April 18, 2014
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Katniss Catching Fire Trailer Tutorial


When I watched the MTV Movie Awards this weekend, I was soooo excited to FINALLY see a trailer for Catching Fire!! This look in particular caught my eye, and I had to recreate it :)       EyesToo Faced Shadow InsuranceMAC Virgin Isle Cream Color BaseInglot Eyeshadow DS 395(red w/ gold sparkle)Inglot Eyeshadow 362(matte pink)Inglot Eyeshadow  351 (matte light ... Read More »

The Hunger Games Tutorials: Recap!


Happy Hunger Games! Since The Hunger Games DVD was released today, I figured this would be a good time to recap the tutorials I did at the beginning of this year in honor of each district :) Below you’ll find a photo of each look and a  link to the blog post :) enjoy! District 12: Mining District 11: Agriculture ... Read More »

The Hunger Games: Effie Trinket/Capitol Look


Here we are, finally at the Capitol look! I had fun with this look, taking inspiration from both Effie Trinket and the way the makeup was done for the Capitol citizens in the movie. Enjoy! Read More »

The Hunger Games Series- District 1 (Luxury)


Wow, I am laaaaate posting this! Last week I got sucked into the dangerous, draining, and incredibly frustrating realm of redesigning my website. If you’ve ever redesigned a website and are only minimally knowledgable on the ways of coding, then you know how I feel! I’ve been ready to scream and pull my hair out and throw things at my ... Read More »

The Hunger Games Series: District 2 (Masonry/Weapons)


District 2 of the Hunger Games has the industry of Masonry and weapons. This was one of those industries like district 5 (power/electricity) where I was just having a hard time figuring out what would be a good idea without going too literal. I decided that since they make weapons for the capitol, doing a sort of evil/powerful dark look ... Read More »

The Hunger Games Series- District 3 (Technology)


Can you believe the premiere is next week?? I’m sooo excited. I’m going to the midnight premiere at a local draft house (they serve food and beer while you watch the movie) and they have Hunger Games themed food- Lamb Stew, Basil and goat cheese, Cakes themed around Peeta’s parents bakery.. so cool :D I also just got my DIP- ... Read More »

The Hunger Games Series- District 4 (Fishing)


I think District 4 is my favorite tutorial yet! Their industry is fishing, so I decided to not only do a fun, oceany look, but also an outfit of the day (my first ever, haha!) with a sailor theme. I had a lot of fun creating this look and the outfit, I hope you like it! Read More »

The Hunger Games Series- District 5 (Power/Electricity)


I have to say, by far, district 5 was the hardest tutorial for me so far. I had a lot of ideas on how do go about it, including lightening bolts and glitter and sparks and wires, but every idea i tried out on my face I absolutely hated. It’s really hard to pull creativity out of nowhere.. sometimes when ... Read More »

The Hunger Games Series: District 6 (Morphling Addicts!)


So technically speaking, district 6 of Panem’s industry is supposedly transportation. This is never mentioned in the books, but once the movie hype began and the hunger games website went up, they addressed any district industries that the book left out. What the book DID refer to about district 6 though, is that there are quite a bit of morphling ... Read More »

The Hunger Games Series- District 7


We’re already at District 7! District 7′s Industry is lumber. I had a lot of ideas for this, ranging from a green & brown sultry smokey eye to a wood nymph look, and ultimately decided to just draw trees on my face! I had to redo the tree part of this tutorial because I wasn’t happy with the way it ... Read More »