Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush: Photos, Swatches

For those who want an alternative blush to tarte’s award-winning gel and cream cheek stains, we’re now offering Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in 8 shades. Inspired by our best-selling cheek and lip tints, shades range from soft pink (dollface) to deep berry (flush). Used alone or with our best-selling natural cheek stains, this blush is sure to give you that natural glow.

These solar-baked blushes are infused with Amazonian Clay, nature’s most perfect ingredient. These nutrient rich and skin-nourishing Amazonian clay blushes restore harmony for a flawless finish that lasts all day. The soft blush is great for all skin types:

Oily skin: Amazonian clay minimizes oil in and around pores to balance skin and keep product in place

Dry skin: Amazonian clay hydrates skin naturally to restore moisture so your blush wears better & longer

Dull skin: Amazonian clay improves the appearance of skin clarity and skin texture
Combination skin: Amazonian clay is completely intuitive; gives skin an overall smooth & even appearance


Sephora Exlusive, $25








tarteblushNatural Beauty

tarteblushBlushing Bride


tarteblushDollface, Amused, Tipsy, Natural Beauty, Blushing Bride, Exposed

tarteblushDollface, Amused, Tipsy, Natural Beauty, Blushing Bride, Exposed


These blushes are great in that they have a long wear time, have nice pigmentation but also blend out beautifully. Even the darkest shade here, Blushing Bride, can be applied to someone as pale as me and not look too harsh. The shade range is great, insuring that there is a color that will work for every skintone!
My Favorite Shades: Dollface and Tipsy. When it comes to blushes, I am the biggest sucker for baby pinks and corals!

Available at Sephora.



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  1. kat says

    I have problems with putting blush on, it always hets very splotty and uneven. I use a mac brush. Id love to find a blush that would work well.

    1. Caroline Carnivorous says

      Just because it’s a MAC brush, doesn’t neccessarily mean it’s good..
      Which one do you use? I use the 116, it works just fine for me c:

  2. Alyssa says

    Thank you so much for posting these! I’ve been thinking about trying one for awhile now, but because of the price I was unsure, and these swatches are so helpful! I love Tipsy and Natural Beauty.

  3. Liz says

    Blah blah marketing blah. $25 is a lot for a blush. And I don’t see the big deal with the 12 hour claim. I have insanely oily skin and I have never had a problem with blush not staying on. Besides that, yes the colors are pretty, but they don’t seem like colors I can’t find in other less expensive lines.

    Have you worn any of these for a day to see if they wear any different than other blushes?

  4. Caci says

    Hey, Leesha! Have you tried the Amazonian Clay foundation yet? If so, what’s your opinion of it?

  5. Catherine says

    I want Tipsy! I had gone to Sephora when they first came out and it was sold out at my location. It looked amazing swatched on my darker skin tone. I must find it! LoL =)

  6. TheBeautyVixen says

    I have been drooling all over the Exposed blush every time I go into Sephora. Can’t wait to get it. I LOVE that you are blogging, BTW.

  7. Michelle says

    Amuse, Tipsy and Natural Beauty looks gorgeous!!!

  8. Mary says

    Hey Leesha, I noticed you duplicated the content in the beginning of this review from another source and that you do this every once in a while with your reviews. You and at least 4 other blogs have published identical content (a few of them featured this exact content several months before you). I handle web marketing as a profession and I just wanted to give you the heads up that without giving someone credit you could actually get into some trouble! Also, google will view all of your posts as plagiarized content if they’re duplicates and begin to consider your site SPAM over time. Google is really cracking down on duplicate content, so I’d be super careful! It’s also pretty frowned upon as a practice in general. Here’s a list of all the blogs featuring the content you have featured above, most of them in January and February: http://www.google.com/#sclient=psy&hl=en&site=&source=hp&q=For+those+who+want+an+alternative+blush+to+tarte%E2%80%99s+award-winning+gel+and+cream+cheek+stains%2C+we%E2%80%99re+now+offering+Amazonian+clay+12-hour+blush+in+8+shades.&aq=&aqi=&aql=&oq=&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=f4efcaa1b8c328f

    1. Betsey says

      You realize that’s not the author of the blog writing it, but most like Tarte’s marketing campaign for the blush, right? A lot of beauty blogs include them, and they don’t have a specific author, persay.

      1. Liz says

        Mary is right. It’s obvious Leesha’s quoting what the company has to say about their product(s), but what Mary is saying is that without citing that this is what the company said, it will be looked at as plagiarism and spam even though it is not.

    2. Leesha says

      It’s put in a blockquote because it’s the words from the press release for the products. They’re the same ones that are used on any website selling the product. They are put in the blockquote to show they are the marketing words, and not mine.

      1. Mary says

        Liz, that’s correct. Google doesn’t look at formatting to see whether or not you’re indicating visually that a large chunk of content is duplicated. Just because your motives are right doesn’t mean Google will interpret it that way. There are plenty of issues when it comes to SEO and web marketing where Google is involved, but since they’re the big player in all this it’s important to try to stay on their good side. I just wanted to point out that this is something Google is really pushing to end with several new applications and campaigns. Do with the information what you will. Even if other e-commerce sites use duplicate content over and over Google will begin to look down on them. It’s not helpful in circumstances like these, but it’s how they’re sorting through content with their new algorithms.

  9. Veronica says

    I have dollface and i LOVE IT!!!!!!

    1. Annie says

      In my foundation I’m ivory to fair. That is pretty light. I use amused everyday and I love it!!!

  10. Phyrra says

    Natural Beauty & Amused are my favorites from your swatches :)

  11. IceFluffPenguin says

    Thanks for your post on these, I finally went out and fell in love with Tipsy. Beautiful color and not as orange as it looks.

  12. Valerie39 says

    natural beauty

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