April 16, 2014
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NEW Sigma Brushes: Extreme Color Payoff Kit


    E20 Short Shader- This brush is meant to apply color to small areas of the lid or to blend color into the lower lash line. The bristles are short and firm, but have a bit more “give” so to speak than other brushes I have used in this shape. This lets you blend out colors somewhat as you ... Read More »

Airbrush Makes Me Look OLD?!?! [Airbrush Answers]


Since I made a video about the Belletto Studio Airbrush Kit, I have had loads of you tell me you bought the machine (yay!!) and are venturing in to the world of airbrush! I’m so excited, because I adore airbrushing and it’s so fun to see you guys trying it out :)  Understandably so, there have been some people having ... Read More »

Sephora +Pantone Universe Full Spectra Eyeshadow Palette- Night Fall


When I ordered my pieces from the Ariel Collection from Sephora, I also picked up this palette from the Pantone line. This is a collection of eight eyeshadows, four larger, shimmery, more wearable shades, paired with a bright, matte counterpart.  Overall the pigmentation on this palette is decent, especially the shimmery shades. The only shade that really didn’t impress me ... Read More »

Sugarpill Elektro Cute Collection Review- Need a Neon fix? You’ll like these.


Sugarpill has released a new collection- Elektro Cute! This is five bright, sparkling, UV reactive neon pigments that are in super fun shades. I remember seeing Sugarpill have samples of these back at IMATS LA 2012 and was so excited about them, so it’s great to see them finally available!  The biggest thing to note about these is how to ... Read More »

Make your Lipstick LAST!


I’m totally late on posting this to the blog, as the video went up a couple weeks ago, but hey- better late than never, right? This video is all about how to make your lipstick last as long as it possibly can. I don’t know about you guys, but if I’m out, I haaate reapplying lipstick. I don’t mind gloss that ... Read More »

Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette


When I used my Ulta 20% off coupon last month, this was one of the things I immediately needed. An insta-buy. I saw it on display, swatched some colors, and decided it was something I had to have. Check out the photos below and I think you’ll agree :) Dainty EyeshadowCharming EyeshadowGirly EyeshadowTotally Fetch EyeshadowMiss Sparkles EyeshadowDainty, Charming, Girly, Totally Fetch, Miss SparklesRingleader EyeshadowGangsta EyeshadowInstigator EyeshadowBadass EyeshadowJailbird EyeshadowRingleader, ... Read More »

Sephora Disney Ariel Collection: Review of Full Collection!


Here is my review on the Sephora Ariel Collection! These videos includes all pieces in the collection, so you can see what I think of everything! I’ve been looking forward to this collection for quite some time now- Ariel is my favorite Disney Princess, so I had to pick up everything in the collection :) Check out videos below, along ... Read More »

NEW Urban Decay 24/7 Lip Liners: Pinks & Brights (Part 2)


Here is Part 2 of the new Urban Decay Lip Liners! These are the more pink and bright shades (check out the rest, mainly nude shades, here) These are super fun, long lasting shades that help your lipstick last a looooong time. I always seem to skip lipliner, but these have me totally reconsidering that, as they’re ultra creamy, easy ... Read More »

NEW Urban Decay 24/7 Lip Liners: Nudes (Part 1)


If you saw my Urban Decay Lipstick posts from last week (Nudes, Pinks, Reds, Darks) Then you may be interested in the new 24/7 Lip Pencils they have also released! Here is the first half- the (mainly) nude shades. There may be a darkish plum shade that somehow got mixed in with this bunch, but thats okay :) Look for ... Read More »

NEW Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks: Dark (kinda?) Shades- Part 4


Okay, so before I even get in to these colors I want to address the “dark” label on the title there. When I was splitting these up into groups for posts, I didn’t want to include too many lipsticks in each post because I didn’t want photo overload, so i ended up with 4 extras that looked darker before they ... Read More »