Sparkling Blue Winter Eyes

This look was inspired by my version of what winter is like for a good majority of North America! I have lived in the desert for most of my life, so cold snowy winters don’t really exist for me. I wanted to include blues of all shades, whites, glitter, and some snowflake temporary Tattoos :)



Too Faced Shadow Insurance
NYX Milk Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil
Inglot #496 Eyeshadow (White)
Inglot #478 Eyeshadow (Light Blue)
Inglot #480 Eyeshadow (Medium Blue
Inglot #351 Eyeshadow (Matte pale Skintone)
LA Splash Gaudy Glitter
EyeKandy Chiclets Glitter
EyeKandy Liquid Sugar
Inglot #483 Eyeshadow (Navy Blue)
Kat Von D Puro Amor Liquid Liner
Makeup Forever Smokey Lash
Miss Adoro #43 & Red Cherry D/008 Lashes

Benefit High Beam
MAC Pink Swoon

MAC Go For It Lipstick
Inglot #541 Lipgloss

Temptu Tattoos

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  • Jessica

    Beautiful <3

  • Golden

    The snowflakes look sooooo perfect..!!!

  • Holly

    This is really pretty, it’s what i wish my tutorials could be !

    • Maddie

      What is ur blog/youtube account so i can check it out????

  • Ally

    I love this look! It is so pretty. And I also really like the earrings you are wearing.

  • Heather

    This reminds me of what I wished my winters could be like…instead of 85 degrees and sunny.

  • Golden

    What is going on she changed everything now she doest talk during the makeup!!!!!!! Sincerely i like it better how it was before…..

  • http://Facebook Evelyn

    Really love this but growing up I never played in snow il
    I live in AZ and in the summer it’s 110 degrees outside
    But any who I love your style

  • Dreams That Glitter xoxo

    This is absolutely gorgeous, I love this look so much! One of my favourites from you, and I definitely need some Inglot!


  • Dez

    Very nice look, and I’m really digging the new format for the videos. None of the skill is lost, it seems more dynamic and it flows better. Great job!

  • Mandy

    i love this look! The inglot colors are so bright and pretty! I didn’t really like the voiceover though…….

  • Elysia

    Love this look, and I love the new site layout!

  • Louise

    Hey Leesha i think this looks AWESOME! and i was also wondering if you could something on like face marks or facials or something like that :) :)

  • Korey

    nice tits.

  • http://none taylor

    You are SOOOOOOOOOOO pretty !<3

  • Vilja

    This is so pretty ! Those snowflakes are so cute :)

  • Jocelyn

    I love how you do your makeup. I wish i was talented enough to do these awesome creations.

  • Emily

    OMG I LOVE IT MY NEW EYE-SHADOW STYLE FOR WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!! your so talented :)