalphie says

    Spending time at how, trying to reset.

  592. Kelly Morse says

    I wish I could find a store online to buy that shirt!

  593. Lila says

    This weekend I am performing at a homecoming (bellydancing) and doing a swim show.

  594. dan zhel says

    This weekend I’m staying home, tumblr-ing and watching youtube videos. That’s basically what I do everyday. My laziness is getting out of hand..

  595. audrey wilson says

    This weekend I plan on writing my essay for English, and going to my sisters Birthday Party.

  596. Diana Francis says

    Your hair looks so badass, i wish I could pull it off

  597. MsQu33nB1tch says

    i want some shoes like that!!

  598. dixiedragonfly says

    Working all weekend. Bummer….on a good note, love my job

  599. Mimi Nguyen says

    This weekend I will be working..and hopefully get some shopping in =D

  600. Kristie G says

    This weekend, Girls night out dinner, Lobster pot fundraiser,and making hair accessories for my brothers wedding.

  601. Emily Barnier says

    This weekend I’m going to a festival for my University!

  602. Lorri says

    Your outfit is absolutely amazing

  603. beyondthepages says

    Gonna reminisce about my great date that I had this evening, and let my sister braid my hair.

  604. selina says

    I love your shirt! & I’m gonna my shool’s homecoming :)

  605. Dream Makeup says

    Prince William and Kate are visiting my country this weekend, so might go and catch a glimpse of the royal couple. SO excited!!! xD

  606. zdrobles says

    Going to watch a boxing match at my sister’s house

  607. Kymberlyn says

    This weekend I plan on just hanging out with friends and family :)

  608. Isabelle M. says

    I am going to catch up on some homework.

  609. kerlyfries says

    I am in LOVE with those shoes, I’m dying to get a pair myself now.

  610. MissAmandaMay87 says

    Love it!

  611. Jen N. says

    omgggg those shoes are amazing! love them!

  612. Amy A says

    It’s my fiancé’s birthday this weekend so we’re celebrating from tomorrow night.

  613. Veronica Pedroza says

    you style is awesome! we have the same taste when it comes to shoes! i bought some fake litas from urbanog too! and i love them! i hope you like them aswell!

  614. Chris says

    Fixing my back yard fence

  615. Ruthy says

    Love the shoes, so this weekend, school Saturday then work Sunday

  616. Shiri Ben Tovim says

    I will be writing a bunch of posts for my blog!

  617. Brittany says

    This weekend I’m seeing my boyfriend and he’s really going to help me feel better about the rough time I’ve been having! <3

  618. Briseyda Cosgalla says

    Since saturday 15th is the independence day here in México, I’m gonna celebrate with my parents and then I’m going to party with my friends :)

  619. Nish says

    today i went into ny city, and for the rest of the weekend, i’ll probably be going to church. =)

  620. clau2011 says

    I will be working :( but I just got some new make up from urban decay so I will be trying new looks for work.

  621. Amy says

    My husband’s birthday is this weekend so just going to spend a lot of time with him. :)

  622. FrenchieJanelle says

    This weekend I’m packing up to move across the country.

  623. Ale says

    it’s Independence Day here on Mexico, so I’m having dinner with my family!

  624. cheerbear841 says

    First Im hoping I can go get E.L.F.S. the disney villains collection and then after that go to work from 12-close all on sat. Sunday sleep all day.

  625. Andrea Enke says

    I have 10 dollars in Kohl’s cash so I’m going out there and maybe the mall tomorrow :D

  626. Samantha says

    I LOVE those shoes! I have an unhealthy obsession with shoes so I need to add those to my collection!

  627. Erikka says

    Ohhh, Girl. Your outfit and makeup are to do for. <3 I'm gonna be goin' to an Atmosphere concert this weekend. And I sure could use a pair of boots like those to wear there. Haha.

  628. Tricia Fitzgerald says

    I plan on unpacking and organizing the house as me and my family just moved. also am going to mess with some makeup for a good fall look. :D

  629. emma says

    OMG i love ur top soo much!! why cant i live in arizona!!

  630. Kelly Cawvey says

    Idk how to link my YouTube but its KellyC526. This weekend I have to work a total of 20 hours between Saturday and Sunday. =(

  631. Cynthia says

    this weekend imma go shopping at the mall with my sis!!

  632. Cher Vwj says

    I love your style! This weekend I am going shopping to look for some new clothes! :) just got paid haha

  633. Nikki Michelle says

    I want the star shirt… love it… can you see if you can help us plus size girls out with some fashion tips? I can never style my clothing that suits my plus size figure… Help!!! And yes yes yes…. please please hoping and praying i win…. i would love those brushes… I only have two elf eyeshadow brushes…. :(

  634. Amanda G. says

    This weekend I am relaxing, catching up on homework, and probably going out with friends for some drinks and a good time before real life kicks back in on Monday. The joys of being a senior in college.

  635. Charita says

    I love your top and makeup. I love your tutorials and have gotten rave reviews when I’ve tried your looks. This weekend its all about hanging with my family ans having good times and cooking together.

  636. emma says

    This weekend Im going to do my sports, homework and chores, not very exiting, i know

  637. Kelsey says


  638. paola bustamante says

    Lovee those boots

  639. Araz says

    Road Tripping to Ottawa and my cousins baby shower on Sunday! :)

  640. angeluie says

    Enjoy watching your videos :) find all helpful as i started to learn how to apply make up.

  641. Cleo says


  642. Audrey says

    I am going to brooklyn to spend time with my friend’s family for rosh hashanah !

  643. Tina Lothery says

    LOOOOVE those shoes!! This weekend, I’m having a gathering for the ladies in our family and possibly attending a baby shower! :)

  644. Kelly Cawvey says

    Idk if my first comment counted but this weekend I work 22 hours between Saturday and Sunday. i watch your videos on break or before bed. Always seems to brighten my day. thank you.

  645. Tabitha Starr says

    I def. do not have the money to buy those brushes so it would be amazing if I won them !!! You’re amazing btw !!! <3

  646. Kristi says

    Hey Leesha! I’m not up to much this weekend, being lazy since school has me run down, lol. LOVE your new haircut. Wish I could rock a bold pixie!