April 17, 2014
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Feeling Sick? Look your Best when Feeling your Worst!


I have been fighting a really annoying cold all week. Sore throat and stuffy nose have been the main contenders, and overall I just feel exhausted! Something I’ve found when I feel crappy is that if I try and make myself look good, I end up feeling a bit better. This tutorial shows what I do to try and make ... Read More »

Airbrush Deals Update: 50% off ENTIRE Site


I wanted to make sure I shared with you all the newest deals I’ve gotten from Belletto Studio, which is the airbrush system and foundation I have been using for the better part of this year :) They have done deals with me in the past, but for the holiday season they’ve given me the best deal yet! Even if ... Read More »

Airbrush Makes Me Look OLD?!?! [Airbrush Answers]


Since I made a video about the Belletto Studio Airbrush Kit, I have had loads of you tell me you bought the machine (yay!!) and are venturing in to the world of airbrush! I’m so excited, because I adore airbrushing and it’s so fun to see you guys trying it out :)  Understandably so, there have been some people having ... Read More »

Airbrush FAQs Video

I got a lot of questions on my Belletto Studios Airbrush Kit Review about airbrushing, how it works, etc, so I did a quick Airbrush FAQ video. Here are the questions answered and what time’s they are at- Can I use my regular foundation in the airbrush machine? 1:15 Can I use other airbrush makeup? 2:20 How do I clean ... Read More »

Belletto Studio Airbrush Kit Review


In the past couple of months I seemed to have fallen off the airbrush bandwagon for some reason. I’m thinking it was one of those “your skin got used to it, you need a change” things, or I was bored, or lazy, who knows. Aaaaanyways, last month Belletto Studio asked me if I would want to try out their airbrush ... Read More »

New Dinair Compressor Comparison


Dinair has recently redesigned their airbrush compressor, and the changes they have made are really significant! I thought I’d show you a comparison between the new compressor and the old one.     Main Changes: Air-pressure dial also works to turn system on/off On/off light under air-pressure dial On/off light blinks when air-pressure is too high MUCH quieter than previous ... Read More »

Foundation Routine Using Airbrush Makeup


So about a week ago I did a whole series on airbrushing FAQs and describing in detail the systems I have used. A lot of people seemed skeptical still because they assume that my skin is just naturally great, and that airbrushing really isn’t worth it, or they don’t understand how to use it. So, I decided to remake a ... Read More »

Inside Airbrush: FAQs, Dinair, Luminess Air, OCC, & Temptu

Airbrushing videos on my channel are always hit or miss; people either are really intrigued and want to know more, or they arent interested because it’s something they will never purchase. I totally understand both sides, but personally airbrushing has become my favorite part of applying makeup :) I love that its something new and different for me, and I ... Read More »

Airbrush 101: Basic Application


Airbrushing has quickly turned into one of my favorite things. I had always associated it with only being used for really fancy makeup artist, so using it as an at-home personal way to apply makeup is a fairly new idea to me! Currently I’ve tried out three different systems: The Temptu AirPod System from Sephora, the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics kit, ... Read More »