Sugarpill Elektro Cute Collection Review- Need a Neon fix? You’ll like these.

Sugarpill has released a new collection- Elektro Cute! This is five bright, sparkling, UV reactive neon pigments that are in super fun shades. I remember seeing Sugarpill have samples of these back at IMATS LA 2012 and was so excited about them, so it’s great to see them finally available! 

The biggest thing to note about these is how to use them. Like most neon products, they are definitely trickier to deal with than your average pigment- they can be chalky, patchy, and if used without any eyeshadow base, will literally disappear at the swipe of a brush. The sparkle in them is the most finicky part- the pigment and glitter, even though they are mixed together, don’t seem to stay totally together when applying this- the glitter definitely ends up half on your eyes, half fallout on your face, so when using these make sure you do it before applying foundation if you can, unless you like the sparkly face look :)

Another thing to mention is that these really do need a good eyeshadow base. Applying these alone will result in a color that won’t stick. Applying them wet will darken the color but also doesn’t seem to apply nicely. The best way I have found to get the right color, pigmentation, and the most sparkle, is to apply them over my NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil, and to use a small brush to carefully pack the color on. swiping the color will lead to fallout and not a lot of color ending up where you want it.

For the swatches below, I applied each color on top of NYX Milk Jumbo Eyeshadow, dry (left swatch) and then applied it with a damp brush on bare skin (right swatch) so you can see the difference. I personally don’t like how it applies wet, as it tends to clump up a bit if it’s not wet enough, and gets streaky if its too wet. I know that that is generally how pigments are when applying them wet, but these just don’t seem to have that “just right” area where I like how they look when used wet.

Sugarpill elektrocute 17Sugarpill elektrocute 2Sugarpill elektrocute 18Sugarpill elektrocute 3Hi-Viz Elektro Cute PigmentSugarpill elektrocute 4Hi-Viz Elektro Cute PigmentSugarpill elektrocute 1Hi-Viz Elektro Cute PigmentSugarpill elektrocute 5Supercharged Elektro Cute PigmentSugarpill elektrocute 6Supercharged Elektro Cute PigmentSugarpill elektrocute 7Supercharged Elektro Cute PigmentSugarpill elektrocute 9Love Buzz Elektro Cute PigmentSugarpill elektrocute 8Love Buzz Elektro Cute PigmentSugarpill elektrocute 10Love Buzz Elektro Cute PigmentSugarpill elektrocute 11Sparkage Elektro Cute PigmentSugarpill elektrocute 12Sparkage Elektro Cute PigmentSugarpill elektrocute 13Sparkage Elektro Cute PigmentSugarpill elektrocute 15Hellatronic Elektro Cute PigmentSugarpill elektrocute 14Hellatronic Elektro Cute PigmentSugarpill elektrocute 16Hellatronic Elektro Cute Pigment

The bottom line with these is that while they are gorgeous, they do need some TLC to get them to apply just how you want them, but this isn’t anything new about neon makeup. I have yet to ever see a neon makeup product that is a cakewalk to use, so I wasn’t entirely surprised that these do take a bit more time and effort to work with. That being said, they definitely aren’t impossible to get to look good! Here is a quick look I did while playing with the colors this morning, just to get a feel for them. I used all the colors in the collection- The colors on the eyelid are applied over NYX Milk, and on the lower lid are used wet.

DSC 2563


These are available for $16 each from Sugarpill.
*Also note: The FDA has not tested or approved neon pigments for the eye area, but these are safe for European and Canadian Eyes. I myself have never had any issues with using neon pigments on the eyes, but I figured this was worth mentioning.


Disclaimer: Some products shown in this post may have been provided by the brand of their PR representative for potential review or use. For more information, please read the Disclosure Policy.

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    • Sarah says:

      Those were my thoughts! I was at IMATS Vancouver and Kryolan had a cream wheel (like concealer wheels) version of the same colours. I kind of regret not picking it up because that would have been perfect, you could use those shades as a base for these given that they’re slightly sticky and sososo bright

  1. ColorfulConfessions says:

    They are cute and all, but I’m not a fan of how glittery they are. But, then again, I’m a very matte-eyeshadow kind of person, rarely do I have sparkly/glittery makeup.

  2. Michty Maxx says:

    I got all of these except the pink one that was sold out by the time I woke up on the other side of the world. It was seriously sold out in 5 hours! I can’t wait until they get to me cause I love neon shades and don’t mind the extra care and almost always use NYX Milk as a base for my shadows.
    What mixing medium did you use for the damp brush swatches? And do you recommend using MAC’s mixing medium for matte pigments?

  3. Kate Bartlett says:

    Anyone know how these compare with the new Urban Decay Neon palette? I was thinking of at least picking up the yellow SugarPill shade since the UD set didn’t come with yellow! But the fallout on these looks somewhat annoying. Hmmm…. :-S

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