Sugarpill Heart Breaker Palette: Photos, Swatches & GIVEAWAY

The Sugarpill Heart Breaker palette is by far my favorite thing right now. It’s AWESOME, and totally up my alley. It’s bright, cool toned shades that are SO fun to play with. I have had a blast creating looks with this palette, and have only had it for a short time. Check it out!

Also, check out the Eye look I posted yesterday using this palette!








Here they are swatched, with no base. You can see just from that these are seriously intense. Now, if you are like me, you want to turn up the volume on these babies. Cue a white base, my NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow in Milk..


And these just SCREAM. How gorgeous is that??

Overall, if you couldn’t tell, I am just in absolute LOVE with this palette.. and everything Sugarpill does, to be honest.

You can pick up this palette for $34, or grab each shade individually for $12. Totally recommend just buying the palette, though!

ALLLSOOOO… I bought two of these. So, who wants one??

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Enter above! You can enter any or all of the ways listed :) Open Internationally. Ends next Wednesday at midnight EST. Good luck!




  1. Chelsy queen says

    I’ve never tried sugarpill but I hear amazing things!

  2. Tiffany Marie Bruess says

    Ahhh I saw when she put this on Instagram I just diiieeddd. Want it sooo bad! Velocity is my fav

  3. Emily says

    Those are gorgeous!  

  4. Michelle Shuel says

    OMG I love Mochi!

  5. Kelly says

    Gorgeous!  The eye look you posted is so fun!

  6. Mason Marina says

    These are awesome! 2am is my favorite color! 

  7. Kelly says

    2 am is my favorite :)

  8. Mmolinet85 says

    Mochi! Amazing! Drooling lol

  9. Elyssa Kathleen says

    My favorite has to be Velocity!!

  10. Mai says

    I love Velocity!

  11. Jennifer says

    Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to win this palette from Sugarpill. I would love to splurge, but I cannot right now. I would love to share with my followers also for Sugarpill. I have heard amazing things about them. Also, I have to say that I love your hair. I am a short hair girl and I am loving the look:) Take care!

  12. Delz says

    my favorite color from the palate is 2am. I’m a sucker for purples :)

  13. Skari45 says

    Velocity is gorgeous!

  14. Shannon says

    I love the beautiful basic blue! :D

  15. rikki says

    Fortunately, Mai is getting me Mochi from IMATS (well, if it’s available). I do like the rest of the palette, but Mochi really catches my eye!

  16. Itzayana Yamilet says

    I have a love affair with everything Royal Blue, so I definitely love love love Velocity!!

  17. JasmineM says

    All of the colours are SOOO gorgeous!!!! Acidberry looks amazing!

  18. Ashee2012 says

    These colors are gorgeous!!! It’s hard to pick a favorite!

  19. Teresa says

    I love all the colors, but acidberry and mochi stand out the most. I don’t even wear bright colors most of the time, but I wanna wear these!

  20. levino says

    Love velocity especially!

  21. Rahne Fellwalker says

    Ohhhhh, that Acidberry is fabulous, definitely my favourite!

  22. Lyndsey says

    Ohhhh Acidberry, you are beautiful. <3

  23. Sarah Cameron says

    Acidberry, no contest!

  24. Genie says

    I love the purple shade. Since I have green eyes, purple really makes them pop! :)

  25. Melina says

     Hi Leesha! Id like to see a video of you using the palette…oh and it would be great if i won it,too!!!

  26. Knightprincess13 says

    OMG, Mochi is SO pretty!!

  27. J Morrow says

    I absolutely love Mochi!

  28. Andie Vecchione says

    I really love Acidberry. I love green shadows and this one is intense.

  29. staygold123 says

    Velocity looks amazing! Definitely my favorite in the palette! 

  30. Skylar_orb says

    It’s a tie between Acidberry and Mochi!!

  31. krystal says

    sure intense and awesome! it almost hurts my eyes when they are over the milk!!! :) 

    1. krystal says

      wait a minute! haha i forgot to say which was my fav! it is Mochi! lol! 

  32. Marinusc8 says

    mochi brings love tears to my eyes!

  33. kari says

    Oh wow, Acidberry… I don’t know when I would ever wear it, but IT’S BEEEEAUTIFULLLLLL

  34. Swimchk91 says

    My Favorite is Mochi =D

  35. Kenzieabigail says

    I love Velocity :D 

  36. Becca Bou says

    VELOCITY. so perty

  37. kaela says

    Velocity is definitely my favorite :)

  38. Missemh says

    I need acidberry in my life!

  39. Tiffani says

    i love Mochi! its so cute! ive been all about the pastels, this pallet could make the cutest eye looks!

  40. Kenzie Morrow says

    I like The Acid berry

  41. Melina says

    Acidberry…its so bold & i dont have anything like it…I have a “velicity colour” nailpolish though

  42. Shayna says

    It’s a tie between Mochi and Acidberry :D

  43. emelia says

    Velocity is a beautiful, deep and rich blue. I love it!! 

  44. Krissy Bell says

    Acidberry is so gorgeous!

  45. Vanessa Zilic says

    Awh my favourite is between Velocity and 2AM! Gorgeous colours!

  46. Mystic_twilight19 says

    Mochi is such a pretty color!

  47. Danielle Marie Gladu says

    I’ve been a fan of Amy since the old eBay days and I’m so happy she has her own makeup line!! Acidberry looks absolutely stunning. Love the look you did with these as well.

  48. Patricia Summers says

    I love acidberry and velocity!! I would love this palette!! :) Want it so bad..LOL

  49. Jessica says

    I’m in loveee with Mochi <33!!

  50. Britt says

    I want this soooo badly!

  51. Joy D says

    2am is my favorite!

  52. brelki says

    I love Velocity the best, although all four are gorgeous!!

  53. Kristin says

    I love Acidberry and Mochi! They are so pretty!!! 

  54. amypitsor says

    I love the acidberry

  55. Ashley says

    These are seriously gorgeous. I’m excited about Mochi and Acidberry, but who can ignore the intense, in your face of Velocity? 

  56. Patty Housel says

    I see people use Superpill all the time and always wanted to try it.  I love these colors!

  57. Kelsie says

    My favorite color by far is Acidberry! Chartreuse greens are right up my alley. :)

  58. Tori says


  59. Diane Rubendall says

    Def a tie between acidberry and 2am =D but they are all gorgeous as Sugarpill usually is!

  60. Denisse Villezcas says

    love 2am

  61. Helena says

    Um…all  of them. Velocity and Mochi? Yes, those are my favorites.

  62. Heidij Eckert says

    I love 2am!

