April 16, 2014
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Blindfold Sister Makeup Tag


My sister has been adamant about getting us to film this “blindfold sister tag” that she saw someone do a video on a week ago. I’ve never really kept up with makeup tags and the like for whatever reason, but she was so excited about it I couldn’t let her down! We had a BLAST filming these. If you’re having ... Read More »

Sugarpill Heart Breaker Eye Look


Ever since I got this palette last week, I have used it each time I wear makeup. It’s so pretty!! I will get a review with swatches and such up for you tomorrow, but I did want to share this look I did last weekend. All the colors in the palette are matte, and I switched that up a bit ... Read More »

The Hunger Games Series: District 2 (Masonry/Weapons)


District 2 of the Hunger Games has the industry of Masonry and weapons. This was one of those industries like district 5 (power/electricity) where I was just having a hard time figuring out what would be a good idea without going too literal. I decided that since they make weapons for the capitol, doing a sort of evil/powerful dark look ... Read More »

The Hunger Games Series- District 3 (Technology)


Can you believe the premiere is next week?? I’m sooo excited. I’m going to the midnight premiere at a local draft house (they serve food and beer while you watch the movie) and they have Hunger Games themed food- Lamb Stew, Basil and goat cheese, Cakes themed around Peeta’s parents bakery.. so cool :D I also just got my DIP- ... Read More »

The Hunger Games Series- District 7


We’re already at District 7! District 7′s Industry is lumber. I had a lot of ideas for this, ranging from a green & brown sultry smokey eye to a wood nymph look, and ultimately decided to just draw trees on my face! I had to redo the tree part of this tutorial because I wasn’t happy with the way it ... Read More »

The Hunger Games Series- District 8


Time for District 8- Textiles! I decided to ramp up this series by doing something a little more fun and editorial for this District :) I got some lace from the fabric store and played around until I got something I liked! Hope you enjoy! Read More »

Quick Looks: Christina Aguilera’s look from “The Voice” Auditions


Hi! I just wanted to share my makeup from yesterday :) I have been watching The Voice blind auditions regularly, and I always LOOOOVE Christina’s makeup on it. It’s out there, overdone, and badass awesome. My friend Brooke actually made a tutorial recently showing how to get the look because she loved it so much, and I decided it was ... Read More »

The Hunger Games Series- District 9


  Here we are at District 9! These tutorials have been really fun for me so far, and I just reread the first two books of the series this past weekend, so it’s all fresh in my mind and making me ridiculously excited for the movie premiere, which is both good and bad. The same thing happened when the first ... Read More »

Guest Look: Natasja of Vanillaa


Hello everyone, My name is Natasja, I’m 22 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I have my own beauty blog: Vanillaa, you can find lots of ramblings about cosmetics there! I love blogging, I love writing about all the pretty products and I love creating nice looks. I’m currently looking for a job as a professional makeup artist and/or beautician ... Read More »

The Hunger Games Series- District 12


YAY A NEW SERIES!!! About time, right?? :D This series will be based off of The Hunger Games! I’m SOOOO excited for the movie to come out, I finished reading the series before they picked the cast for the movie.. it was the first series that I had read before any movies had been made/casted, so that was fun to ... Read More »