Smokey Purple Flash

I decided to play with makeup for fun today, not planing to film a tutorial or anything like that. I haven’t done that in awhile, and I really need to, it’s fun and relaxing! Originally I was just going to wear UD Mushroom Cream Eyeshadow but then I just started playing around and came up with this :)







Urban Decay Mushroom Cream Eyeshadow
Inglot #363 on lid
Inglot #459 in crease
Inglot #498 on lashline
Urban Decay Ransom 24/7 Eyeliner under eyes
Inglot #66 and #491 under eyes
Inglot #496 to highlight
YSL Plum Mascara

Benefit Hoola Bronzer
MAC Ripe Peach Blush
YSL Celebration highlight palette

Benefit Jing-a-Ling Lipstick


  1. Laura B says

    LOVE. This is an awesome look. Edgy but a bit more mature than some of your other looks. This is something I could actually wear out on a Saturday night. Dig.

    1. Alyson says

      AGREED! I love this :)

    2. Lady Dreamer says

      I would like to see more one pallet looks. Everything Leesha does is awesome but it is sometimes hard to follow with so many different brands are used in one look. Love her!!!

  2. vonnie says

    love the look, really into colorful under-the-eye areas lately :) good mascara too

  3. Sweetbsting says

    I love this look :) And coupled with the new do, you got some fierce attitude fo sho!

  4. Kassie K says

    Wow Absolutly love it. I think the purple really makes it super edgey LOVE

  5. Mai says

    I love how high fashion this looks especially with your new hair cut! It’s so so gorgeous!

  6. Claudine says

    Looks amazing Leesha! I love how it has a touch of color with nudes. It compliments your skin so well!!! Very pretty. :)

    1. Erica says

      agreed! i may actually want to try this for my wedding day..simple but a touch of color..what camera do you use? it takes AMAZING quality photos!

  7. Jessica says

    i have never seen a pretty person. anywhere. ever. you are gorgeous!

  8. Armitage says

    Hey Leesha.

    Have you seen that Inglot has finally opened their webstore? Wish I lived in the U.S.

    I’m dying to try their products.

    Lovely look BTW.

  9. Erica says

    oooh, looks great!!
    can you please post a photo of the closed eyelids? thanks!

    1. Leesha says

      done! :)

  10. Kristabelle says

    Yay, saw this on Twitter and was hoping you’d post what you used. This is so pretty…only wish the Inglot website had better swatches so I can find dupes.

    1. Leesha says

      i have swatches of all the colors i own on here, just search for inglot and itll come up!

  11. Marsy says

    so pretty! And look at your eye brows :) they finally look amazing, much better

  12. Kristen says

    Love this! I ordered from the inglot usa website on the 10th and my order still hasn’t shipped yet. :-/ Just wondering if you had ordered anything from them and actually had your order shipped?

    1. Leesha says

      nope, ive only bought in store, sorry!

    2. miimii says

      I placed my first Inglot order on the 12th, the 2nd one on the 13th and the 3rd one on the I placed 3 big orders but all of my orders hasn’t been shipped yet.. I sent 3 e-mails to Inglot asking when my orders will be shipped but I still haven’t heard anything from them for 3days… I’m little worried…:( Hope your order will be shipped soon..

      1. Kristen says

        I am thinking they just might be overwhelmed. I just got an email from them this morning saying that 2 of my shadows that I ordered were out of stock and that they will ship when they get them in or I could pick a different color if I wanted. From the email it made it sound like the NY store was handling all of the orders so I am going to assume that is why it is taking so long. I am sure they probably weren’t ready for the amount of orders they got. lol Oh well, nothing I can do about it now.

        1. miimii says

          I just received an e-mail saying that one of my orders(the 1st order I placed) has been shipped so I am really relieved and can’t wait to get my goodies!! I spent over $380 for my 1st order so I got free standard shipping but for some reason my package was shipped as 2nd day shipping… I don’t know if they did that by a mistake or they upgraded my shipment method since I waited for a while..they didn’t have to do that but I am really thankful they did.. :) You’re right, they are probably super busy since they just opened the online store but their customer service is awesome!! :) I can not wait to get the rest of my orders I placed!!!

  13. Tash says

    This is so soft and really beautiful Leesha, i love it!

