April 18, 2014
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Nyx Liquid Crystal Liner Collection: Swatches, Photos


Hi! To add a little more to the blog than just swatches of new collections and new brands, I’m going to start swatching from my collection! I realized that this will be good for reference for both me and you guys, and it will be a way for me to pull out colors I may have forgotten about :) First ... Read More »

Sweet Girl White Swan Look


I really LOVED this look in the movie Black Swan, it’s very gorgeous and eye-catching without being anywhere near over the top. I was really excited to try out the look after I saw the movie, I hope you like my interpretation!! :)         EyesToo Faced Shadow Insurance Naked Palette: -sin -naked -buck -darkhorse -virgin nyx jumbo ... Read More »

Nails: Me+Blue (Justin Bieber Collection)


This is probably my favorite from the colors I got in the Justin Bieber Collection. Me+Blue is Metallic true blue with silver glitter in it that have a rainbow effect when they hit the light, it’s really pretty! This is opaque with two coats. The main thing I’m not liking about these polishes (I’m assuming it’s Nicole by OPI polishes ... Read More »

Nails: One Less Lonely Glitter (Justin Bieber Collection)


  One Less Lonely Glitter is a pale purple polish with different sized glitter particles. This one was a bit tricky to work with, I kept having little pieces of glitter sticking off the ends of my nails so it wasn’t a clean line. It’s a little chunky, obviously, because of the different sized glitter, but it becomes pretty opaque ... Read More »

Glitter Base Showdown!


Tonight I did a little poll on Twitter and Facebook… I asked everyone to tell me which glitter base they would want to use, out of the following:   Now before we get into the results, here are the contenders: Eyekandy Liquid Sugar Too Faced Shadow Insurance Too Faced Glitter Glue LA Splash Splashproof Sealer   The overwhelming winner was ... Read More »

Milani One-Coat Glitter in Purple Gleam


I was at CVS the other day and saw a few of these One-Coat Glitter polishes from Milani and decided to pick some up. They’re so pretty!! Unfortunately I can’t get a pretty picture of the bottle because that particular CVS (dunno if all do this) decided to put an ugly sticker on basically ever item in the store. That ... Read More »

Sparkling Blue Winter Eyes


This look was inspired by my version of what winter is like for a good majority of North America! I have lived in the desert for most of my life, so cold snowy winters don’t really exist for me. I wanted to include blues of all shades, whites, glitter, and some snowflake temporary Tattoos :) Eyes Too Faced Shadow Insurance ... Read More »

Flashy Candy Cane Eyes


This is the result of just playing around, attempting to make a christmassy look that had a bit of Leesha flair to it :) A long time ago I remember seeing someone who did a candy cane look that was just diagonal stripes across their lid and lower lid, and I took that memory and put my own twist on ... Read More »

Halloween Candy Corn Eyes


Eep!! Sorry, this post is extremely late. Time got the better of me this week, I really hate when that happens! Anyways, this was last week’s Fierce Friday, a look inspired by Candy Corn :) Eyes Too Faced Shadow Insurance NYX Milk Jumbo Eyeliner some random peachy eyeliner (idk where this is from, i guess its not from coastal scents ... Read More »

Sour Skittles Fierce Friday


Candy won for Fierce Friday by a suuuper small amount, I was a little weary at first but after doing a look for my favorite candy, Sour Skittles, I’m actually REALLY excited. This should be fun :) Eyes Too Faced Shadow Insurance MAC Chartreuse Pigment Yaby Greens from Best of Both Worlds Palette LA Splash Eyeshadow Base (For Glitter) MAC ... Read More »