April 18, 2014
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MAC Paparazzshe vs Firespot


In my recent MAC video showing the stuff I got from the Peacocky collection, I said that Paparazzshe reminded me of Firespot, and I got asked if they were similar enough to be dupes. You be the judge :) This is with no base :) Personally I’d say Paparazzshe is much more of a burnt orange while Firespot is more ... Read More »

First Impressions: MAC Peacocky & Cham-pale


I went into MAC today to get some essentials I was out of (Brush cleaner and MAC Wipes, to be exact) and decided to take a peak at the new collections Peacocky and Cham-pale. I wasn’t expecting to buy much (as I haven’t really been too impressed with MAC collections as of late; they all are similar to old collections ... Read More »