Sugarpill Heart Breaker Palette: Photos, Swatches & GIVEAWAY

The Sugarpill Heart Breaker palette is by far my favorite thing right now. It’s AWESOME, and totally up my alley. It’s bright, cool toned shades that are SO fun to play with. I have had a blast creating looks with this palette, and have only had it for a short time. Check it out!

Also, check out the Eye look I posted yesterday using this palette!








Here they are swatched, with no base. You can see just from that these are seriously intense. Now, if you are like me, you want to turn up the volume on these babies. Cue a white base, my NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow in Milk..


And these just SCREAM. How gorgeous is that??

Overall, if you couldn’t tell, I am just in absolute LOVE with this palette.. and everything Sugarpill does, to be honest.

You can pick up this palette for $34, or grab each shade individually for $12. Totally recommend just buying the palette, though!

ALLLSOOOO… I bought two of these. So, who wants one??

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Enter above! You can enter any or all of the ways listed :) Open Internationally. Ends next Wednesday at midnight EST. Good luck!



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  • Sandy_J15

    My favorite color is 2AM!!!! Love it! its so gorgeous!

  • Clzls1313

    Its really hard to choose all the colors r just gorgeous but mochi looks amazing :)

  • M_gerrard

    This palette looks beautiful, I love the colour of velocity, amazing!

  • Erika

    It really looks amazing, would love to try it out!

  • Krazieleia

    Acidberry is amazing!

  • Kelsy

    I love Velocity :D 

  • Dominique

    Okay I finally decided. I would say 2AM…no,Velocity. Hmm maybe Mochi. This is so hard! Okay, okay…2AM :)

  • Boldbrashbeautiful

    I love acidberry

  • Helen

    Eenie meenie minie mo….so hard to pick one!!! If I have to chose just ONE it’d have to be Velocity

  • Patricia Taveras

    Mochi is so me, but I also love 2am :)

  • Ashleigh Charlotte Weaver

    I love Acidberry! So cute

  • Stephanie Tyree

    Acidberry!!!! <3

  • Yangsin

    I love mochi. c:

  • Jessica Kessler

    Loving this palette. Sooo pretty.

  • Jessica Kessler

    Also, acidberry is so the best color in there, acid green, yessssss.

  • Juliapuliapu

    Love acidberry! so unique!

  • Donna

    Mochi is the best! 

  • Valeria Mary Jimenez

    totally love mochi!!! <3

  • Kelly

    This palette looks amazing!

  • Elhay_xx

    The colors velocity and 2am!! :D

  • Charlotte

    I LOVE Velocity and Mochi!

  • Raven Wright

    <3 ACIDBERRY!!! 

  • Silverfox9992

    Velocity and Mochi are gorgeous!!!!

  • Victoria Rose

    2 am and Mochi are my favorites :)

  • Lyndsayedilia

    ohh i love all of them :x but my favorite would bee 2am i think :)

  • Alana Cakey Peek

    i love the acidberry color

  • Verônica Chiarelli


  • Jessen619

    Love Acidberry and 2am

  • Julianne Rotne

    I’m usually not big on blue, but velocity is DEFINITELY my favorite. It’s so vibrant and great, something that’s really hard to find (in my opinion) in a deep blue.

  • Joanna Ka

    I Love the Velocity color :o OMGGG

  • Trinity Anne

    i love the color acidberry it is just so vibrant and green :)

  • Inday

    I’d love to try this palette!

  • emily c

    i love velocity! such a bright color 

  • Dawn

    I love Velocity!  Such an awesome color!!

  • Daniellebradley


  • amanda

    2 am. Love it!

  • Lyndsayedilia

    Will the winner be emaild or will you post the winner on here?

  • Galdana15

    wast  the winner announced already?

  • AlviraMacey


  • glenise01

    Have you chosen a winner yet?

  • Ginafrey

    Anxioussssly awaiting!

  • Cassandra

    When was the winner announced?

  • Anneka

    Congrats to whoever won! :D yay you! (I’m assuming someone has won by now yes? haha. Did I miss that?) 

    • Holli

      thanks! :)

      • SomedayWellFly

        Wait, did you win?

        • Holli


  • Dawn Cullen-Patterson

    who won?

    • Mandy

       I’m asking the same lol!!!

    • Rave

      Someone apparently named Holli. Congrats to her but damn did I want that palette…