April 18, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • Emily

    I really appreciate the effort, as well as the update! I love your videos, and look forward to them every week, so it’s nice to know they’ll be back at regular times. Keep up your good work! :)

  • M

    I like that the background is going to be the way it used to actually. The plain background was too professional and I feel like with this new one showing your room, it adds more character.

    • Janne


  • Kevin

    Can’t WAIT :)

  • http://thebeautyarchitect.blogspot.com Jen C

    Im loving the vanity mirror that you made! I actually thought it was a regular vanity mirror until I read that it took Tyler several hours to set up the light fixtures lol

  • Christine

    My cat also enjoyed laying underneath the Christmas tree. :) So cute.

  • Taina

    loooove your vanity table, your mirror specially. its allwYs been my dream to have one just like that. wakes up the diva in me. lol. im a fan, i think you are a sweet young lady, talented, it shows you enjow what your doing. you are very creative. love how you are changing constantly. sometimes blonde, others red head ….you have guts. but u look good in anything. well, keep the good work. ciao

  • Ivonne

    Hi, I love your tutorials. They’ve been helpful for me and my stepdaughter that’s in her teen years now. I wanted to recommend you something for your dilemma, t.v shows and specially the weather people use it all the time. The green background that you can always change to your liking. I worked in universal studios parks for a few years and for some of the picture they had the green background and was change to 3 or 4 different scenes at the sale time. Found a website online that does it. it might help you out. ;) and its not that expensive a plus.


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtMbo3VFZsA Lily S.

    Home Depot has these “work lights” that are 500 watts each, and they cost about $10 a a piece. I set mine on chairs and point the light upward and it brightens up the entire room. I did a video on them and I posted the link were it says “website” so you can take a look.

  • Laura_xo

    Thanks for the update! Im kinda excited for the old backgrounds too! I agree with whats been said the plain backgrounds were too pro looking in my opinion. And thats a brilliant idea for a video about non airbrush foundations! :) loving that idea!

    With love all the way from ireland!


  • http://glitterdetector.blogspot.com Marta

    That mirror is awesome Leesha, can’t wait to see the new tutorials with this new lighting! xx

  • Menie

    YAY how nice is THAT?!
    I have the very same light fixtures!
    May I ask what kind of light bulbs you have in there?

    • http://www.xsparkage.com leesha

      uhhhh theyre from ikea, they were the only ones in the bulb section that looked like they would fit haha the packaging says sparsam 7W E12?

  • delph

    Looks really nice. I’m very exited now for the upcoming tutorials.
    You have to change your FAQ now I guess ;).

  • Briana

    My parents’ cats love the Christmas tree too! I have no clue what it is that draws them to it but it’s something!

  • Kelianna.

    Hey Leesha! Do you think you could do a new Sugarpill look on Wednesday using buttercupcake? I recently was told my sister is getting me sugarpill cosmetics for Christmas and I’d love to try a look by you :) Thanks so much.

    -Kelianna P.

  • Maria H

    Where did you get the light fixtures?!
    I love how the new set up looks!

  • Rachael

    I saw the video and it looks great!!! I love the lit vanity area. I had this idea (but with 2 sets of lights) but I am not an electrician… so there is no way that I could have done this (as well as hide the wires). I see in the video that you have crayon art!!! I saw this on pinterest. Did you do it!!! LOVE!

  • http://www.madamebfatale.com MadameBFatale

    I have been wanting to do this for ages, I think it looks great! I was hoping to rope my sisters boyfriend into doing it for me (he’s an electrician, my hairs fried from bleach enough without me electrocuting myself lol!)

  • emmaeclectic

    Oooo, definitely do that foundation favorites video! i could use the help finding a new one!

  • Sandra

    Looks nice! You’ve been kinda yellow lately, but I thought it was because of a sun tan or something. I know you have a warmer climate this time of year. There has been heat records all over Sweden this fall and winter and there’s no snow yet, but it’s still cold and we barely see the sun. Depressing? YES! Btw, is that an IKEA table? If so, then I have one just like it!