April 16, 2014
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Shu Uemura The Lightbulb Foundation Review


A few weeks ago I was sent a new foundation coming out from Shu Uemura called The Lightbulb foundation. This is a high coverage foundation, and its main appeal is the glow that it gives your skin (very fitting considering the name of the foundation!). It also comes with a specially designed sponge, which also has a lightbulb shape, and ... Read More »

Urban Decay: NOT Selling in China, plus my new UD obsession!!


Over the past month, the huge new in the beauty community was Urban Decay deciding to sell products in China. This was a very big deal for a lot of people because UD is openly animal friendly, and the Chinese Government reserves the right to test cosmetics on animals before selling them. Today, Urban Decay announced the decision to NOT ... Read More »

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse


This review is for a product I’ve been asked a lot about! I bought quite a few Maybelline skin products at Target last week (Target ALWAYS gets me. I go for milk, leave $100 poorer) And I picked this up, along with three other skin products that you’ll see soon :) This is the Dream Liquid Mousse foundation, read on ... Read More »

Non-Airbrush Foundation Routine


I’ve been asked many times to do a video for you guys talking about my go-to foundation products that aren’t airbrush. For a long time, the problem was that I really didn’t use anything but airbrush (and normally, if I’m at home, I still don’t!) By far my favorite way to apply foundation is using my airbrush, NOTHING comes close ... Read More »

Ask Leesha: Make your Makeup Last


There are lots of things you can do to make your foundation last throughout the day. Key pointers: Use a primer that best suits your skin type (one formulated for dry, oily, or normal skin) Use a foundation that best suits your skin type, and only wear as much as you need SET your makeup with a setting powder (translucent ... Read More »

Stila One Step Makeup Review


So this isn’t really a first impressions video considering I tried it before I filmed the video, but oh well. :) REALLY loving this product, especially for those “OMG I have literally 2 seconds to get ready!!” moments. I had a few people asking questions about this that I forgot to put into the video, so here are a few ... Read More »

First Impressions: Covergirl Eyelights Mascara & LoReal True Match Roller


So this is gonna be a new series that I’m super excited about! I’m going to start trying out products that are getting a lot of hype or are heavily requested, and filming me using it for the first time so you get to see my initial reaction to the product. So far I’ve done two of these videos, and ... Read More »

Wearable Wednesday: Skin Skin Skin!


Alright, so I think some people got a little confused/over analyzed what I said a little bit. In this video I talk about how important I think it is to have clean, even looking skin, when you are wearing eye or lip makeup. I got a lot of feedback from upset people saying that people don’t only notice flaws, that ... Read More »