April 18, 2014
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Possibly the Best Ad for Foundation EVER- Dermablend and Rick Genest

I know, I’m super late on posting this, but I’m sure some of you hadn’t seen it yet, and it’s really cool! Last weekend, I was in LA for the Beauty Social, and was staying an extra day at my friend Suzy’s place. We were scrolling through the depths of Tumblr and saw this video that had come out a ... Read More »

Guest Look: Carolcarol92


This is a fun look by Carol, it’s right up my alley :) I’m super behind on guest `looks, so if you submitted one and I haven’t gotten to it, or want to submit a new one, please feel free! If you haven’t seen your submitted guest look yet, don’t feel discouraged. I have gotten SO many submissions, which I ... Read More »

Guest Look: Black & Yellow Cut Crease by Seana


Hi! I’m Seana from Philadelphia :) This look popped into my head when I was going to sleep one night, and I had to get up and do it before I forgot haha :) One of my first attempts at a cut crease. It turned out better than I expected! Though the crease could have been blended into the highlight ... Read More »

Guest Look: Copper & Teal Eyes with Dhiya


Hi! I’m Dhiya, this look was more of a look on the spot. It has some teal and some copper. Very bright but sultry at the same time, absolutely looks gorgeous with blue eyes, and any eye colour really! I do have a Youtube Channel and Website :) Youtube: www.youtube.com/dhiyaface Website: www.dhiyaidris.com Read More »

Makeup Playdate: Tropical Glitter


So after two fails (looked good in person, looked bad on camera) I finally have a playdate to show you that I like :) It’s bright and tropical and glittery, so hopefully you guys will like it as well! I have been wanting to play with the Sleek Makeup Curacao palette since it arrived in the mail, and it didn’t ... Read More »

Sleek MakeUP Curacao Palette: Photos, Swatches


As I’m sure a lot of you know, Sleek MakeUP can’t sell the Acid Palette to the US because of FDA regulations (it’s NOTHING to worry about, makeup companies just can’t sell neon eyeshadows in the US. This is a reason you might see multi-purpose items, such as MAC or Makeup Forever Pigments have a little insert that says a ... Read More »

Guest Look: Pink Cosmos with ValleyGurlFrmHell


Hi My name is Su! I’m ValleyGurlFrmHell on Youtube. I’m a random crazy/bubbly beauty guru who has never had the guts to even try to send in anything for GuestLook on xSparkage.com but hopefully if I am anywhere as good enough my work will be chosen. Take Care my lovelies and hope you are all having a wonderful day and week ... Read More »

Guest Look: Jess from theeasydiy


Hi! My name is Jess and in the youtube beauty community I am known as theeasydiy.This is a look that I did one day while trying to come up with some ideas of what I could wear for my 20th birthday!Out of all the looks I did, this one stole the show and ended up being my birthday look! This ... Read More »

Electro Candy Makeup Tutorial


I swear, every time I make a tutorial for a look I’m REALLY excited about, and show pictures on Twitter and Facebook, and say how I’m uploading the video soon.. Youtube breaks. Example- ast night. I filmed this, was so excited, said “uploading within the hour!” and I swear, 3 minutes before my video finished saving, the Youtube Uploader breaks. ... Read More »

Leesha’s Simple Go-To Day Look


I recently took over the area in my apartment that is meant to be a dining room and turned it into a little studio-esque area, with my light studio and a table to film videos at :) Before there was a glass circle table in this room and I had my light studio on it, but it really wasn’t efficient. ... Read More »