Sleek MakeUP Pout Paints: Photos, Swatches

Sleek Makeup has come out with a long wear lip color that is super pigmented- a little goes a long way! These are similar to OCC Lip Tars in the sense that you only use a small amount and you can mix them to create new colors.


I have five colors to share with you today. Cloud 9 (white), Peachy Keen (peach), Mauve Over (Purple), Peek-a-blue (Blue), Pinup (Red).


Cloud 9

poutpaintPeachy Keen

Mauve Over



To use these, only a tiny bit of product is needed- here’s about how much I used for each color:



These are also AWESOME for mixing. You can create that long-lost limited edition shade you loved :D



These retail $8 US from Sleek MakeUp.


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    • Rachel says:

      I thought the same thing; I even pulled up temptalia’s swatch of candy yum yum to check. They just photograph similarly I suppose. I was excited for a minute though. I really would like a candy yum yum dupe.

  1. Christina says:

    Omg,…I looove these! I think this would be awesome for Halloween especially! I love lip products, but it’s so expesive to buy tons of them and this is almost perfect :) Thanks for showing us these Leesha!

  2. Jess says:

    Is it possible to mix the lip tars and the pout paints? Or do they not blend properly…? Considering buying some pout paints but I already have some lip tars.

  3. Sarah S. says:

    I love the bright pink (or purple… I guess it’s sort of fuschia-y, huh?). Also, that is the reddest red I’ve ever seen in my life. These are so cool!

  4. Karen K says:

    lovely colors! I would love to try these! (especially since they’re similar colors to L*meCr*me, except better quality and half the price.)

  5. Alice says:

    Would just like to say that I know you did a comparison with these and OCC and said about their small colour range, in Sleek’s defense these were only released a few months ago, and living in the UK they’re literally the only equivanlent to lip tars we have. The small colour range is annoying now but these are so popular they’re sure to add more :)

  6. Margarett says:

    The one thing I need to know is if they have any flavor or scent to them. The ones from OCC are minty and I can’t buy them because of the smell. If these don’t have that smell I would buy them all.

  7. Crystal says:

    Might sound like a dumb question but can Americans buy from they’re website since it’s UK? If so I’d like to purchase some things especially their palettes.

  8. Amber J says:

    I can’t believe how much I want these!! When I went to IMATS, I always plan to buy OCC Lip Tars, but I don’t wanna pay that much….but these are just as cool!! I WANT! :D

  9. kacibrianna says:

    I think the only one I’d consider buying is Pinup. Honestly, even if the OCC Lip Tars seperate over time, it’s like you said: there’s more colours to choose from, and I just feel like they look better on the lips. (:

    • Lu says:

      Hey, I’m from NZ and they do, it’s $13.50US (I’m 99% sure that it’s priced in US dollars) and the website is: Otherwise, you’d be best to check out Crush Cosmetics. It’s an aussie website, so probably cheaper for you to buy them from there? They do a whole range of Sleek products =)

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