April 16, 2014
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Guest Look: Cristina of SomeLikeThat


Hi everyone! I’m Cristina and I’m from Spain, but you can call me Bliur, as that is my nickname ;) I’m here to share with you my obsession with make-up! I did this look for a contest in one blog I follow, and I thought it would be fun to share here. I took inspiration from the japanese kabuki/geisha tradition, ... Read More »

Quick Looks: February 2nd


I was playing around with some products I hadn’t used in awhile (organizing my makeup really helped me find stuff I had forgotten about!) as well as use some new products I’ve recently picked up (Like Urban Decay Lip Love, and my Guerlain highlighter!) We went out last night, and I didn’t realize it was going to end up POURING ... Read More »

January 2012 Makeup Collection & Organization Tips


Hi! Okay, so this video went up last week, I just didn’t post it here because I wanted to include photos of my dresser drawers full of makeup. This got postponed because with my mom visiting all last weekend, we did a major overhaul of my apartment and I moved a lot of makeup that had been hiding in my ... Read More »

Guest Look: LadycrowX


Hi, my name is Amy aka LadycrowX!  I have been into makeup since 2008 when I got hooked on watching Youtube tutorials. I currently write a blog called The Crow and the Powderpuff where you’ll find posts about Makeup Tutorials, Product Reviews, Product Swatches, and anything pertaining to beauty. I am currently in the process of moving further into beauty subjects ... Read More »

Guest Look- Margareth of CandyKillerr


Hello there :) I’m Margareth and I’m addicted to colorfull make up looks:) If you like colors and funny looks you can visit my blog and you won’t regret :) http://candykillerr.blogspot.com/ This look I made some time ago for contest:) It was summer evening look and i won the  2nd price  yaay :) Hope you enjoy :) xoxo   Read More »

Guest Look- Katie of behindh3rsmile


My name is Katie and I’m a Canadian university student who has a passion for makeup. When I’m not spending my time studying, I like to play with makeup and writing blogs. I’m a huge sucker for purple (especially eyeshadows) and lashes so it inspired me to create this look for NYE! My Tumblr Read More »

Guest Look- Kathryn


My name is Kathryn and I’m from Fife, Scotland and I’m 17. I’ve always loved playing around with make up and I’m always doing other peoples, and I really love bright eye looks! Scottish weather has a tendency to be rainy 80% of the year, so I need something bright to cheer me up sometimes! This is a look I ... Read More »

Guest Look- 23rdMarch


Hi everyone! I’m Joanna, and I’m makeup and pretty things lover. In this guest post I’d like to show you the look, that I actually did a while ago for my blog. It’s green&blue smokey-ish look that I find just perfect both for evening party. I hope you like it! If so, please visit my blog - http://www.23rdmarch.com – for more ... Read More »

Quick Looks: Late Night Purples


  Man, I haaaaate freshly washed hair! it’s such a pain to deal with, at least for my hair! I feel like I have to put 10 pounds of product in to make it do anything. I wish they sold a product that made your hair like a day after washing it. I think that works best for a lot ... Read More »

Wearable Wednesday- Glitter and Muppets


For Wearable Wednesday this week, I wanted to use my Muppets Palette from theBalm! I decided to do a look I fall back on when I want something fun but not crazy (at least, not crazy in my book!) I love the glitter I used, I always think of glitter as crazy colors and it’s so beautiful as a beige ... Read More »