  63. Cindy Ramirez says

    These are beyond gorgeous. I couldn’t even tell you which color is my favorite! I want to wear them all at the same time! <3

  64. cat says

    My favorite color is Mochi. :)

  65. Orsy_canalas says

    velocity and 2am <3

  66. Vicki Copland says

    I love all, but LOVE the purple!

  67. Lethargica says

    OMG, Velocity is to die for! 

  68. Jamie022492 says

    I really love 2am!

  69. Manon says

    Mochi is the prettiest thing ever!

  70. Tiffany H says

    2am is one of the prettiest colors ever!
    all the colors in this Palette are amazing.

  71. Alyson says

    i’ve heard so many good things about sugarpill! i can’t wait to try these out!

  72. NIKKI D says

    Velocity is gorgeous!

  73. Elizacaval says

    2AM will make my life complete

  74. Maribenlamx22 says

    Mochi is my favorite color I have nothing like this on my small collection lol!

  75. Lauren says

    I love all these colors, but my favorite is acidberry. :)

  76. Caroline says


  77. Flavia Signori de Lima says

    I’m in love with ALL the colors of this palette! I’m not into toxic greens, but I did like this one. 2am and Mochi are the fav+ <3


  78. Kelsey says

    want Mochi and Acidberry so bad!

  79. V-robles says

    Velocity and mochi are amazing <333333333

  80. Ally says

    I love Mochi!

  81. Latti87 says

    i love mochi hope i win this palette

  82. Anneka says

    Just from looking at the swatches, I think velocity is my favourite. But before this post, I couldn’t decide. Acidberry looks amazing and I don’t have anything like that right now. ahhh I don’t know. 

  83. V-robles says

    Velocity and mochi are amazing <33333333

  84. Nessie says

    La-la-love 2AM and Mochi! So pretty.

  85. Hpumroy says


  86. Ashley says

    Wow! It’s so hard to pick a favorite from these. Normally I’m a HUGE fan of anything purple, and while the one in this is amazing, Mochi looks like it’d be so awesome to play with, with my green eyes.

  87. melanie says

    acidberry… wow amazing palette!

  88. Christine says

    I love 2AM!

  89. Maggie says

    Velocity is so amazing – I’m sold!

  90. Julia says

    Acid berry all the way!!

  91. Crazytori3 says


  92. Hannahlianne says

    2AM definitely ^.^

  93. Steff says

    Love them all, but  I especially adore Mochi!

  94. meri says

    love acidberry!

  95. Poorflightlesspenguin says

    Mochi Is my favorite but they are all awesome

  96. Tristine says

    I love Mochi ^^

  97. Kymberlyn says

    Mochi SOOO very pretty LOVE LOVE

  98. Saleana Carneiro says

    I am loving 2AM. Purple makes my brown eyes pop and I love making a silver/purple smokey eye. 

  99. Abs says

    I’m so glad you’re back to blogging! Your new haircut is awesome. I’ve never tried Sugarpill, but the colors look amazing!

    1. Abs says

      I think I like Velocity best : )

  100. Bjayne Salmons says

    Ugh I want this. Velocity is so gorgeous and bright!

  101. Kim H says

    I can’t decide if I like acidberry or 2am best…

  102. Shyann says

    2 AM & Mochi are amazing 

  103. Echolalias says

    I actually think I love Velocity the most, which is rare for me since I don’t normally like blue!

  104. Rachel says

    Ugh velocity is absolutely one of my favorite colors.

  105. Hizzle says

    I adore the Mochi color. It is a very beautiful light blue color.

  106. LolaAM says

    I think Acidberry is my fave.

  107. Kathryn Salinas says

    Mochi seems like it would be my best friend. Also, the look you posted before this was amazing! Werk.

  108. CEGarcia says

    Acidberry is the best ever!!!!!

  109. Hali Renee' says

    Most definitely Acidberry, I lovvvve greens! (:

  110. Pixiek83 says

    Acidberry is by far my fav!

  111. GingerTaylah says

    Mochi is just beautiful! 

  112. kari says

    velocity is such a gorgeous color. i need to try sugarpill!

  113. Yaminagdh says

    These colors are do pretty. I love the brightness. =)

  114. Kelly Kimbriel says

    2am and mochi are awesome. This palette is not for the faint of heart!

  115. Lisa says

    mochi looks so awesome!

  116. Ihazabeautyblog dotcom says

    Love Velocity, it’s so intense!

  117. Almostxtoxic says

    I really want this palette aaahh!

    1. Almostxtoxic says

       ps – Acidberry!

  118. Nicola Bird says

    Love them all, but I think 2am would be my favourite x

  119. gina. says

    MOCHI! It’s such as incredible color. (: 

  120. Laura M says


  121. Kat C. says

    Ugggghhh I need Mochi in my life!

  122. Samantha B says

    I love Mochi the most!

  123. Kim says

    omg velocity is SOOO gorgeous!

  124. Katie E says

    I am def most excited about 2AM. I don’t have many purple shadows and I know purple looks best with hazel eyes :)

  125. ihazabeautyblog says

    Velocity is amazing.

    Denise Neary.

  126. Luna says

    Mochi. Mochi is my favorite. It’s beautiful and shares a name with my cat. =]

  127. Binnyburk070911 says

    I like velocity and 2am! But acidberry has the coolest name!

  128. Rachel says

    This looks like an amazingly fun palette!

    1. Rachel says

      And Velocity is my favorite!

  129. I_need_xanax says

    I’d have to say acidberry is my favorite, gotta love neon greens :)

  130. Anamaria Situm says

    Mochi is soo beautiful!

  131. Christiana O. says

    I love 2AM!

  132. LilaLane says


  133. Gabs says

    2 AM is my favorite!

  134. Sarah Barba says

    can never go wrong with sugarpill, loving 2am!!!!

  135. Alexesx3 says

    Acidberry is by far the most beautiful color!

  136. paovang01 says


  137. Ashli says

    I usually don’t like blue shadow, but Velocity is incredible!

  138. April says

    I like Mochi!

  139. Happylemon09 says

    These colours with a base is super intense I’m lovin’ this Palatte. 

  140. Muuliciousx says

    Acidberry looks sick, yo. .. In a good way, ya know.

    .. I like it. :v A lot.

  141. Amanda says

    Acidberry is AMAZING in pictures. I love it.

  142. Jae G. says

    Mochi is my favorite!

  143. Katrina says

     all the colours in this pallet are beautiful! I could totally see myself using all these colours!

  144. Zannatul says

    Mochi is so pretty!

  145. Angeling4599 says

     i love acidberry

  146. Kaysey says

    Mochi is my favorite color in the palette!

  147. Kelsey says

    The mochi is amazing. I don’t have anything like and it’s beyond gorgeous. 

