Stila One Step Makeup Review

So this isn’t really a first impressions video considering I tried it before I filmed the video, but oh well. :) REALLY loving this product, especially for those “OMG I have literally 2 seconds to get ready!!” moments.


I had a few people asking questions about this that I forgot to put into the video, so here are a few extra things to add:

  • The feel of this reminds me a lot of MAC’s Studio Sculpt foundation in that it’s super thick, almost like a gel.
  • According to Stila’s website:
  • this is made from 100% mineral pigments
  • paraben and fragrance free
  • is great for all skin types.

I was asked to do a video applying it, but really it just applies like any other liquid foundation, the difference is it combines all aspects of a foundation routine (except moisturizer and sunscreen, but I put those in skincare over makeup (but theyre important!!)) It sets to a silky powder finish rather quickly, which rarely happens with foundations.

This is available from Stila’s website or Sephora and is sold for $44. Yes, I agree it is expensive, but if you want to use it instead of a primer, concealer, foundation, and powder, it saves you both money and time. :)

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  • WendyOMGWar

    I got a sample of this from Sephora and I’ve been waiting to use it. Now I definitely have to try it but does it sweat off?

  • Nicole R

    I went into Ulta and checked this product out and IT TOTALLY ROCKS! You’re very right. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Sally

    $44 dollars is expensive! I think ill wait until the price drops a bit.

    • effie

      Sally, I think it goes for $19.99 on all cosmetics wholesale, if they’ve got your shade I’d say its a pretty sweet bargain.

  • Stila Make Up

    Great review, we have just got this in the UK so will put a link to your video somewhere.

    Jayne xx

  • Maliya

    Amazing review! Thanks, I’ll definitley give it a go =)

  • BrittanyLouise

    Oh my goodness.
    First, let me say I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. And thank you so so so so so much for bringing it to my attention. If they ever stop selling this I might die ahaha D: not funny.
    Second, what brush are you using? I mean the brand.

  • natacha

    i was wondering which teal/blue-ish eyeshadow you are wearing here?! it is such a lovely look you have going!! <3

  • Aude Mai

    How long does it stay on ?!

  • lunettes soleil pas cheres

    Excellent sujet, merci pour ces infos. longue vie à ce blog!

  • lunette soleil dg

    Excellent sujet, merci pour ces infos. longue vie à ce blog!

  • Simone

    can it be applied to any skin tone??? && can you put it on after using foundation???

  • Sarah

    This is now on Stila’s website for $14.99! What a deal in comparison to $44.