April 17, 2014
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Sigma Enlight Collection Blushes- Peaceful, Serene, Mellow


In the Enlight Collection, Sigma has introduced 3 new blushes- a shimmery highlight, a warm pink, and a warm brown. These are my favorite pieces in the new collection- they work amazingly on their own, but together they create the most beautiful cheek! Out of all the products in this collection I know these will be used more than anything. ... Read More »

Sigma Enlight Collection Warm Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette


Sigma’s newest collection, Enlight, includes a 12 shadow palette with shades ranging from the lightest beiges, warm pinks and peaches, to deep cranberries and browns. There’s a good mix of textures as well, including mattes, shimmers, and glittery shades, so it’s a really well-rounded palette.  The packaging is made of cardboard and has a mirror and a magnetic closure.  Oyster ... Read More »

NEW Sigma Brushes- Spot On Concealer Brush


One of the newest kits from Sigma is the Spot-On Concealer Kit, and it includes six brushes intended to create a flawless concealer application. These brushes are all sorts of shapes and sizes, from a pin-point itty bitty brush for super precision application, to a large, fluffy brush to diffuse and blend. These are unlike most brushes I’ve seen, especially ... Read More »

NEW Sigma Brushes: Extreme Color Payoff Kit


    E20 Short Shader- This brush is meant to apply color to small areas of the lid or to blend color into the lower lash line. The bristles are short and firm, but have a bit more “give” so to speak than other brushes I have used in this shape. This lets you blend out colors somewhat as you ... Read More »

NEW Sigma Brushes- The Perfect Blend Kit


One of the new Sigma bush kits is The Perfect Blend Kit- which includes six new brushes all based around blending out shadows nice and soft. Sigma is really great at creating new shapes and styles of brushes to help with makeup application that can sometimes be a bit difficult. I have always thought that the most important part of ... Read More »

Cotton Candy Eyes with Creme de Couture! [Video Tutorial]


My latest tutorial is for this look I posted on here a couple weeks ago, using the Creme de Couture palette! I love the way colors blend together in this palette, you barely have to do anything to get a really lovely gradient :) Here are the original pictures from the look, I was having WES (Watery Eye Syndrome) after ... Read More »

Creme de Couture Eye Look #4: Purrrrple!


I have yet another CDC look for you! This one is using aaaaaall the purples in the palette.  I used my NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk as a base, then applied Violet Whip in the inner lid, Lavender Honey in the center of the lid, and Cassis in the outer corner. I used Elderberry in the crease, and then ... Read More »

Creme de Couture Collection Back in Stock! [Master Post]


Hi guys! I just wanted to update you and let you know that Sigma’s Creme de Couture palette is finally back in stock! I had uploaded my video on the palette about an hour before they sold out (great timing, right?) but now it’s back :) Here is all my posts, videos, and eye looks with the collection so you ... Read More »

SNEEK PEAK: Sigma Creme de Couture: Macaron Inspired Blushes


Here’s the rest of the Creme de Couture collection- Macaron Inspired Blush! There are three blushes here- a light pink, medium reddish shade, and a light purple. They have the same style packaging as the palette- removable top, with a little “Assorted Flavors” insert that shows a color swatch.  ALSO! The Palette is sold out right now on the website, ... Read More »

Creme de Couture Eye Look #3: Cotton Candy Eyes!


OMG, I need to stop. I am having too much fun with this freaking palette, it’s like my blog has become nothing but talking about it! I apologize if it seems spammy, i honestly am just really excited about it and inspired by it. I’ve been so bad in the past about getting products, taking swatches and then forgetting about ... Read More »