  148. mouse says

    i love acidberry the best!

  149. Christy says

    I loooooooove mochi

  150. elana_s says

    I have a weakness for blues so I’m going to have to say Velocity… although Mochi is definitely the cutest name ^_^

  151. Stacie says

    I’ve never tried sugarpill shadows! Excited that I may be able to ;)

  152. Emily says

    I love the color 2am. It’s gorgeous!

  153. Snoopymunger says

    Velocity is my Fave for sure

  154. Christina D says

    I love mochi!!!

  155. Hope says

    I about died when I saw this giveaway…..I love velocity!!

  156. Mollyelizabeth0625 says

    I adore Velocity! It’s the most perfect dark yet bright blue.

  157. Mcox0304 says

    I love acidberry!

  158. Allison says

    I loooooove that green! <3

  159. Jillian says

    I love the color 2AM!

  160. VeeDee says

    acid berry and 2am are just too awesome for me! =D

  161. Jessk says

    I’m so excited for Velocity!!

  162. LaLa Marie says

    I am in LOVE with Velocity!!! I have an eyeshadow similar to that called peacock but it’s really small holder so I rarely use it. I would love to own the Velocity shade, it’s so magical :)

  163. Brenda says


  164. Kaleigh Leopard says

    that light blue, mochi calls me.. XD.

  165. Cassie says

    I can’t decide if I want to buy the whole pallet or just Acidberry and Mochi. They’re all beautiful colors but those two are calling to me!

  166. Jess says

    Mochica ftw!

  167. Nyssa says

    I really like Acid berry

  168. T says

    I LOVE Mochi. So pretty!

  169. Missarlenesantos says

    Love, love Acidberry

  170. Vyli says

    mochi, I love the name and colour. 

  171. kaithekiwi says

    MOCHI! omg So Pretty!

  172. Karen Q. says

    My favorite color in this palette is Velocity! :D

  173. Lindsay says

    i love the 2am & mochi colors

  174. LaLa Marie says

    Velocity!!!! So magical :)

  175. Jessicarenee says

    I love 2 am,  beautiful color

  176. Ellie says

    Loveeee acidberry!

  177. Jasmin Prifogle says

    Mochi is definitely the show stopper in this palette. 

  178. PaulaPetal says

    Gotta be 2AM, oh dreaming of acidberry on the lid, cut crease with 2AM…. drooool!

  179. Sienna Erin says

    I’ve never had colors like these before! I’d be a new look for me if I won these!

  180. Keri says

    I love love love Mochi!!!! I absolutely need that color!

  181. Kristabelle says

    They all look beautiful, but I’m especially excited for Mochi! :)

  182. Cherrylips606 says

    Mochi is the prettiest color, but I love all of them!

  183. Katielharris says

    Mochi is gorgeous

  184. Mariana says

    Love Acidberry!

  185. Sallie says

    Oh lord, already imagining the things I could do with Mochi and 2AM.

  186. Megan says


  187. Amtul C says

    Wow, what an awesome palette!

    1. Dani says

       velocity is like droool…..

  188. Savannah says

    Mochi!!! XD

  189. Fanny says

    I love velocity the best !

  190. Gingy says

    That purple is beautiful!

  191. Liv says

    Wow! These colours are amazing… I don’t think I’ve seen eyeshadows as pigmented and bright as these!! I’ve heards lots of good things about Sugarpill, but have never tried their products before… if I had the money, I’d definitely be buying myself the Heart Breaker palette!!! :)
    Good luck to everyone who enters… and thanks to Leesha for being so generous!! :)

  192. Laila Crane says

    I LOVE “Velocity”!!

  193. Sandra N. says

    I love 2AM the most! Gorgeous <3 Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  194. Ashlee says

    Acidberry is insane!

  195. Electropixelate says


  196. Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー says

    I’ve wanted a good acid green like that forever! I’ve also wanted a color like the mint and the purple too.. and the blue.. all of them lol. But the green was the first one I noticed :D

  197. Aurelia says

    Love these colours.. Hey are you going to be at IMATS vancouver again?????

  198. Maggie says

    The colors are amazing!! I love it! All the colors go really well together, way better than the colors in my burning heart or my sweetheart palette (even though they work together). I LOVE mochi such a gorgeous color :)

  199. Amanda Goodman says

    I love Acidberry! Lime greens are amaaazing!

  200. Stefanie Jeanson says

    Love it. Acidberry

  201. Lisa says

    The colours are so bright! I absolutely love acidberry!

  202. nadia d says

    It is SO hard to even choose a color, but if I’m FORCED :P I think I’ll go with 2AM :)

  203. Caitlin says

    I LOVE Velocity!

  204. KC says

    Velocity is friggin’ gorgeous! Reminds me of Fyrinnae’s 1.22 Gigawatts, but more matte.

  205. Linton8988 says

    I love all the colors but my favorite would have to be mochi!!!

  206. Rita Marie says

     Love 2 am 

  207. Leah says

    Definitely Mochi for favorite! I love the color.

  208. Sami says

    Totally digging Mochi

  209. Ash says

    2am is sooo pretty!

  210. Maria Burgos says

    I don’t like blue normally, but Velocity is pretty badass.

  211. Jessica says

    Velocity is probably my freaking favoritest color ever outta this.  

  212. Maria says

    I love Mochi! 

  213. Kirsten says

    My favorite is definitely Mochi!

  214. Melissa says

    ALL these colors are gorgeous, but my favorite is Mochi! :)

  215. Brewer Allison1 says

    Simply beautiful! 8)

  216. Sarah says

    Love 2am so many pretty colors :)

  217. Tiffanie says

    Ohhhhhh… so purty…

  218. Buffyfs27 says


  219. Lizzet830 says

    acidberry is my favorite

  220. andrea perez says

    Mochi is gorgeous!

  221. Lauren! says

    I totally want one (:

  222. Stl_princess says

    2AM! I’m a girl who loves purple!

  223. Lyssa102 says

    Love Mochi!

  224. Rachel says

    Mochi is my favorite color! :D

  225. Mary says

    I would wear Mochi for the lid with 2am in the crease.

  226. karla moreira says

    the blue one is the prettiest!!

  227. Samantha Port says

    I’m definitely in love with Velocity. I don’t have any vivid true blues like that, and I’ve been wanting one for AGES. The entire palette looks gorgeous, though.

  228. MirjaMira Steen says

    2 AM oh my G

  229. Victoriavidales09 says

    2 am is my fav!!!

  230. cupcakecore says

    Thanks for the giveaway, these colors are so pretty, I think the color I love most is mochi!

  231. Campbell8388 says

    I’m torn between Acidberry and 2am

  232. Sydney says

    Mochi is my favorite! I love that type of color.

