April 17, 2014
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Guest Look: Nora of zeeto0


Hello readers of xSparkage! My name is Nora, aka zeeto0. You can find me on Beautylish or on my blog zeeto0.blogspot.com and many other places with that name.I’m really fascinated by mythology and unearthy things. Right now I’m doing a series of makeup looks inspired by the Seven deadly sins. So far I’ve done sloth, lust, gluttony, greed and envy. This one, envy, is about lying, ... Read More »

Guest Look: Judith of judemakeup


Hi!My name is Judith or Juddde. I’m 30 years old and I’m from Québec, Canada.I’m a professional hairdresser and I am the owner of my salon for 2 years. I learned bases of makeup on youtube and different blogs. Last year, I finally took a course, trying to integrate my passion in my work.I have my own beauty blog, Makeup et Ukulele, for 3 years now.  http://judemakeup.blogspot.ca/I ... Read More »

Maybelline 24 Hour Eye Tattoos


Last month, I posted about this new product on the market that was really awesome, in the shade Edgy Emerald. After trying out that one and a few others, I knew I had to search through quite a few drugstores to complete my collection! After reading comments from all of you, I’ve been told not to get the purple shade ... Read More »

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment


Instant Age Rewind Eraser is a new product from Maybelline that is meant to target Under-Eye circles. It has gimmicky packaging that includes a puffy top that the concealer comes out of to give you a diffused application without using your fingers or any other brushes. Check out my review and how the product looked on my skin! Read More »

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse


This review is for a product I’ve been asked a lot about! I bought quite a few Maybelline skin products at Target last week (Target ALWAYS gets me. I go for milk, leave $100 poorer) And I picked this up, along with three other skin products that you’ll see soon :) This is the Dream Liquid Mousse foundation, read on ... Read More »

Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo: Edgy Emerald


I’m sure a good portion of you all have heard about this awesome new product from Maybelline- their Color Tattoos. I got my first ones a few weeks back, and have been super impressed! I currently have four (more reviews to follow!) but I wanted to share this one first, and show photos on my test to see how long ... Read More »

Maybelline Shine Sensation Pop Sticks in Pink Lolipop


A few weeks ago, I did a haul video with my sister, and showed some items I picked up from Ulta while I was with her. One of those Items was this lipstick from Maybelline that I decided to get simply because I thought it was kinda neat that a lipstick was translucent! After I posted the video, I got ... Read More »