April 18, 2014
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Evil Queen Halloween Makeup Tutorial


Here is the last Disney Villain look (for this year!): Evil Queen! I see the Evil Queen as being someone who puts beauty over everything else. She would want the latest skincare and makeup and would be up with the latest trends, and would above need to be the fairest one of all :) I wanted this look to be ... Read More »

Ursula Halloween Tutorial- Photos & Video


One of my favorite Disney Villain of all time is Ursula. This look was really fun for me to create because I wanted something that I felt represented her without going too much into a cartoonish feel. I wanted to still have blues and purples on the eyes like she did, as well as a red lip- which in theory ... Read More »

Maleficent Halloween Makeup Tutorial- Photos & Video


Here’s a new Halloween tutorial for you guys! This one is based off of Maleficent, who in my opinion is the scariest Disney Villain of all! As you guys know I really like to do looks that are my own take on classics, so this is based off Maleficent but I didn’t wanna do a replica of Disney :) Hope ... Read More »

Queen of Hearts Halloween Makeup Tutorial


Here is the first of the Halloween looks! I recently got the new Mickey ears from Disneyland that are all Villain themed, and really wanted to do Halloween looks based off of them. The first of which is the Queen of Hearts! I loooove this headband and really love how the look turned out. I wanted something that was sultry ... Read More »

Sephora Disney Ariel Collection: Review of Full Collection!


Here is my review on the Sephora Ariel Collection! These videos includes all pieces in the collection, so you can see what I think of everything! I’ve been looking forward to this collection for quite some time now- Ariel is my favorite Disney Princess, so I had to pick up everything in the collection :) Check out videos below, along ... Read More »

Sephora Disney Ariel Collection: Whatcha-Nail-Callit Nail Set


The Ariel Collection from Sephora includes a six piece nail set, cleverly titled “Whatcha-Nail-Callit”, and it includes a good variety of colors and textures- shimmers, glitters, flakes, creams, with blues and purple and a coral to balance it out. The nail polishes are all mini sized, so if you’re like me and can never finish a nail polish, its perfect! ... Read More »

Sephora Disney Ariel Collection: Set the Mood Mirror


A really great piece from the Ariel collection from Sephora was probably this- the Set the Mood Mirror. It is gorgeous- the attention to detail and design on the outside of the compact, the colors.. its a beautifully made piece. If you are an Ariel fan like myself, this is a no brainer buy. Unfortunately, it sold out online extremely ... Read More »

Sephora Disney Ariel Collection: Mermaid’s Song Lip Glosses


Sephora’s Disney Ariel Collection comes with a Lip set that includes four lipgloss shades that are translucent and in colors fitting of The Little Mermaid- warm reds and cool purple tones. More photos and my thoughts below! Dream Girl Lip GlossDream Girl Lip GlossSea Witch Lip GlossSea Witch Lip GlossRed Head Lip GlossRed Head Lip GlossMermaid Lip GlossMermaid Lip Gloss ... Read More »

Sephora Disney Ariel Collection: Part of Your World Eyeshadow Palette


The Part of Your World Eyeshadow Palette from the Ariel Collection from Sephora is the 2nd eyeshadow palette (First is the Storylook Palette) It consists of four eyeshadows- a white, light taupe, muted green, and sparkly purple. Check out photos and my thoughts below!   This palette has left me completely underwhelmed. The colors are subpar at absolute best, the ... Read More »

Disney’s Ariel Storylook Tutorial


So for my first tutorial using the Ariel Storylook Palette, I haaaaad to zone in on those greens! They were calling my name the second I opened the box :) I love how this look turned out, and I really feel like purple and green shades say Ariel so much :) Hope you enjoy!       EyesToo Faced Shadow ... Read More »