SNEEK PEAK: Sigma Creme de Couture: Macaron Inspired Blushes

Here’s the rest of the Creme de Couture collection- Macaron Inspired Blush! There are three blushes here- a light pink, medium reddish shade, and a light purple. They have the same style packaging as the palette– removable top, with a little “Assorted Flavors” insert that shows a color swatch. 

ALSO! The Palette is sold out right now on the website, but I’ve been told there is a new shipment coming in on the 12th-13th this week, so fear not! You’ll still be able to get it :)

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I really like the texture of these, they are super creamy and have a good color  payoff for blush. They aren’t overly pigmented, which I honestly prefer because I hate when blushes have pigment overload and I end up with a nice color splotch on my cheek. The colors are really great blush shades too- I was a little wary about the purple, but when used with a duo fiber brush you can get a really cool, unique color that isn’t overkill.

These are available for $12 each, or you can get the entire Creme de Couture Collection (including the palette) for $55, which is $11 less than buying separate :)

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  1. Meganlisa says

    I just bought the full set…I’d been thinking about it…then you said the palette was sold out (above) so went back to my cart. Checkout went fine and I put another full set into my basket…so they might have a few of those left…for those interested. It is a better deal but the shipping is crazy expensive.

  2. Nymph1816 says

    *wary instead or weary.

  3. Nga Vo says

    Would these blushes work on tan/medium skin?

  4. andrea says

    will you be demo-ing these on yourface for us? I’m so intrigued by the purple!

  5. Mim says

    Wooot! Happy I bought the palette before it sold out :D

  6. Christina Beaute says

    these are gorgeous! I’m in love with that purple!

  7. Tarte Tanya says

    I love the packaging!
    They look super pigmented too!

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