April 16, 2014
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Urban Decay Eyeshadows for Spring 2013!


I get reaaaaaally excited when a product I love comes out with new colors. Especially when those colors are super fun and pigmented. Urban Decay recently came out with seven new editions to their eyeshadow line (when I say new editions, I mean as a single shadow. Some of these are new, others were only previously available in a palette) ... Read More »

Tutorial Tuesday: Adele’s Oscar Look (Leesha Style)


This week for Tutorial Tuesday, I decided to do my take on some amazing Oscar Makeup! Since I know Adele’s look was extremely popular, I wanted to change the look up a bit to sort of fit my style and be a bit more unique, so I tried a double liner look. Hope you like! Eyes Too Faced Shadow Insurance ... Read More »

Guest Look: Emma of Kittenmoustache


Hi everyone! My name is Emma and I have been into make up for probably about five years now. I began making YouTube videos about a year ago, and blogging soon followed. Since doing this I feel like my ability has improved a lot, so having the opportunity to share what I have done with others is great! I really ... Read More »

Bloody Valentine Makeup Tutorial


[sorry for getting this post up so late, I've been super sick the past few days!) For my tutorial this week, I wanted to post something that fit around the idea of Valentine's Day, but wasn't your stereotypical "date night" sort of look. I came up with this super vampy black and red look that I really like and would ... Read More »

Tutorial Tuesday: Candy Crush Lemonade Lake


The past three days of my life have been taken over by a facebook/iphone game called Candy Crush. It’s similar to Bejeweled but about a billion times harder. It’s kind of a life ruiner. I was sitting here trying to figure out what to do for Tutorial Tuesday, playing a level I’ve been stuck on for about 20 turns, when ... Read More »

Guest Look: Wasifa of Sifa’s Corner


Hey everybody!   I am Wasifa from the blog Sifa’s Corner. I am a dentist, but I love to doll up and play with makeup. The “play” part has turned into a serious obsession and now I am hooked with makeup! If you are into makeup and like all things healthy, then check out my healthy lifestyle & beauty blog [http://www.sifascorner.com/].   This ... Read More »

Tutorial Tuesday: Glinda the Good Witch


Today’s tutorial is using the Urban Decay Glinda Palette! This was my first time using it and was kind of a way to test out the shades and see how they applied (you can see my review on the palette here!) I really liked this look and had fun creating it. Enjoy :) Eyes Too Faced Shadow Insurance NYX Jumbo ... Read More »

Urban Decay The Theoroda Palette


The second Oz-Themed palette is the Theodora Palette, which is a darker, more neutral palette than The Glinda Palette, which I reviewed yesterday. This palette has awesome packaging, I love all the colors in the sky on this one!! The shades are definitely more neutral and less shimmery than Glinda, although there are a few colors thrown in. This kit ... Read More »

Urban Decay The Glinda Palette Review


The newest thing out from Urban Decay are two palettes themed around the new movie The Great and Powerful Oz, and I’m super excited about them! They come with six full sized eyeshadows (two of which are duos!), a half sized 24/7 eyeliner pencil, and a super saturated lip color. Here is the first of the two- The Glinda Palette, ... Read More »

Chaotic Blue Makeup Tutorial


This week’s tutorial is based off of a look I posted on here back in December that focused on a vivid matte blue as the main color. Matte blues are generally a difficult eyeshadow to work with simply because they can be hard to get a nice even layer of, and they are generally associated with a dated 80′s look ... Read More »