Sweet Girl White Swan Look

I really LOVED this look in the movie Black Swan, it’s very gorgeous and eye-catching without being anywhere near over the top. I was really excited to try out the look after I saw the movie, I hope you like my interpretation!! :)






Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Naked Palette:
nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencil in milk
inglot eyeshadow #496 (white shimmer)
LASplash Glitter in Gaudy
LASplash Splashproof Sealer
Kat Von D Black Liquid Liner
Ardell 101 Demi Lashes
Makeup Forever Smokey Lash
Terra Del Sol #7 highlighter
Inglot Eyeshadow #32 (as a blush)
Lancome Rich Cashmere Lipstick
MAC Sweet Tart Superglass


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  • Ilovemac03

    This look is soooooo pretty! Love your picture quality=)

  • SammieSamm

    awesome photos:D youre amazing :)

  • Chris

    W O W! It look is so pretty!

  • Airisu

    Wow Leesha, your eyes look amazing! This look really makes them pop! :)

  • Jessica

    FLAWLESS! One of my fav looks you have ever done!!! :)

  • http://www.prismacolorunderstanding.tumblr.com Kyliesky

    This look is unbelievably beautiful, and your photos are spectacular. Can’t wait to try this look :)

  • Morgan

    I LOVE this look!

  • Jemma

    I can’t actually believe how pretty you are :O I LOOOOVE this make up look! I can’t wait to try it!!!! :D

  • Amber

    I LovE this look <3

    Simply Beautiful

  • Gina

    Loooove this, and I love even more than it was done with the Naked Palette! I can’t wait to do this :D

  • http://www.makeupgeek.com Marlena

    Leesha, this look is so gorgeous on you!! I think this is my favorite of yours- very pretty :)

  • chelsea

    This is so gorgeous. Do you know what the color of the LA Splash glitter was called? Thanks!

    • Leesha

      Gaudy! sorry, i totally forgot to put it before i posted haha

  • Mel

    Love it. I love all the super bright and crazy eye make up tutorials but surprisingly this my fave so far! subtle but so beautiful.

  • http://www.blog.mandyemais.com Mandy

    Very nice and smooth look!

  • Shelle

    Oh so pretty, i was so hoping you would do a tut on this look after i saw just the picture posted on your website. It reminds me of bridal makeup, i love it, awesome job!

  • carol

    i’m in luuuuuv with this look!!!

  • evelyn

    Your skin look great!!Love the look i think i can actually do this look for college..with out the glitter!…But love it!!!keep it up!!!

  • Karlie Tipton

    Beautiful! This has to be one of my favorites looks you’ve done.

  • stef

    can you name a dupe for the inglot shimmer color?

    • Leesha

      just any white frosty color will work, and i think every brand in the history of ever has one haha :)

  • http://twitter.com/elana_s Elana

    That angled photo of you smiling looks just like a ballerina’s headshot in a programme! Amazing! =^_^=

  • Fox

    I really love this look! It looks so soft and pretty.

  • Rachael

    Can I use a MAC pigment for the glitter (in white)? I dont own any actual glitter shadows like that.

  • Sam

    So… I gotta say. I’m pretty sure this is one of my favorite looks you’ve ever done but I don’t have a lot of make up so most of the time I don’t have the colors or even dupes of what you used. However, when I saw that you used a lot of the Naked palette, which I have, I FREAKED out. Soooo excited to try this now!

  • Purplelicious

    It soo clean and beautiful!!!! :)

  • Marlene

    Ahh, you look so pretty! Omg, this look really brings out your eyes! :D

  • http://liveinelectric.blogspot.com/ Melanie*Loves*Makeup

    Love this! So beautiful and elegant, the white really makes it pop but it’s very wearable which is great for those who aren’t really comfortable wearing bright/dark colors.

  • Rachel

    WOW your eyes look SO beautiful with this makeup… Much more grey I love itt :) I kinda want to get married just so I can wear this cause I’m pretty sure this is what I’d want to have! Definitely gorgeous for daywear but nice daywear :))

  • http://mozzarellamakeup.blogspot.com/ Evelyn

    sooo pretty!! can’t wait to see Black swan look!