  233. Mystic_rose15 says

    I adore Mochi! I might have to buy this pallet if I don’t win! Thank you Leesha for giving us this opportunity!

  234. kateasaursrexx says

    Acidberry. i have nothing like it

  235. Priscilla says

    in love with mochi! I used to wear blue eyeshadow all the time, not sure what happened to that… XD

  236. Elizabeth says

    These colors are so beautiful, I can’t decide which one is my favorite! I think I can give my two favorites though, Mochi and Velocity. I love vibrant blues! :D

  237. Jennifer says

    mochi and acidberry are awesome!

  238. Jenn says

    Never seen anything like Acidberry wow. Love them all though tbh.

  239. CaitlynJ says

    I love love love the 2 AM shade

  240. Whitneyd says


  241. Di says

    I love 2AM! It’s soooo beautiful! And the name is awesome ***

  242. Vhew199 says

    Acidberry and Velocity are intense! I would love to be able to play with this palette and create my own looks!

  243. Kacee says

    I lovelovelove Mochi! It’s such a cute muted aqua. I adore it!

  244. Yumemi says

    MOCHI <3 love. 

  245. Meloree Mélo says

    What a lovely palette, I really like the shade and the make up you did with this =D I really like Velocity the most ^^

  246. bowsandcurtseys says

    I need Acidberry in my life.

  247. Chelsey says

    Ahh so pretty! I can’t wait to play with their stuff at IMATS :)  Velocity is SO pretty!

  248. Angelanium says

    velocity looks amazing!

  249. Meg says

    I absolutely LOVE velocity!

  250. Desiree Lim says

    Beautiful! 2AM is gorgeous!

  251. Amy says

    I love both Mochi and Velocity!

  252. Dulce vaneza molina says

    I love acidberry!!!

  253. Yanageorgieva90 says

    I love Mochi

  254. QTpieK says

    I love Mochi

  255. Danielle says

    Mochi is my favorite!

  256. LoveLifeBeauty says

    love Mochi!

  257. Raechel says

    mochi!! such a pretty color :)

  258. Janet says

    LOVING that blue…

  259. Stephanie says

    I love this whole palette but mochi is my favorite!

  260. Valerie Shore says

    I loooove Mochi, I feel as though it’s such a perfect color that usually has glitter or a sheen to it, but this is perfect.

  261. Cathy says

    I’m torn between Mochi and Velocity.

  262. Pixiealamode says

    Oh man this palette is out of control. I love Mochi and Acidberry so much. 

  263. Jasmine Gee says

    there all beautiful but my favorite is acidberry and mochi

  264. eRiN says


  265. Glambition says

    Acidberry and Velocity have me DROOLINGGGGGGGGGG! If I never win another giveaway, I’ll be happy as long as I can gave this one!

  266. Candi:) says

    i never win anything, fingers crossed. =) good luck everyone!

  267. Maria Martin says

    How vibrant all the colors are…plus I love the kind of neon type colors!

  268. Candi:) says

    Acidberry is ridiculously amazinggggg!

  269. Pet says

    It’s a tie between acidberry and mochi.

  270. Rozinharm says

    i loooooove the mochi color

  271. dani says

    Acidberry omg!

  272. Cindy says

    Velocity pops out so beautifully!

  273. Lu says

    I love Velocity!!

  274. Npla Her says

    LOVE the colors in this palette. Especially the color Mochi.

  275. Brittany says

    Mochi is definitely my favorite!

  276. Cayla says

    Sugarpill never ceases to impress!

  277. Magdella24 says

    I absolutely love mochi and 2am! Those colors are awesome!

  278. SugaBlossom4 says

    Mochi is my favorite color from this palette. So gorgeous and so pigmented!

  279. Jincy says

    Mochi is sooo pretty!

  280. Bianca says

    This is so gorgeous! Mochi looks beautiful!

  281. Tristy2 says

    2am all the way!

  282. Adobelbower says

    I think it is beyond generous of you to do all of these giveaways. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win such amazing things :)

  283. OutInAPout says

    I will make this mine one way or another! Love Mochi…and 2am…and….

  284. Sierra Willett says

    all these colors are gorgeous! wow!

  285. Rabia Aftab says

    Amazingly gorgoeus colours indeed! Iv yet to get my hands on sugarpill!!!  My Favorate shade is velocity for sure

  286. Biancamurderyo says

    oh man, Acidberry is incredible!

  287. Elda Ileana Chávez says

    my favorite is velocity, just because I love how that color looks on my skin tone!

  288. Rachel W says

    All of them are gorgeous! I think Velocity is my favorite.

  289. Samantha Hunt says

    Loving 2am! Something I’d wear day or night for sure x

  290. Alex says

    I’m in LOVE with Mochi!

  291. Ebkaracus says

    Mochi and 2am call me the most, but acid berry is most unique – don’t have anything like it in my collection

  292. Alex says

    Mochi is gorgeous!

  293. Sopranoidol06 says

    Love the color 2am. SO GORGEOUS!

  294. Alison says

    I love Mochi!

  295. Rebecca says

    I absolutely love colors Mochi and Acidberry. This palette is so gorgeous

  296. Mel_maf says

    Love the this palette! Mochi is definitely my favorite color LOVE IT

  297. Alexx says

    Mochi is absolutely STUNNING! As well as Velocity (:

  298. Lily Rozit says

    My favorite color is  Mochi …

  299. Monica C says

    Omg 2am is gorgeous!!!

  300. raina99 says

    2AM! Awesome!

  301. Priscilla Lupo says

    That Acidberry color just makes me jizz my pants. No joke. Makeup pron anyone? lol

  302. Etcetera_cats says

    This Palette is insane and i Love these bright colours!

  303. assie says

    I love Acidberry!

  304. Mjones1966 says

    Love all these colors! Acidberry is my favorite.

  305. Julie Crashdiet says

    I like the blue best

  306. Gabby says

    I really like Mochi because it can be a more subtle color, but when you put it over the white base it just really pops.

  307. Cathleen says

    I like 2AM the best, but I’d probably wear Mochi more often.

  308. Qurtayub says

    I love how bright these are… i especially love 2AM.. Would go perfectly with brown eyes (which I have!)..

  309. Mei Huey Ng says

    LOVE the bright colours! i think i like 2AM best but then again i love all purples :)

  310. Sarah says

    Acidberry is my absolute favorite! :)

  311. Samiam32333 says

    All of these colors are rediculously gorgeous! I’d have to say Mochi is my favorite.

  312. Xxxcjchaosxxx says


  313. Anatta says

    Mochi is a stunning colour!

