April 17, 2014
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Look of the Day: Paris!


I posted about this look on youtube last week, but totally forgot what memory card I had taken photos on (apparently it was the one in my vloging camera, hence why I couldnt find them!) I wanted to use the Sigma Paris Palette for a look because It’s a palette I helped create, and have totally neglected for awhile! I ... Read More »

Born to Be FOTD & Video Review


This look was created with the Born to Be collection from Sigma. I posted a video review of the collection on Youtube last night, and there’s a chance for you to win the entire line by entering the giveaway! I liked how this look turned out, especially with the pop of blue on the lower lash line! Here’s the look and ... Read More »

Sigma Born to Be Collection Roundup & GIVEAWAY


Here is the roundup for the Sigma Born to Be Collection! This collection has an eyeshadow palette to create sultry looks with some fun, interesting shades to switch up your everyday smokey eye, eye pencils that are creamy and long lasting, super shiny and non sticky glosses, and more. Links to product reviews of each aspect of this collection are ... Read More »

Sigma Born to Be Collection: Born To Powdered Blush


 Born to   Born to  Born to  Born to Born to is a plummy shimmer powder. This isn’t overly pigmented, but is buldable so ti will work for a range of skin tones.   I am a fan of Sigma blushes because they are buildable. I really dislike when blushes are CRAZY pigmented, and pale girls like myself need to apply the ... Read More »

Sigma Born to Be Lip Products: Lip Gloss & Lip Concealer


 Get Ready Lip Gloss  Get Ready Lip Gloss  Get Ready Lip Gloss   Get Ready is a orangey peachy gloss with gold sparkle. Lots of shimmer, slightly sheer and super glossy texture.    Shiela Lip Gloss  Shiela Lip Gloss Shiela Lip Gloss Shiela is a bright fuchsia with pink sparkle. This is the most pigmented gloss in this collection, but it is still on the ... Read More »

Sigma Born to Be Collection: Eye Liner Pencils


The Born to Be Collection from Sigma will include three new Eye Liner Pencils- two shades of blue and one dark brown. I tend to get picky with eye pencils- I really dislike dry, hard pencils that take awhile to have any sort of color appear on the skin, and also can hurt when applying to the waterline. Thankfully, Sigma’s ... Read More »

Sigma Born to Be Collection: Smoke Screen Palette


The newest collection coming out from Sigma features a new eyeshadow palette with 12 colors. The idea behind this palette is to bring unexpected colors into the smokey eye. There’s a nice blend of light and dark neutral shades, and there are definitely a couple shades thrown in that are interesting and will switch up your run of the mill ... Read More »

Sigma Enlight Collection Lipgloss


The final products I have to talk about from the Sigma Enlight Collection are the Lip Glosses. There are three- a pale mauve, sheer coral, and a transparent deep raspberry. These glosses surprised me so much! When I first opened the tube, I saw that they had a brush instead of a doe foot applicator, and the lipgloss looked thick. ... Read More »

Sigma Enlight Eye Liner Pencils


The Enlight Collection seems to be all threes- and the eyeliners are following suit! We’ve got three pencils- two mattes and a super sparkly shade. These liners are creamy and blendable and everything you want in a nice quality eye pencil. The matte shades last a long time on the waterline, which is always important in a decent quality liner! ... Read More »

Sigma Enlight Collection Eyeshadow Bases


Sigma’s Enlight Collection comes with three new eyeshadow bases in a light pink, peachy shimmer, and matte medium brown. These apply fairly pigmented, but can be more buildable to a point (and I say to a point because if you apply too much of a cream product on your eyes, it’s inevitably going to end up creasing).  The main thing ... Read More »