  • http://www.atoromseuperigon.blogspot.com Izabella

    i loooved the look! no surprise, i always love your looks haha

  • Angie

    I love…love Your Tuterials lots!! I enjoy watching you put colors together and at the end looks amazing..
    It sounds rediculous but Im always “Timid” With Makeup… I used to think that (For instants) Brown with Purple or Orange would look rediclous together.. But I have learned so much from you…From the way you wear makeup to Trying different things regaurdless of what others think and lots of times I’ll get somthing like “I dont mean to be rude but your makeup looks amazing”… Thanks then Say to myself Thanks Leisha..this was your idea!! lol…
    Sorry for rambelling…I probably spelled your name wrong too…<3 big hugz

  • Audrey

    I ADORE this look. I think it is my favorite of all that you have ever done! Of the shadows that you used from the UD palette, does MAC have any similar? I have a whole palette of MAC neutrals, and am trying to resist the UD one…

  • http://phyrra.net Phyrra

    This is really gorgeous!

  • Natasha

    You look gorgeous! Such a pretty look.
    Also, your skin looks amazing. Will you be able to do a skin care routine video? I tried the apple cider trick & it worked really nicely :)

  • Jenni

    This is really pretty Leesha!

  • Seri

    Im thinking of wearing this look when I catch th show. How dyou think I can tone down th look a little?

  • Kristabelle

    Thank you thank you for doing a look using the Naked palette! Means I can actually try it right away :) Very pretty and I like that you chose a different look than the regular Black Swan that everyone else is doing…Yours is actually wearable!

  • Caitlin

    Where can you buy LA Splash?

  • http://beautifulloft.blogspot.com/ Michelle

    White looks good on you. :))

  • Dagmar

    Wow – absolutely awesome!! I love this look so much! You look so great on your pictures!

  • Dez

    You look absolutely beautiful, and the eye colors are applied absolutely flawlessly. Not that you don’t do a good job every other time, but I just really really like this look on you. :)

  • Dez

    Oooo, do Black Swan next!

  • http://www.mckinseyann.com Kinsey

    Your picture quality is amazing.
    I adore this look! It seems very wearable and reminds me almost of a bridal look.
    Love love love!

  • http://www.kristenlanders.com Kristen landers

    I loved this look in the black swan. your tutorials are great, what kind of camera do you use for your photos? the pictures are so clear I can never get mine that sharp, even with my slr?

    • Leesha

      nikon d5000 with a 35mm lens

  • Maddie

    This has to be my favourite look that you’ve done as of yet. It’s stunning in its clean simplicity.

  • Julie

    This look is stunning. It’s a little sexy and a lot sweet. It’s my favorite look Leesha has eve r done. I’m going to try it tomorrow for work.

  • http://www.kirintaku.blogg.no Ingvild


  • http://www.youtube.com/user/ShesThe1yup Melanie

    wow this is a GORGEOUS look and so different from the usual that I see people sometimes do. LOVE it, WHAT BRUSH did you use when you applied the Virgin in the brow bone highlight? that triangular looking brush – what is that?
    cheers :)

    • Leesha

      im gonna guess its a crown brush, ill have a video on that later this week!!

  • Melissa

    Thank you so much for using something more accessible to us than Inglot! I love your looks, but I’m always left frustrated when you use your Inglot colors because they’re amazing looks and I can’t get my hands on the same stuff! :) Stay warm! We’re supposed to get some nasty weather here in Austin Wednesday!

    • Leesha

      haha im sorry, i really LOVE their products, im pissed they upped the prices so much tho.

      and eww really? -_- im tired of weather lol

      • Melissa

        Lol no worries! I still love seeing the looks! At least I’ll know what to buy if I do ever get to get some Inglot!

        And yeah, tomorrow we’re getting sleet. I wish it would stop already! This is Texas! We’re not supposed to have winter weather! One snowflake and Austin shuts down! At least it might get me out of work for a day! Drive safe!

  • Yuls

    I can’t load image 4 (whiteswan4) I tried, I refreshed & re-loaded but it doesn’t show up!!
    Btw this is a really GORGEOUS look. I love you.

    • Leesha

      thats weird.. its showing up for me? :(

  • Caotica

    wow, I love this look, it’s gorgeous.
    I’m definitely gonna try it soon!
    Thank you for all your looks, they are amazing!