April 17, 2014
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China Glaze Awakening Halloween Polishes

cg awakening

Eep! I’ve had these for about a month and kept putting off posting them for.. well, no real reason :X THEY’RE SO NICE! This color is such a neat green. It is a dead ringer for ORLY’s It’s Not Rocket Science, though, so if you have that you can skip this. I am OBSESSED with this color! It’s Halloween in ... Read More »

Nails of the day: Frankenails


I saw this video and IMMEDIATELY had to copy it! Honestly, how freaking cute are these nails? And SOOO easy, it’s ridiculous. I’ve never really ventured into nail design other than Konad and nail stickers because I always thought it was so complex and I’m not very artistic in that way. When I saw this video I HAD to try ... Read More »

Go Nails Review


I really am impressed with this product! It’s a cream, and you apply it on your nails and cuticles for 10 days, and it causes your nails to grow quite a decent amount, along with really improving the cuticles. Downside is definitely the price. It sells for $25 for a .5oz bottle. If you use the coupon code GONSPARK You ... Read More »

ORLY Cosmix Nail Swatches


I had heard SO much hype about this collection that I had to get it! I guess ORLY is following in OPI’s footsteps and taking away the cheaper online prices (boo!) so I had to act fast and got these while they were still cheap ($5 versus the normal $8-10) at head2toebeauty. I really, really need to stop procrastinating and ... Read More »

Nails of the Day(s): Essie Turquoise & Caicos & OPI Catch Me In Your Net


I really need some  “swatch picture 101″ lessons, sheesh! I haven’t used my camera in quite a few weeks and I guess with all the other nonsense going on around here I completely forgot how to do anything with it lol. It took forever to even get decent nail shots! Ah well, I’ll figure it out! :) Anyways, here are ... Read More »

NEW Eyeko Polishes: Saucy Polish & Rain Polish


So in case you didn’t know, I kinda love Eyeko Polishes. Not just because the packaging on each polish is totally unique and ADORABLE, but because the formula is FANTASTIC and with most, it’s opaque in one coat. They’ve just released two new shades: Rain Polish (For City Nails) and Saucy Polish (For Naughty Nails). And just because, here are ... Read More »

Fierce Friday Nail Edition: Fruit Stripes Gum


So my lovely friend Brooke, aka SayAnythingBr00ke on YouTube, filled in for Fierce Friday last week while I was at IMATS. a few weeks ago she did an AWESOME Lisa Frank Inspired nail tutorial that I copied and LOVED, and for Fierce Friday she decided to do a nail look inspired by Fruit Stripes Gum, that gum I’m sure most ... Read More »

Nails of the day: Lisa Frank!


This was love at first site! My friend Brooke (Sayanythingbr00ke on youtube) just posted this super awesome nail tutorial yesterday and I immediately HAAAAD to copy it. It’s SOOOO cool but seriously so easy, it’s ridiculous. All you need are a few fun bright colors, a Konad stamp and a black Konad Nail polish. Here’s how mine came out (basically ... Read More »

Nails of the Day: Yell oh!


I’m pretty sure I’ve done these nails before (or something very similar) and uploaded it on here, but I had a ton of people asking what nail polish I was wearing in my last Fierce Friday video, so here they are! Illamasqua Wayward with OPI Cabana Banana on top. Illamasqua has AMAZING nail polishes, definitely my favorite thing from their ... Read More »

Nails of the Day: Bright Orange and Shimmery Pink


Here are two Nails of the Day pictures I forgot to show you guys. Love them both!! China Glaze Sun Worshiper. This is super hard to photograph, but it’s a neon bright orange juicey color. It looks more yellow in the bottle photo, closer to real life in the nail photo, but believe me, it’s BRIGHT and AWESOME! Illamasqua Grab ... Read More »