SNEAK PEEK: Sigma Creme de Couture Collection Palette- Macaron Inspired Eyeshadows

OMG, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for this palette from Sigma. When I went up to their HQ in February for a Meet & Greet, I got to test out the prototype of this palette and was blown away with the colors and texture of the shadows. The palette is inspired by Macarons (Specifically Laduree, which if you are ever in Paris or NYC make sure to get some because oh my god amazing) and so the box looks like a little treat box, and the colors are all macaroon names. 

Cremedecouture 5Cremedecouture 4Cremedecouture 1Cremedecouture 2Cremedecouture 3

Cremedecouture 1Cremedecouture 2Cremedecouture 3Cremedecouture 10Redberry Rose, Apricot Flower, Passion Fruit, Cherry Blossom

Redberry Rose is an intense matte hot pink with loads of color payoff.
Apricot Flower is a matte coral peach.
Passion Fruit is a muted, deeper matte red-coral.
 Cherry Blossom is a bright, light baby pink.

Cremedecouture 4Cremedecouture 5Cremedecouture 11Meyer Lemon, Ginger Pumpkin, Cafe au Lait, Blueberry Cream

Meyer Lemon is a light neon lemony yellow. This one is a bit powdery when applied alone.
Ginger Pumpkin is a true matte orange.
Cafe au Lait is a chocolate brown matte.
Blueberry Cream is a bright neon cyan matte. LOVE this shade and the color payoff.

Cremedecouture 6Cremedecouture 7

Cremedecouture 12Violet Whip, Lavender Honey, Cassis, Elderberry

Violet Whip is a light pastel lavender. Another one that is powdery without a base.
Lavender Honey is a warm light red based violet shade.
Cassis is almost a pastel vibrant violet. Interesting shade, ti swatched lighter than I was expecting!
Elderberry is a deep, dark purple.

Cremedecouture 8Cremedecouture 9Cremedecouture 13Blue Chocolat, Almond Pear, Creme de Menthe, Citron Pistachio

Blue Chocolat is a bright, almost pastel neon cyan.
Almond Pear is a gorgeous pastel-neon green! I love this shade.
Creme de Menthe is a bright light turquoise.
Citron Pistachio is a bright limey shade.


Overall I am really happy with this palette. These colors are totally new and different for Sigma, and its rare in general to find a palette that has all mattes that are shades like this- bright, but still somewhat pastel. Something else worth mentioning is the packaging- Sigma has had some super bulky palettes in the past, and had a lot of their shadows in the palettes flush with the packaging, which ends up having any fallout or dust that didn’t get on your brush to get all over the packaging and can end up staining it. With this palette, the shades are just a little bit lower than the rest of the packaging, which keeps any dust and fallout right on the shades instead of making a mess. The box is also nice and compact, so it doesn’t take up more room than it needs to.

I do wish that the palette had a light, vanilla-themed shadow- there are a LOT of blues (blue chocolate and blueberry cream are not identical, but they are quite similar to be in the same palette), I really love a great, light beige matte shade, and I think it would be a nice balance to this palette. Plus, Vanilla Cream Macarons are my favorite :) For the shades you get and the price, I totally think this palette is worth looking in to! The price averages out to $2 an eyeshadow, and the quality is awesome and the packaging is so cute.. worth it :)

Available for $32 from Sigma (Launches September 9th)


  1. Ann says

    Want want want this palette!!! <3

  2. Nic says

    I want this so much! Also, it’s spelled “macaron” not “macaroon.” The macaroon is a completely different type of cookie.

    1. xsparkage says

      oops! I always mess that up :X Thanks for pointing it out!!

  3. elana_s says

    I was looking forward to your review of this so much! My one worry was that the shades would have poor pigmentation because they’re so light and pastel. Their pigmentation doesn’t look particularly outstanding… will you be doing any swatches over a base?

  4. Sarah says

    Ooo, I really like it! That’s so inexpensive, and it’s all colors I would absolutely wear. I’ll have to keep it in mind!

  5. Robyn says

    Oh WOW I would LOVE to have this! I dislike the way shimmers look on my lids, so a palette of beautiful matte colours is perfect for me.

  6. Phyrra says

    I think I need this palette. I’ve been looking for more mattes to add to my collection. Love your review and swatches, as always.

  7. Sarah Sequins says

    These look amazing, the swatches are gorgeous. These are officially on the top of my Wishlist now. Great post thank you so much for sharing!!!!

    Sarah Sequins

  8. suedechik79 says

    10% off preorders….mines already in. Blushes and all.

  9. Monica says

    Made in China…booo! I’d be buying if it was made elsewhere.

    1. Tiffany Lachele Quinlan says

      Are you certain? I can’t find any information about that anywhere. And I have also read that they are cruelty free (though not vegan), and China requires animal testing. : Now I’m confused.

      1. Monica says

        Yea, it says “Made in China” right on the palette. Look at the picture Leesha posted above. Bummer.

        1. Anie says

          “Made in China” doesn’t necessarily mean “Meant for Chinese Market”. Therefore, it is probably based on a formula that is known to be alright and just made there for the export market.

  10. Tiffany Lachele Quinlan says

    I tried to order the pallet, but it says it is out of stock? How can it be out of stock if it is a preorder? This is ridiculous! There is nothing mentioned there about limited quantities! I’m so upset!

    1. xsparkage says

      They didnt know it would be as popular as it has been, but they are getting another shipment on the 12th so dont worry!

  11. Stéphanie Ponsonnaille says

    In love with this beautiful colors !

  12. Miranda Mendoza says

    Beautiful colors and surprisingly affordable price point!

    -Miranda from

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