April 17, 2014
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Ursula Halloween Tutorial- Photos & Video


One of my favorite Disney Villain of all time is Ursula. This look was really fun for me to create because I wanted something that I felt represented her without going too much into a cartoonish feel. I wanted to still have blues and purples on the eyes like she did, as well as a red lip- which in theory ... Read More »

Maleficent Halloween Makeup Tutorial- Photos & Video


Here’s a new Halloween tutorial for you guys! This one is based off of Maleficent, who in my opinion is the scariest Disney Villain of all! As you guys know I really like to do looks that are my own take on classics, so this is based off Maleficent but I didn’t wanna do a replica of Disney :) Hope ... Read More »

Queen of Hearts Halloween Makeup Tutorial


Here is the first of the Halloween looks! I recently got the new Mickey ears from Disneyland that are all Villain themed, and really wanted to do Halloween looks based off of them. The first of which is the Queen of Hearts! I loooove this headband and really love how the look turned out. I wanted something that was sultry ... Read More »

Halloween 2010!


I hope you guys had a fun Halloween! I asked you all to send me some pictures of your Halloween makeup on Twitter and email, and got a TON of pictures! Unfortunately any sent to Twitter have been lost (because I wasn’t thinking and didn’t save them as you sent them, doh!) Here are few cool ones :) (Don’t be ... Read More »

China Glaze Awakening Halloween Polishes

cg awakening

Eep! I’ve had these for about a month and kept putting off posting them for.. well, no real reason :X THEY’RE SO NICE! This color is such a neat green. It is a dead ringer for ORLY’s It’s Not Rocket Science, though, so if you have that you can skip this. I am OBSESSED with this color! It’s Halloween in ... Read More »

Halloween Spider Web Eyes


A few years ago I did something similar to this on my friend for Halloween, it was really cool but done way worse than this lol :) Sorry for apologizing so much, I need to work on that. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and since this video took a LONG time and was a LOT of ... Read More »

Halloween: Sexy Makeup


(Sorry, I didn’t post this sooner because I was out of town and forgot to load pictures from this look onto my laptop. Whoops!!) This is the most requested Halloween look I get- someone asking for a sexy version of a costume. Here’s what I came up with :) Eyes Too Faced Shadow Insurance Urban Decay Zero 24/7 Pencil MAC ... Read More »

Quick & Easy 5 Minute Dead Makeup Tutorial


So I know last week I told you guys I didn’t want to do Halloween tutorials.. I guess I meant a lot of in-depth crazy ones, like Josh and Angie do. To me, they are the masters of CRAZY Halloween tutorials, so I’ll leave that to them! I like the idea of Halloween for sure, but I’ve never found myself ... Read More »

Halloween Candy Corn Eyes


Eep!! Sorry, this post is extremely late. Time got the better of me this week, I really hate when that happens! Anyways, this was last week’s Fierce Friday, a look inspired by Candy Corn :) Eyes Too Faced Shadow Insurance NYX Milk Jumbo Eyeliner some random peachy eyeliner (idk where this is from, i guess its not from coastal scents ... Read More »