April 18, 2014
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January 2012 Makeup Collection & Organization Tips


Hi! Okay, so this video went up last week, I just didn’t post it here because I wanted to include photos of my dresser drawers full of makeup. This got postponed because with my mom visiting all last weekend, we did a major overhaul of my apartment and I moved a lot of makeup that had been hiding in my ... Read More »

Sorry for being MIA..


Hi guys! So this is the 2nd week in a row that I didn’t get Fierce Friday up.. the first time was because I was visiting family in AZ and had zero time to film it, and this time was because of the issues I have been having with lighting my videos. Ever since I decided to start filming out ... Read More »

Traveling with Going Glam for an organized suitcase


A few weeks ago, Hautelook had a sale on GoingGlam products. I had never heard of the company before, but when I saw that they were basically beauty travel organizers, I knew it was something that I would totally benefit from! Usually when I travel, I throw all of my makeup into a big makeup bag (generally the Sigma one). ... Read More »

Organization Tip: Tool Turnabout for Brushes


I have been using one of these for brushes for years :) It’s great if you are like me and have a bajillion brushes, or even a great way to organize other products as well, like eyeliners, lipliners, lipgloss, etc! This is available from Pampered Chef, but I have also heard from people in the comments of my video that ... Read More »