Sleek Makeup Acid iDivine Palette: Swatches, Photos

One of the great things about the internet beauty community is we get to interact with people all over the world, learn about different beauty trends and beauty brands that may only exist in one country or another, or maybe have been at your local drugstore all along, and you would never have glanced twice at it if you hadn’t heard buzz about it online!

One of the products that fits into this is the Acid Palette from Sleek Makeup. I have had lots and lots of you guys tell me about this palette and how much I would enjoy it! It includes 12 eyeshadows that are either mattes or shimmers, and they’re all super bright, some even are neons!








These were swatched on my hand without a base. The neons are a bit chalky, but honestly it’s generally how neon shadows roll, especially mattes. If you applied the neons over a base, such as a MAC Cream Color Base, NYX Milk Jumbo Pencil, or something like Kryolan’s UV Day Glo, they’d show up great.

One of the best things about this palette, is it’s super cheap! On Sleek’s website, it sells for £6.49, which is roughly $10.54. If you live in the UK I can’t imagine passing this up! US on the other hand- I had a friend pick this up for me when she was already ordering from their website, and it took almost a full 2 months to get her order to her. I think they were doing a sale or something that may have caused shipping to be a little delayed, but it is worth noting that these will take a while to get to you in the US!

I’m excited to play around with these colors and create some fun looks with it :) I’ll definitely keep you posted with that- but as a first impression on Sleek Makeup, this product seems to live up to the hype!



  1. Jessi M says

    I have a few things from Sleek that I really like. Shipping to the US is a little high at around $13 or $14 bucks, but it just means you get to buy more to make the shipping worth it, haha! And my order didn’t take nearly 2 months, more like 2 weeks, but i didn’t order during a sale.

  2. Rachel says

    I was just looking at this today, along with some of shiro cosmetics. I was trying to decide between the two. Do the neon ones glow under black light?

  3. Clodagh says

    I live in Ireland and I have bought from the Sleek website twice and they arrived within about a week each time I ordered! Probably because I only bought 1 item each time!

  4. Erin M. says

    You realize that NO neon/black light colors are FDA approved for eye use… Makes me wonder about the safety of this product.

    1. Jessica Allison says

      FDA is the governing agency in the US- since these are from a UK based company, they are regulated under EU restrictions (which, BTW, tend to be much stricter than FDA regulations). I don’t know the specifcs behind why neons are banned for eye use in the US, but I have no doubt these are considered safe & legal overseas. I have this palette myself, have used it liberally and have never had any issues.

      1. Erin M. says

        That’s great. But personally, I do not want any eye related repercussions due to neons in the future. Thanks, but no thanks.

        1. EzCheese says

          So then don’t get them… simple as that. Neon colors have been used for quite some time in the arts circle. The FDA… basically… SUCKS by comparison to EU restrictions. If you have not ever tried a product but ban it automatically because the FDA says it’s bad that’s your problem. There are a multitude of things that the FDA has OK’d and then later end up killing or seriously injuring people. Neon make up has never had some mass effect on people blinding anyone who uses it. Maybe instead of just listening to whatever the government tells you perhaps you should do a little SELF RESEARCH on your own.

    2. Victoria says

      I think you’re misunderstanding something. These eyeshadows are called ‘neon’ in that they are neon colours, not actually neon in the scientific definition.

      Black lights work to make things glow by energizing things called phosphors — which are present EVERYWHERE. Phosphors are what make your tvs and computer monitors work. Phosphors are in your lightbulb and indeed, in your glow-in-the-dark toys.

      In fact, UV activated makeup often looks dull in daylight precisely because of how phosphors work. They require a blacklight to make them glow — and since we can see Leesha’s makeup crazy well in her normal daylight, I think it’s safe to say these are fine in that respect :)

      (Though I make no comment on potentially irritating chemicals in this product. For example, that red probably contains a high dosage of carmine [red pigment], which is irritating for ~10% of the population)

      1. Rachel says

        TY Victoria! That is exactly what I was asking about!!!

  5. Sarah S. says

    Oh. My. Gosh. I have to get this! I love fluorescent colors, and I can only imagine what life would be like with fluorescent eyeshadow. Thank you so much for posting this!

  6. Janine says

    I’m in the UK so I’ve picked up Sleek palettes before in Superdrug as they’re so cheap and they do really great colours. I dont have this one, not sure I’d get much use out of the neon colours, but as a cheap brand I do like Sleek.

    1. meibaola says

      I have taken a look and I want to warn everybody: “Not for the faint of heart!!!” ;-)

      ps: bellissimo!!!

    2. Kristina says

      Did you manage to use each color provided? Either way, that is amazing … could easily be in a high fashion add.