  314. Morrie says


  315. Mayraz1 says

    i love velocity

  316. alex m. says

    Mochi and Velocity are look so awesome! :)

  317. evo says


  318. Amybearr12 says

    acidberry :)

  319. My heart it races says

    Acidberry and Mochi!!! Too gorgeous! 

  320. Danni says

    Velocity! It’s like the Royal Blue pigment but pressed and matte. Love at first sight<3

  321. Mjforever15 says

    mochi and acidberry are so pretty! (:

  322. Astrid vergara says

    2AM <3

  323. Vgirl3996 says

    I looooooove acidberry!!

  324. Polly says

    I love Mochi the most!

  325. Marte says

    Acidberry looks GREAT!

  326. son_gabiq says

    Amaizing strong colours *___*

  327. Noel says


  328. Sarah Kaye says

    Sooo Leesha colors! Thanks for thinking of us :3

  329. Shy says

    2 am is awesome

  330. Zaelle says

    Well we sure waited for those swatches but they are worth it! Gorgeous!

    1. Zaelle says

      I love 2am!

  331. Henriette R says

    I really like all the colors, but I like acidberry and velocity the most :)

  332. Ana says

    I love mochi

  333. Karen says

    Looks like creativity in a palette! Thank you for buying two!

  334. Cleo says

    2AM is such a gorgeous colour!

  335. Catherine B says

    Ahhh these colours are gorgeous! Sugarpill are amazing :D

    1. Catherine B says

      Mochi is definitely my favourite, I’m crazy for teals and turquoises :D

  336. Helensparklzandshine says

    I need them all – but it’s a toss up between Velocity and Acidberry for my favourite.

  337. Natasha L. says


  338. Hifivesoup says

    I would use velocity all the time

  339. Jackie says

    mochi is an awesome color to have!

  340. Steven says

    Velocity is the best looking color in this palette.

  341. Ariana says

    I love them all! D:

  342. Diana says

    Picking just one favourite colour is insane lol I’d go with Acidberry just because I love green haha

  343. Eibhilin 440Hz says

    Acidberry is the perfect representation of my favorite color. <3

  344. Sam Mich says

    i LOVE mochi! need this color!

  345. Xkittykatzx says

    Mochi is amazing, love this palette!

  346. Rae says

    WANT. I’ve been hunting for a good cobalt blue and that fits the bill!

  347. Kimberly Fairchild says

    Acidberry has to be my favorite! <3

  348. Kelly says

    I love the Acidberry! So cool!

  349. Codie says

    Mochi is amazing!!

  350. Bianca Bartz says

    I love 2AM but I can’t really decide whther that is my favourite or Acidberry :)

  351. Kitty Retro says

    Acidberry is perfect…

  352. Mrs Annalynn says

    I loveeeeee the color mochi! It’s so gorgeous!

  353. Missy ⚓ says

    I can’t decide if my favorite is Mochi or Acidberry.

  354. Zara says

    God i love this! i was going to try and get it for my birthday, but i’m skint now!

    1. Zara says

      Oh and also acidberry is too gorgeous.

  355. Rita Valente says

    Mochi is sooooo summery!! LOVE IT <3

  356. Jenna M. says

    I can’t decide what color is my favorite!  Mochi really stands out to me in this palette, but I love Acidberry and Velocity as well. Being a green eyed girl, 2AM would make my eyes stand out beautifully! However, seeing as how my eye is drawn to Mochi, I guess I’ll say that that one is my favorite.

  357. Sarah C says

    Wow, those colours are AWESOME! I think I like Velocity best but they are all amazing.

  358. Sophie says

    Love the color Acidberry. I’m a huge fan of green, generally, and Acidberry was just so striking and it caught my eye straightaway. <3

  359. chey says

    I love 2AM :o so pretty

  360. Muriel says

    OMG, I’ve never seen a color like acidberry! Especially where I live!

  361. Mandyc says

    Fabulous! I adore velocity x

  362. Christina G. says

    2am is the best in IMHO.

  363. nonie siu says

    I absolutely love Mochi! It’s also a really lovely minty colour for nails!

  364. Menie says

    I am soooo falling in love with this palette!! Can you say GORGEOUS?!

    So is your look you posted yesterday!
    Good to have you back Leesha!

  365. Menie says

    Oh and most of my love goes to Acidberry! <3

  366. Evi says

    Velocity. so gorgeous *-*

  367. Michelle Maxx says

    I’m drawn to Velocity but I’d have to say Mochi is the prettiest! Minty and fabulous!

  368. Imogen Guidi says

    Definitely want to add this to my Heartbreaker and Sweetheart palettes! 

  369. S o p h i e says

    Acidberry, I love how vibrant it is, but the whole thing is amazing! I haven’t tried Sugarpill before but I’d love it, I know that much!

  370. Thelea Terborg says

    Acidberry is stunning! Any color w/ the word “acid” in it is ALWAYS promising.

  371. junosiu1018 says

    My Favorite color is Mochi ! Its the peeerfect light blue ! :D <3

  372. Stormy VG says

    My favorite color is probably 2 a, it looks so great

  373. Jessica says

    I’m loving Mochi it’s unique and a color I don’t have already.

  374. Kooshie22 says

    2AM, Def my favourite!! I see this on my cheeks, eyes and lips and it would POP!

  375. Jennifer says

    Acidberry is gorgeous!

  376. Pinkcyndi says

    acidberry :)

  377. Mir says

    I am all in for Mochi!!

  378. Ssukye says

    Moch is stunning!

  379. Olga says

    Such gorgeous colors!

  380. Natalie Peploe says

    I’m drawn to 2am!
    Thankyou for the giveaway.
    Good luck everyone! xxx

  381. Linda says

    Definitely Mochi! So unique and pretty.

  382. Reina says

    Velocity is gorgeous!!! 

  383. Sonya says

    Velocity is my fave :)

  384. Naomi says

    Velocity is so so gorgeous!

  385. TrishW says

    Wow love that cobalt blue!!

  386. Nicole says

    beautiful palette! velocity is definatly my favourite colour

  387. Halifax says

    I like Mochi

  388. looweez-x says

    I love Acidberry! So vibrant! 

  389. Jennifer B says

    Mochi is definitely my favorite color… so beautiful! I’ve been looking for that color for ages and ages!

  390. latika says


  391. Miss_hell82 says

    I love, love ,love Acidberry it is such an amazing color!!!

  392. Mel says

    Acidberry!!! LOVE the deep bright blue, they all rock though hard to pick one!

  393. Ningyouchan says

    Acidberry is such a fun and bright color!! *_*

  394. Felicia Kriner says

    I’ve been in love with this palette ever since Temptalia first showed the promotional shots of it! I still haven’t gotten my hands on it yet, but I hope to soon!

