April 17, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • http://saucyfbaby.tumblr.com/ saucyfbaby

    Must own Hi-Viz , Supercharged & Love Buzz . ♥_♥

    Thanks for the swatches , Leesha ! :)

    — Nicole

  • Becky C.

    What if you used these over kryolan UV day glow palette?

    • Sarah

      Those were my thoughts! I was at IMATS Vancouver and Kryolan had a cream wheel (like concealer wheels) version of the same colours. I kind of regret not picking it up because that would have been perfect, you could use those shades as a base for these given that they’re slightly sticky and sososo bright

  • Makeup Matters

    very pretty. I may skip them since they seem like so much work but the colors are beautiful

  • ColorfulConfessions

    They are cute and all, but I’m not a fan of how glittery they are. But, then again, I’m a very matte-eyeshadow kind of person, rarely do I have sparkly/glittery makeup.

  • http://sou-douzaine.blogspot.com/ lawren

    Gorgeous! I absolutely love the combination of Hi-Viz, Supercharged and Love Buzz you did together :D

  • andrea

    are you going to do a tutorial with these? pleeease!

  • http://echoside.net/fivebyfivebeauty Jen

    Love the look you did! The green one is definitely my fave.

  • Ada Strauss

    These are amazing, but definitely not something I’d wear. Neon makeup? Scares the crap out of me! But I love the look you did with all 5.

    my beauty blog

  • Letitia Harriet

    Love Buzz and Hellatronic are my favourites! :3 I love the look you created.


  • http://llewsoba.wordpress.com/ Llewsobda

    Ugh, I love these!!

  • Michty Maxx

    I got all of these except the pink one that was sold out by the time I woke up on the other side of the world. It was seriously sold out in 5 hours! I can’t wait until they get to me cause I love neon shades and don’t mind the extra care and almost always use NYX Milk as a base for my shadows.
    What mixing medium did you use for the damp brush swatches? And do you recommend using MAC’s mixing medium for matte pigments?

    • Brandee Jones

      It’s there now the pink one.

      • Michty Maxx

        I managed to get the pink one a week later. Check the website for their availability.

  • sardoodledom

    I don’t need another orange or pink eyeshadow, but but these are so neat.

  • http://www.msoriginaldoll.com/ Stéphanie Ponsonnaille

    The blue is very fabulous !

  • Angela Ott

    How do they apply with fyrinnae pixie epoxy?

  • Kate Bartlett

    Anyone know how these compare with the new Urban Decay Neon palette? I was thinking of at least picking up the yellow SugarPill shade since the UD set didn’t come with yellow! But the fallout on these looks somewhat annoying. Hmmm…. :-S