    3. Becky says

      Such an insane look but LOVE IT!

  7. meibaola says

    I have the Sunset palette and I adore it. The eyeshadows compare with Urban Decay eyeshadows: at the beginning they seem to apply less evenly, because they are not as finely milled, but allow them some time to set… beautiful!!! <3 I'd venture to say that the colour payoff is even better. And of course better than MAC (in terms of colour payoff, not of workability). I think that's because originally these shadows were meant for people with darker skintones. In short: I can only pair Sleek colours with really intense UD shadows (Deluxe e/s, Naked palette), because anything else would look "washed out" in comparison.

  8. Chiara says

    I have the good girl palette and I love it… It’s weird that for once in Italy we can find something that you don’t have in the US ;) Anyway (don’t ask me why) here they don’t sell all the types of palettes, just a couple depending on the season, so I’ll have to make an order too to have the acid one :D love it! Generally I don’t choose brights colours, but the price gives me the chance to try something new :D

  9. Thea says

    I own both the acid palette and the original palette. Love them<3

  10. Djadzia says

    I love Sleek! Their blushes are amazing too.

  11. Autumn says

    I love this! I’ve been looking for these colors FOREVER. I can’t believe it’s so cheap! X)
    Thank you!!! <3

  12. Alia says

    I ordered from sleek so many times it takes only a week to receive the package one of the fastest sites in shipping . The quality is amazing considering what you pay for Happy you got them
    Hope to see tutorials soon :)))))

    1. OutInAPout says

      are you in the states or in the UK? I’ve ordered from Sleek and had PR samples sent, and it always takes forever. I’ve had orders take months.

  13. Reema says

    Can it be brought from a physical store in the UK or just their website??

  14. Jamie says

    I tried to buy the acid palette today becuase I love love love this look so much and ONLY the acid palette is not available in my area. I live in freakin Texas! How can you be able to send me the chaos palette and not the acid. Doesn’t make sense. Is anyone else having this problem?

    1. Geena B says

      I’m having the SAME problem! Not happy about that. I’ve been all over the website trying to figure out why it’s like that but I can’t find anything. :/

      1. jenn says

        It’s because of the FDA approval problem…they can’t ship neon colors bc they are not approve in the US. Lame huh? There are some on eBay though, they might work for you. The law is stupid. Hopefully they will change it…obviously no ones eye have been blinded in other countries.

      2. Ydreyna says

        herb414 on July 2, 2011 @MasterxKenobi It satdns for pretty hot and tastey… Or that’s what I believe it to mean. (: same dif

  15. Steph says

    Is there anywhere else to get this? I tried to buy it on the website and it said they were no longer selling to the US because of the FDA….

  16. Annette says

    I saw your electro candy tutorial and I just HAD to order this! I have a friend in the UK and I ordered it to arrive to her house and she will be shipping it to me this weekend (I live in FL)! I’m super excited! Those colors are amazing! I also ordered one of the Pout Polishes (Monte Carlo) and the face contour kit with the brush… :-)

    Thanks again for your AWESOME tutorials! You’re the best! <3

  17. Samantha says

    I looked at this pallete on their website and apparently the FDA has forbidden it to be sold in the USA, do you live in the UK or did you get it by other means? I would love to get a hold of this pallet if at all possible.

  18. Allish says

    Hello! I love this pallete, these colours are soooo great! But in my country you can’t find those things…It’s very difficult for them to import good products from other countries….anyway… I want to ask how can I purchase this pallete…I want to mention that I am from Romania…Thank you! XoXo <3

  19. Ashley says

    I wish this palette wasn’t so hard to get… those colors are AMAZING

  20. Ana_C says

    Hey there I REALLY WANT THIS PALETTE!!! its sooooo amazing is there any way I can get a hold of it I live in Maryland and I MUST have it!!!!! <3

  21. ak says

    I live in the US too, & IMO, I think it’s better to order Sleek from certain sellers on Amazon rather than the Sleek website itself. The shipping’s way expensive, turning a $10 palette into a $23 palette. I suppose if you’re buying alot of stuff it’d be alright, but some people aren’t. I usually get mine off this seller on Amazon called RM Cosmetics-the shipping’s only about $2 or $3 per item, & usually takes only about 10 days. 2 months from UK to US is inexcusable-I get stuff from Hong Kong that takes only 3 weeks. And if you read Sleek’s FB page, most of the posts are of unhappy customers asking where their order is. I so envy that UK people can just walk into their local drugstore & buy Sleek. But, 10 days isn’t so bad, & the seller I use usually charges only $8.99 a palette.

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