  395. Giulia Lame says

    Sugarpill products are awesome! I love it!

    1. Giulia Lame says

      The best color is velocity!!!!

  396. Christine Dalum says

    Acidberry is absolutely amazing! I’m just in love with the whole palette :D

  397. Katie says

    This is gorgeous, especially over the NYX pencil!!!  I especially love Velocity!

  398. Ferrawia says

    Mochi looks amazing!

  399. NykkeyB says

     Acidberry I’m a sucker for lime green.

  400. Mette says

    I love 2 am!! :D

  401. Kristina Linn says

    Love these colors, just the kind of thing i need to cheer me up.

  402. Kristen Reasoner says

    Mochi looks like nothing I own. Love it.

  403. Edenchantell says

    I like them all but i think 2am would be a nice color for blending.

  404. Megan Phillips says

    Acidberry is gooooooooooorgeous…

  405. Alicia Parillo says

    They are beautiful colors!

  406. Adel K says

    I loooove Velocity!

  407. Cara says

    I absolutely love acidberry!!!

  408. Xkbirdx says

    Mochi, it’s so unique.

  409. Brandymichele says

    2am so pretty

  410. Sremorca says

    Love Velocity!!

  411. Twistergirl85 says

    Very hard to pick just one. Because they are all my kind of colors. But I would have to say mochi (I think, maybe???!!!)

  412. Drakakoe says

    I really love acidberry and mochi

  413. Katie says

    acidberry is killing me with it’s gorgeousness

  414. Francesca says

    I love this palette! I’ve heard really awesome things about Sugarpill too!

  415. Bigdogfrou says

    I am in love with 2Am! It’s absolutely gorgeous!!

  416. Sarah says

    Acidberry is probably my favorite.  It’s awesome!

  417. Kathrine says

    I just LOVE the Velocity! Blue is one of my favourite colours and this one is amazing! :D 

  418. cburrington says

    Mochi is gorgeous!!

  419. Ingeovinge says

    that green colour Acidberry is really gorgeous

  420. Faith G. says

    2AM is my favorite! I feel that purples are the most flattering on my skin tone :)

  421. ProjectstephxX says

    That is a very hard question to answer that are all so pretty but I would have to say acidberry is my favorite.

  422. ProjectstephxX says

    That is a very hard question to answer that are all so pretty but I would have to say acidberry is my favorite.

  423. Maggie says

    They’re all AMAZING but I think Velocity really stands out

  424. Zeuq77065 says

    i lurve mochi…and i already have the two other palettes so yeah this would even me out real nice :)

  425. Miranda Mulkey says

    SO in love with this! :)

    1. Miranda Mulkey says

       and my favorite color would have to be 2AM and Velocity.

  426. Mightyclassy07 says

    I really love both Mochi and 2AM.  I’d love to try 2AM as an editorial cheek look!

  427. tattoos -n-lipgloss says

    2 AM & Acidberry are definintly my fav in this pallet

  428. Chrissy Cupcake says

    Acidberry and Mochi. I’m all over that. That ridiculous shade of chartreuse green is something I wear everyday, and that blue is so soft yet so bright!

  429. Bulletwitch93 says

    Mochi is so pretty!

  430. MakeupAndArtFreak says

    2AM looks gorgeous! My fave! :)

  431. Fstatum says

    Velocity is all sorts of beautiful c:

  432. KJ says

    soooooo class
    love em

  433. Miranda says

     Mochi is beautiful!

  434. Katie Miller says

    I think my fave colour in this palette is Velocity! It looks like such a gorgeousssss blue! It so hard to find a blue that gorgeous with constancy 

  435. GabbyRalphie says

     2AM is probably my favorite. :]

  436. JoJo Beauty-Guide says


  437. Kky108 says

    i really enjoy the acidberry because you dont see many colors that are that bright like it but my eye was immediately drawn to velocity and that intense blue color

  438. Elissa says

    I’m pretty sure acid berry is my favorite!

  439. Kay Lee says

    Loving the Mochi color. The name has an awesome ring to it. 

  440. Nicole says

    Acidberry & Mochi are the two that steal my heart.  I just love Sugarpill!

  441. hilda says

    Velocity is just I N S A N E

  442. Sissy says

    Mochi is amazing!

  443. Karla says

    I love love love Mochi 

  444. Stephani Hunt says

    I love 2am!

  445. Rachael says

    Velocity is freakin’ gorgeous. It’s everything I could want in a blue eyeshadow!

  446. badkitty says

     Love velocity!

  447. Natasha says

    mochi is gorgeous, but i can imagaine using any of these as an eyeliner or for a full-blown neon look!

  448. yeaLINDSAY says

    Velocity looks so pretty! I don’t think I own a color like that. I need to get one of these at IMATS.

  449. Wladislova says

    My favorite is AcidBerry !! So original and vibrant !! Luuurve <3

  450. Elizabeth says

    I’m dying to get my hands on this palette! Acidberry is the perfect green!

  451. Courtney says

    I’m all about mochi!!!!

  452. strifehart says

    Im in need of that green and purple! So pretty! I love all the colors!! 

  453. Samantha Fizzard says

    I love love love that deep blue. It’s amazing. I’ve been wanting the palettes for ages now and just haven’t gotten around to buying any.

  454. Gabi says

    Velocity! If I decide to not buy the palette, i’ll definitely buy that shade alone because its GORGEOUS 

  455. Lexie says

    Wanted this since I saw the pre-release looks Amy was posting on twitter. Acidberry and Mochi (mo-cheee if anyone is confused on pronounciation) are so unique and gorgeous!

  456. Emily says

    Mochi or Acidberry are my faves :)

  457. MindyLuStarnes says

    I love Mochi!! It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen, LOL!!

  458. beautykatze says

    Mochi ist absolutely awesome! It´s an eyecatcher <3

  459. lorarows says

    Mochi is such an interesting color! I love it!

  460. Christina says

    Love all of them! But Acidberry is the best by far!

  461. Jenny J says

    oooo I love all four of the colours but my favs are Velocity and 2am.

  462. Stephanie says

    Im in LOVE with Mochi <3

  463. Bev-09 says

    2am is my best colour

  464. Kathrynvm says

    Gorgoeus!  I love Mochi!

  465. Annette says

    I love love love Velocity. It is so vibrant!! It is just crazy bright :D

  466. Jennifer Smith says

    Ooh, it’s hard to pick a favourite … but I think Mochi edges it!  Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  467. Countess Carnage says

    I have to say Acidberry is my favorite, I’m obsessed with the color green :D. 

