April 17, 2014
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OPI The Muppets Collection Part 2- Glitter!


Here’s Part 2 of The Muppets Collection from OPI (check out part 1 here!) This is the fun, glittery side :D These glitters mainly consist of a clear base, so they are best layered on top of another polish (I have swatched them regularly, as well as over a black polish as a reference) The only one that doesn’t have ... Read More »

Wearable Wednesday- Glitter and Muppets


For Wearable Wednesday this week, I wanted to use my Muppets Palette from theBalm! I decided to do a look I fall back on when I want something fun but not crazy (at least, not crazy in my book!) I love the glitter I used, I always think of glitter as crazy colors and it’s so beautiful as a beige ... Read More »

Lit Cosmetics Glitters: Kiss, Carrot Head, Liberache, Mary Jane, Elton Jon, Roxy Rolla


Hi Guys!! Long time no talk! I’ve had a busy past week- went to LA and Las Vegas with some friends, and just got back from a trip to Minneapolis with Sigma :) Fun things to come! I haven’t had internet for the past few days and was nonstop busy before that, so apologize for putting the blog on hold! ... Read More »

Playdate: MAC Double Feature Blues & Greens


Wednesday night I was going downtown to meet an old friend from high school who happened to be in town on business, but we had to drop my brother off at the airport beforehand. We had an hour to kill before that, so I decided to play with some of the new MAC Double Feature sets that I had swatched, ... Read More »

Lit Cosmetics Glitter: Beach Baby, Pretty in Pink, Twisted Sistah


Something I have learned recently- Glitter is a serious PAIN to photograph! Glitter is so dependant on the light hitting it at different angles to give that sparkle, that a photograph really downplays its awesomeness. It sucks. I’ll use glitter and in person it looks AWESOME, and in a photograph it looks like colored sand. No fun! I apologise for ... Read More »

Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Liners- Swatches, Photos


Hi!! Sorry for the lack of updates this past week, I was just in Vancouver for IMATS (which was SO fun, I’ll have photos and more up here soon!) along with other things (like my birthday, ahh!) it’s been a busy week! I have my parents and brother coming to visit this weekend, then the boyfriend is going to Chicago ... Read More »

Playdate: Golden Beach Babe


Something I discovered at IMATS is glitter in toned down colors. Well.. maybe it’s not really where I discovered it, but before IMATS I always associated glitter on the eyes as something bright, flashy and over-the-top. When I went over to the Eye Kandy booth, one of the girls working there was swatching glitters mixed with their adhesive on her ... Read More »

Makeup Playdate: Tropical Glitter


So after two fails (looked good in person, looked bad on camera) I finally have a playdate to show you that I like :) It’s bright and tropical and glittery, so hopefully you guys will like it as well! I have been wanting to play with the Sleek Makeup Curacao palette since it arrived in the mail, and it didn’t ... Read More »

Guest Look: Jess from theeasydiy


Hi! My name is Jess and in the youtube beauty community I am known as theeasydiy.This is a look that I did one day while trying to come up with some ideas of what I could wear for my 20th birthday!Out of all the looks I did, this one stole the show and ended up being my birthday look! This ... Read More »

OPI Glam Slam England Collection: Swatches, Review


This time around, the OPI Serena Glam Slam Duos for the England Collection are a bit different- In the past, they have included a regular polish and a crackle top coat, but this time the two duos include a silver glittery top coat. Both duos include the silver glitter top coat, but differ in the regular polish, which include a ... Read More »