  14. nikki says

    i love this, i am going to have to add some more make-up to my amazon wishlist lol

  15. cclarebear says

    Love this look on you!
    Might be a fun thing to film or watch actually – a bit of random experimenting… just a thought ;)

  16. Debbie says

    omg this is so hot! its so edgy! i love it :O

  17. Katielana says

    Absolutely beautiful, Leesha!! I can’t help but noticing you listing it, so did you find your MAC “Ripe Peach” Blush Ombre? :)

  18. Susie says

    Leesha – you look so pretty with this look. LOVE it! x

  19. Helena says

    I absolutely ADORE this look! It’s very simple, but with a bom chicka bow wow effect :))

  20. Helena says

    I absolutely ADORE this look! It’s very simple, but with a bom chicka pow wow effect :))

  21. Brenda says

    Wearing this to work today! I don’t have UD Mushroom, so I used MUFE Aqua Cream #15 :)

  22. Kina says

    You found your blush ombre?! :o

    1. Leesha says

      no, a really nice lady sent me hers that she didnt use :)

  23. Alexandra says

    Dear Leesha,

    this is yet again a great look. Can we convince you to do a tutorial on this one?

    1. Debbie says

      yes please. i’m inlove with this look.

  24. Laura O says

    Love the way this makes your eyes look even brighter!

  25. breanna says

    This is absoulutley GORGEOUS<33
    I love it !

  26. Lauren says

    Simple but awesome! Leesha your the best!!!

  27. caroline says

    Hey! I love this look! I come from Norway and I’m so glad i discovered you, you give me so much inspiration! Thank you for beeing who you are!

  28. Casey says

    Amazing! There’s something very fierce yet very elegant about it! I think it’s the soft colors on the lid that make it elegant and then the bold purple on the bottom that makes it fierce! Awesome! As always!

  29. Elissa says

    holyshit i fell in love <3

    now i have to go look at your inglot swatches and see if i have anything similar!

  30. sonidlo says

    Precise job under the eye! Love the pictures and how you look here :)

  31. shadkitty says

    Absolutely love this look! The purple sets it off just right.

  32. Ivy Cross says

    nicely done! and i love the new hair.

  33. christina says

    hate it dude

  34. Alex says

    The first pic/thumbnail makes you look stoned. Also Sephora reported this look as a trend for spring/summer ’10. Not original. Cute but hardly ground breaking.

    1. Sara says

      wow….that seems a little rude. not everyone keeps on sephora’s newsletter and i’ve never seen this before. so it’s new to me.

  35. Jenni says

    llllllloooooovvvvvveeeeeeeee your hair so much! It looks great! Love that lipstick too!

  36. Sarah says

    Ok, so I HAVE to get Ransom now! I’ve been wanting it for a while, but never got it.
    This look is super gorgeous, Leesha! Love Jing-a-ling too! So pretty.

  37. Heather F. says

    omg i love this look..

  38. Lorena Di Pasquale says

    Ok, I have no idea what you did with your pictures this time but they look so professional and beautiful! You look like a model.

  39. Exora says

    Pure love. so natural and fresh. perfect for spring/summer. pls post the tutorial. :):)

  40. Anna says

    PLEASE!!!! Do a tutorial please! I loved the natural color above the eyes and the beautiful purple under, perfect for using in my country, Brazil. From all the tutorials on the internet, yours are what I love most! You are so sweet! Thank you!

  41. Mae says

    Eep! I ADORE your new hair. It’s super smokin’.
    Love the eye makeup here, too.

    You are BEAUTIFUL, Leesha, never forget that! =)

  42. Jemma says

    Unbelievable pretty .. as always! Love it! Wearing this out <3

  43. Ally says

    Hey Leesha,
    is there a tutorial on your youtube for this look?? I really like it and i would like to know how you did it :)

    Ally xx

  44. Esther says

    That’s more than sesnblie! That’s a great post!

  45. Lumi says

    Simple, yet gorgeous look! Really inspiring. ^^
    I want to try this out. Was hoping you had a tutorial for this though.
    I have UD Mushroom Cream Eyeshadow, but I haven’t used it yet. I will soon tho! ^^

  46. Brooke says

    really really beautiful..i think sometimes the best looks can come from just playing with products without any set look in mind. =) great’s a simple look but the detailing is amazing just the same

  47. Julia says

    Been going through your blog and came across this, so beautiful! im gonna try and recreate it myself. I also adore your hair in this, super messy sexy chic!

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