  468. Wakamesalada says

    Mochi is the best!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  469. Kate says

    really love the acid berry need to get my hands on that or the palette, just really love vibrant greens and amy really manages to deliver with that. 

  470. Pinksneakers413 says

    I love Mochi. :D  So pretty!

  471. Christina Parada says

    I’ve been wanting all their pressed palettes forever but when I ordered them I wound up waiting for a month and canceling because I was so tired of waiting. Now they’re out of stock again!!!! My favorite is acidberry.

  472. Kiana says

    Acidberry Is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I’ve never had a color like it.

  473. Annahita says

    I LOVE 2am. I’m quite addicted to purple colors. ♥

  474. Krystal says

    Mochi all the way!

  475. Ashley says

    Definitely Mochi!

  476. Tykeia says

    It’s so hard to pick just one color but that velocity looks like it will SING on my skin tone. I can’t wait to play with it!!!! 

  477. Ursula Opalka says

    I love Velocity! So rich and bluueeee

  478. Mienjeann says

    Velocity is going to make the best eyeliner. Mochi is basically the shade of my favorite color so I’m super excited about this palette, and anything Sugarpill does basically. 

  479. robotti says

    2AM must be my favorite<3

  480. Melissa says

    My favorite is Mochi!

  481. majane says

    Mochi is definitely beautiful!

  482. Destiny_quezada says

    velocity is REALLY pretty.

  483. Stephanie says

    I love Mochi! I’ve been looking for a good blue!

  484. Jenny Ramone says

     Velocity is probably my favorite, because I don’t have any colors like it.

  485. DebzCM911 says

    Velocity – although they are all super amazing, I really love blue on the eyes, it’s difficult to wear and people always comment when I wear vivid blues! :D

  486. Sfbaygal76 says

    I love 2AM!! Always up for a pretty purple and I like that the shade is different from poison plum.

  487. Justine says

    mochi!! :D

  488. Denise herman says

    I like mochi! its pretty!

  489. Noora says

    I love Mochi! Gorgeous!

  490. Jess says

    I think 2 am and Mochi are the best colors in here– I don’t have anything quite like them in my collection!

  491. Jessica says

    Hard to choose but I am definitely loving Acidberry!!!

  492. Jennifer Zacarias says

    Acidberry would be my favorite and pair it with some pink lipstick. AWESOME!!!

  493. Catarina Teixeira says


  494. Misstboogie says

    Ahhh amazing. I’m loving mochi and velocity. I can’t just pick one.

  495. Moonlily says

    Velocity and 2am are just gorgeous :D

  496. heather says

    I love them all#@!! But acid Berry is a must!!

  497. Kayleigh Giles-Johnson says

    I’ve always wanted to try a Sugarpill palette, the colours are intense! I love 2AM the best.

  498. Samantha P. says

    Love Mochi! I love minty green colors… Any green, actually. 

  499. Madmadammim01 says


  500. Heather Henningsen says

    I love Acidberry!!! I need acid green!

  501. Thatsmyname4u says

    I lo0o0ove the acidberry! If I had the money I’d be all over Sugarpills site!

  502. Nikki A. says

    I am in love with AcidBerry!  Super bright and so daring!

  503. Rachael Kelley says


  504. Jody says

    LOVE Mochi!!!!

  505. Jourdanbbradley says

    I love velocity!

  506. Amy says

    Acidberry is my favourite! It’s a nice shade of green, different to others I’ve seen! It looks like it’d be a fun colour to play with :)

  507. T~ says


  508. Dexie says

    I’m having a difficult time choosing between acidberry and velocity being my most anticipated colours from this palette. 

  509. Sgarza06 says

    Love all the colors! Definitely getting this palette!

  510. glenise01 says

    I think it is awesome that you are doing this giveaway. Also too that I admire your work. You are very talented and an inspiration to me…keep it up..the color I love the most is Acidberry…it stand out the most to me

  511. ginger says

    I LOVE 2AM. I’ve been trying to find a purple like that for such a long time!

  512. adormidera11 says

    I love Mochi, it’s kinda unusual but still pretty and flattering.

  513. Meg says

    My favourite is probably velocity. It’s so deep and gorgeous! What’s yours??

  514. Nikki says

    loovveee Acidberry!

  515. Destrooy A T C says

    Love Velocity *-*

  516. Randomz says

    I have  buttercupcake and poison plum, I shouldve just gotten the palette with them in it obviously but had a bit of a brainfart, I absolutely love them! So pigmented and bright!

    1. Randomz says

      Favourite colour in the palette? hmm difficult to choose because they’re all beautiful and the combination of them is just great but if I have to choose I pick mochi just because I havent got anything like that in my collection!

  517. Arianna says

    Mochi is GORGEOUS! I need it ;o

  518. Aleyna Perez says


  519. Suzi says


  520. kaeden22 says

    I love Mochi and Acidberry together !

  521. Sissi says

    I like Velocity so much omg <333

  522. Prstacy93 says

    I love Mochi the most. It’s the perfect mix of a baby blue and light teal.

  523. Shikobanemai says

    I’m absolutely in love love love love with Acidberry. I’m dying to get my hands on it!

  524. Kristen Larson1 says

    love velocity!

  525. nathalie says

    Acidberry…but close tie with mochi…

  526. Visufan says

    I also own the burning heart palette and I would really love to try these cold colours. :)

  527. Becci_jo says

    velocity its insaneee 

  528. Rebecca says

    Easily Acidberry. I have such a softspot for chartreuse in general, and it’s no exception!

  529. Cassmica says

    i love acidberry

  530. Teresa Thomas says

    I love 2AM!!!

  531. Brea says

    I love Mochi and 2AM.

  532. Silvia Burgos says

    I love Velocity. So vibrant!

    The whole palette is so “summery”. I love it :D

  533. Ashley says


  534. Kim Teague says

    purple is my favorite color so I love 2am…however in this palette my favorite is Mochi b/c I don’t own anything similar to that shade

  535. Sandra says

    I’m torn between Mochi and 2AM!

  536. Georgie J. says

    I love love love Acidberry!

  537. kortneegoins says

     i have nothing like 2am or mochi i just love them sooo much!

  538. Sarah Garcia says

    My fave color is velocity. I live bold blues like that!

  539. Natasha Bloxham says

    Gotta be 2 Am just beautiful :)

  540. Anna Max says

    Mochi is my favorite :)

  541. Kirstenhartsoch says

    I love 2am!! Gorgeous and seems like a fun color to play with!

  542. Nanci says

    2 am, very awesome color! :D

  543. Magen J. says

    Acidberry is sooo cool!

