April 16, 2014
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Guest Look- Kathryn


My name is Kathryn and I’m from Fife, Scotland and I’m 17. I’ve always loved playing around with make up and I’m always doing other peoples, and I really love bright eye looks! Scottish weather has a tendency to be rainy 80% of the year, so I need something bright to cheer me up sometimes! This is a look I ... Read More »

Fierce Friday- Smoke & Ice


Yup, Posting my Fierce Friday tutorial on my blog on Tuesday, totally acceptable! :) I really liked this look, it’s really simple but pretty! I’m obsessed with the lid color, I had never used it before and its so unique!   Read More »

Guest Look: xDEimearByrne


Hi Everyone :) My name is Eimear, I’m 19 and I live in Ireland. I am currently studying Business Management in college but I have always had a second passion…and that is makeup! I have always been a fan of watching beauty guru’s on YouTube, so I finally plucked up the courage to start my own channel. This is my ... Read More »

Playdate: MAC Double Feature Blues & Greens


Wednesday night I was going downtown to meet an old friend from high school who happened to be in town on business, but we had to drop my brother off at the airport beforehand. We had an hour to kill before that, so I decided to play with some of the new MAC Double Feature sets that I had swatched, ... Read More »

Wet n’ Wild Blue Had Me at Hello Eyeshadow Palette- Swatches, Photos


So this week I FINALLY found the new Wet n’ Wild eyeshadows! I have heard lots of great things about these shadows, and it has been hard for me to believe. In my mind, Wet n’ Wild is still the really cheap, terrible brand it was years ago, but apparently they have reformulated their product and I have heard rave ... Read More »

Guest Look: Jess from theeasydiy


Hi! My name is Jess and in the youtube beauty community I am known as theeasydiy.This is a look that I did one day while trying to come up with some ideas of what I could wear for my 20th birthday!Out of all the looks I did, this one stole the show and ended up being my birthday look! This ... Read More »

Summer Nights Makeup Tutorial


This tutorial was inspired by the ever increasing temperature and the easy-breasy feel summer has :) Super simple, but still pretty! I haven’t used the Naked Palette in awhile, and I forgot how much I love it, considering how simple it is. Total must-have if you don’t already have similar colors or are new to makeup! enjoy :)   EyesToo ... Read More »

OPI Blue Shatter Collection: Swatches, Photos


This month, OPI is coming out with quite a few new shatter polishes to add to the trend, including a collection of three shades of blue, ranging from a blue-green turquoise to a a dark navy blue.       Turquoise Shatter, Blue Shatter, Navy Shatter   Turquoise Shatter, Blue Shatter, Navy Shatter (Over Illamasqua Radium)   This collection brings ... Read More »

Peacock Garden Makeup Tutorial


I bought a skin for my laptop and Kindle last week from DecalGirl called Peacock Garden because I love love loved the colors in the skin! Pretty turquoise, blues, greens, and purples mixed with black and white. I immediately got inspired to create a look with these colors!!     EyesToo Faced Shadow InsuranceInglot Loose Shadow #70Sugarpill Poison Plum EyeshadowFyrinnae ... Read More »

Moonlit Mermaid Tutorial


This was a fun look to play around with :) I’ve really wanted to play with my Fyrinnae colors since I got them, so this is what I came up with! I really, really love Futuristic Glamrock (The inner lid color), it’s probably the coolest blue shade I’ve ever seen!       EyesFyrinnae pixie epoxy Fyrinnae futuristic glamrock Eyeshadow ... Read More »