April 18, 2014
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Milani 3D Holographic Swatches


So I’m gonna hide while saying this, but there isn’t going to be a Fierce Friday this week :X I know there wasn’t Wearable Wednesday either, and it’s because this is finals week and since I took last weekend to go visit friends I’ve been a little behind. Sorry! Everything will go back to normal next week, promise :) I ... Read More »

Eyeko Nail Polish Swatches


I just got these in the mail yesterday and had to show you guys ASAP! I love Eyeko polishes because they come in super cute bottles with adorable labels and have really cute names. They’re also super opaque right off the bat, love love!! In Direct Sunlight I love Vampira Polish, but it really needs a top coat in order ... Read More »

Nails of the Day: Milani Hi-Res


Oooh I was SO excited when I saw this polish at CVS! I heard about the Milani Holographic polishes awhile ago, and really wanted to get them as I LOVE holo polishes. I went to probably close to 7 or 8 drugstores that sold Milani trying to find them, but NO ONE had them. I ended up giving up, but ... Read More »

Nails of the Day: Easter Nails


I’ve been neglecting my nails too much lately. Ever since I broke them I haven’t really been applying polish or anything, which is really kind of stupid considering I want them to grow again, and not wearing any polish or strengthener is just going to make them worse off! I decided on Easter to wear cute sparkly nails, and to ... Read More »

Nails of the Day: Nubar Sky Sparkle & Night Sparkle


BLAAAAH. I had a nail disaster today. My window was open like, a millimeter, and it was windy outside, so it was making this loud annoying howling creepy ghost noise. I wanted to film my Fierce Friday look, and the last thing I wanted was creepy noises in the background! I guess I didnt realize that there was actually something ... Read More »

Nails of the Day: Absinthe Makes the Heart by Sephora by OPI


So I haven’t worn nail polish in probably 2 weeks due to being somewhat lazy, as well as wanting to apply a strengthener every few days. My nails have been getting LONG (for me, at least!), and with that the tendency to break is much higher, which is always a bummer (hello, index finger in these pictures) because it takes ... Read More »

Nails of the Day: Purple Glitter Matte


I’ve been wanting to try this matte glitter top coat since I got it a few weeks ago, but just kinda.. didn’t, other than swatching. I wanted to do something bright too, so I thought I’d try it on top of a neon purple. I seriously forgot how COOL this glitter top coat is! I swear. Glitter polishes is the ... Read More »

Nails of the Day: Essie Mint Candy Apple


I saw this color in the clearance section at ulta for $4. I LOVEEEE cream polishes, especially blues, so I needed it! Cream polishes are also my favorite to add decals to, so I added a kitty & crossbones sticker from a fing’rs nail decal set. I love the color of this polish, but I really don’t understand the name. ... Read More »

Bikini Bottom Nails


I was trying to figure out how to do my nails today when I came across these flower nail stickers I had that reminded me so much of the sky (sea? i dunno hah) in Bikini Bottom on Spongebob! So, I used those along with a holographic polish and a glitter polish layered over top to make sort of bikini ... Read More »

Urban Decay Apocalyptic Nail Set


OMG, I had the hardest time getting nice swatches of these. Bloggers, what’s your secret to taking AWESOME swatch photos? The only time I can get really great swatch photos is if I takes them outside during the day, but I always seem to forget to take them until its getting dark (and I do most of my youtube stuff ... Read More »