Tarina Tarantino Beauty Launching at tarinatarantino.com

I’m super excited to be able to tell you guys that Tarina Tarantino beauty will be back and available next Thusday on Tarinatarantino.com! TT left Sephora last fall, and I was super bummed because I found out too late and thought that her line was ending altogether, so when I found out it was just moving homes, I was really, really excited. I’m a huge fan of TT Beauty (especially the glitter liners!!) and Can’t wait to be able to get some new products from her. Here is an announcement from Tarina about the launch.



Hello from The Sparkle Factory!

I am so excited to share the news that my beauty collections will soon be available at tarinatarantino.com!  If you are already a fan of TARINA TARANTINO BEAUTY you will be happy to know that the entire collection will be going live next week with more exciting new seasonal collections coming soon. As a former makeup artist I have spent years dreaming of beauty products that I could never find, formulated with the highest quality, integrity and innovation.  As a jewelry designer I wanted to create packaging inspired by the colorful and sparkling pieces in my collections. With TARINA TARANTINO BEAUTY I have brought these two worlds together and hope you will be inspired to create unique makeup looks from sweet and pretty to fearlessly fantastical.

XOXO, Tarina


  1. Fiona Sykes says

    Any idea if the site will ship globally? I really hope it will. Xx

    1. Lani Rowell says

      @google-a204b2a915f9f5b2a33ead093608e203:disqus they ship their jewellery internationally, so fingers crossed the make up can be shipped overseas too :)

  2. Kelly Andrews says

    oh i love the eye makeup for this promotion! think you can regreate it?

  3. Lani Rowell says

    This is so exciting! I hope shipping isn’t too high for the cosmetics.

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