  544. Wheelingalong24 says

    I love watching your videos, u inspire me so much :) xx

  545. Lysette Whitt says

    Velocity is gorgeous! It’s definitely my fave from this palette

  546. Holly Kaulitz says

    honestly, I can’t pick which one I like best. all four colors look amazing :D

  547. Ida says

    Velocity is absolutely gorgeous!

  548. Esquivelstephanie123 says

    loveeeeeee acid berryyyyyy!!!!!!

  549. Shayla Roscoe says

    I loooove Acidberry! I’m a sucker for bright greens and blues

  550. Enid Dafiend says

    Definitely love Acidberry and Mochi! 

  551. Nikki says

    Acidberry is soo pretty

  552. Crystal AndTeddy says

    In loooove with this palette, but OMG Mochi! :O

    Thanks for doing this giveaway <3

  553. Sarah says


  554. Jessica says

    I might’ve messed that up…but I think Velocity and Acidberry are my favorites. I like the whole thing, though. Cool tones. :)

  555. Jessicarochek says

    I love them alll but 2am and Acidberry are my favorites  (((༼•̫͡•༽)))  

  556. Brandy Backlash says

    2am is prob my top out of this palette!! but i love them all

  557. zerocupcake says


  558. Erdman_04 says

    Love Mochi!

  559. Tootsietentacles says

    i love the entire pallet but mochi would her to be the fave

  560. Michelle says

    Loooove all of these colors. If I had to pick a fave, it’d be mochi.

  561. Skylarberlin09 says

    Mochi is the coolest!

  562. Tracythestar says


  563. Serenanana says

    Mmm mochi my favourite sweet things, but I think I love 2am best!

  564. Lauren Schroer says

    I absolutely love Mochi! 

  565. Ciara M says

    Mochi is probably the most wearable for me, but I’m in love with acid berry! Since green is one of my fav colours (:

  566. Mary says

    Acid berry all the way!

  567. Maca says

    Velocity is my favorite, but they’re all so pretty it’s hard to choose D: 

  568. Letitia says

    I think 2AM is just gorgeous… So bright and fun!

  569. Mockingjay Thg says

    I’m in love with all of those colours, I just can’t chose a favourite! Maybe Acidberry. Or Mochi. Or 2am. I can’t choose!

  570. Natasha says

    I seriously neeeeeed mochi!!!! 

  571. Gwynn Farrington says

    Mochi is the best! 

  572. Kalahariz says

    Mochi, mochi!!!!

  573. Oliviarg098 says

    I like 2 am best!

  574. Snowy2001 says

    2AM is one I’d like to have :D

  575. Kate says

    I love the colour AcidBerry <3

  576. Guest says

    Mochi. I need this palette. Because of reasons….

  577. Racheal says

    2 am

  578. Erin Bonaffini says

    To choose just one???? I would say 2am.. I have a weakness for purple

  579. Jasmin says

    The color I love most is Velocity. I can’t get my eyes off it!

  580. N<3L:) says

    2 am!!

  581. Danielle Woodard says

    Mochi is soooooo lovely!!!

  582. White Sarah11 says

    I love sugarpill! This pallet is one of my favorites. It’s so fun and gorgeous!

  583. White Sarah11 says

    2 am is gorgeous!

  584. Delilah Chacon says

    I absolutely fell in love with Mochi, I dont know why but i feel it would just look so pretty on any skin tone!

  585. Laurnie9589 says

    Acidberry is my favorite!!!

  586. Dani Williams says

    Acidberry!! I’ve been wanting a green like this!

  587. Sara Osborne says

    toss up between acidberry and 2am.

  588. Tarra L says


  589. Numero6727 says

    Love the 2AM, I live!!!!!!!!!!!!

  590. Jess says

    I doe for Mochi!!!! amazing pics btw :)

  591. Miss Vivid says

    I need this in my life! Mochi would look so nice smoked out with a grey.

  592. Bridge says

    Acidberry is definitely my favorite! Lime green does it for me every time. 

  593. Irina G. says

    I like 2AM!)

  594. Kimberly Thompson says

    Mochi is gorgeous!

  595. Hellothereblondie says

    I’m loving Mochi the most, but really I think they are all amazing!

  596. Jenae Nanlal says

    I like all the colors, but Velocity and Acidberry I love :)

  597. Michelle Vaske says

    my favorite color is acidberry but they all look to amazing!

  598. Gabycucuy says

    My favorite is Acidberry, such a beautifull color

  599. Alyssa Muller says

    I love, love, love Velocity.  But then again, I’m a purple girl… and 2am is also gorgeous!

  600. Sstephysteph661 says

    I love Mochi. so beautiful

  601. Nelly11098 says

    Mochi is my fave color in this palette although all the colors are great this one just pops out at me

  602. Jesssicajones says

    My favorite Velocity!

  603. Miss Vay says

    Wow Acidberry ♥

  604. Blue0603011 says

    I love sugar pill!

  605. Valerie39 says

    2am for sure, ahhhh

  606. Ashley Gonzalez says

    Velocity is my fav! I am such a sucker for bright royal blues!

  607. Queen Blue says

    Oh my gods… velocity is so beautiful. O.O

  608. Alexia_Jane says

    I absolutely love mochi. It’s what I think of when I think of seafoam.

  609. Hpysnshn3 says

    i absolutely love mochi

  610. Stephaniegonzo says

    LOVE 2am!

  611. Erin says

    My favorite color in this palette is is mochi. it’s so beautiful!

  612. SBlairHq says

    I adore all of these colors. They work so well together!  Mochi is definitely a front runner out of the 4 for my favorite color though.

  613. Audreadenise2008 says

    Ia gree that all four colors are amazing!! Mochi is my favorite by far! Sugarpill is so bright and i would love to get a chance to actually use it!

  614. Ashley Amore' says

    The color I love best is acidberry. But I love them all! Such a cool collection of colors :]

  615. Mcwynter says

    I’m excited for every color in that palette!

  616. Taylor says

    Acidberry is my absolute favorite!!! 

  617. Maryam says

    I’d probably say Mochi.  It has such a pretty mermaid tone to it and I can see myself wearing it a lot!

  618. Anayeli Rivera says

    My favorite color on this palette is mochi!! It’s so beautiful!!

  619. Kayleigh says

    Acidberry is just incredible, as soon as I saw the palette I was like thats the colour I want all over my eyes first!

  620. Teresa says

    Love love Sugar Pill and these colors rock

  621. Natalie Lee says

    Love the Acidberry very intense

  622. Jess says

    I think the colors in this palette look amazing. I am torn between Acidberry and Mochi though; they are both so pretty.

  623. Koushi says

    I love Acidberry. It’s so unique!

  624. Natalie Ann says

    I have yet to try and Sugarpill products, so this would be a wonderful start!