April 18, 2014
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Nail Polish Collection


Just thought I’d post pictures of the majority of my nail polish collection :) I had to revamp a little the other day, because I normally use one of my nail polish racks to hold my pigments and loose shadows, but my polish collection was getting out of hand, so I had to relocate the pigments to a drawer :/ ... Read More »

Nails of the Day: Zoya Adina


This polish is a really cool, really unique color. It’s a violet chrome with a bright green duochrome when it hits the light. Depending on the angle of your nails, the color can look like a metallic chrome color with a pale purple hue, a brighter violet with hints of magenta and silver, or show the really cool green duochrome ... Read More »

Nails of the day: Zoya Tiffany


I find that if I don’t wear nail polish for an extended period of time, I end up messing with my nails and they get super short ;( When I wear polish constantly, I don’t so that the polish doesn’t chip, and then they get (and stay!) the length I like. I need to always have polish on haha :) ... Read More »

Illamasqua Nail Quills


Illamasqua has released a very limited release of handmade bespoke nail quills. These are unlike anything I’ve seen before! Unique, extraordinary, and extravagant these tantalising talons are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Designed and handmade exclusively for Illamasqua by one of the hottest names in nails, Mike Pocock, these collector’s items are guaranteed to tease the senses of anyone ... Read More »

Awesome Way to Remove Glitter Nail Polish


My friend Brooke recently put up a video showing how she removes glitter nail polish hassle-free. Glitter polish tends to be frowned upon by a lot of people because it’s really a pain to remove. To be perfectly honest when I was watching this video I was a bit skeptical, as I’ve dealt with glitter polish and it seemed too ... Read More »

OPI Burlesque Collection Part 2: GLITTERS!!


Sorry these are late! Here’s the second half of the OPI Burlesque Collection, the Glitters!! These are absolutely gorgeous colors, I’m a sucker for polishes with lots of shine and shimmer, and these deliver for sure. They’re very multidimensional and are pretty opaque within three coats (there may be a spot or two on some nails that aren’t totally covered, ... Read More »

OPI Burlesque Collection: Part 1

This collection is SOO exciting to me. I want to see this movie so badly, I’ve had a lot of you tell me the makeup and costumes are AMAZING in it, so that makes me HAVE to see it even more!! I really love the colors OPI made for this collection, they all seem very fitting for what it’s about. ... Read More »

Nails of the day: What's with the Cattitude?


So I have really been bad about doing my nails lately :X It sucks, but especially after swatching the majority of my polish collection on swatch wheels, I realize I gotta start wearing it regular or it’s all just going to waste! Ironically, the color I pick out to wear is an OPI one, which is the brand I didn’t ... Read More »

Nubar Collection Swatches


I decided this week that it would probably be a good idea to swatch my entire nail polish collection. I really got into nail polish last year, and when I ‘get into’ something, I tend to go overboard right away and buy a lot of said thing really fast! That being said, I have collected quite a few polishes in ... Read More »

China Glaze Naughty or Nice Polish Swatches


I got these in the mail about 2 hours ago. Do you know how RARE it is for me to do a blog post, swatches, AND a quick video about a product THAT QUICK? Obviously it must be something awesome! :) I’ve wanted these since seeing swatches on my favorite nail blog, Scrangie. I got mine from 8ty8beauty.com because my ... Read More »