Skin-a-licious Haul & Review

So if you didn’t know, since moving out my two new obsessions have been candles and bath products. I’ve bought a billion Candles By Victoria Tarte Melts, and I bought some from an Etsy seller who had supercute tartes (if they rock you know I’ll tell you!!)

I also bought a TON of Lush products before I left AZ (NO LUSH IN AUSTIN!!!!) Along with getting to try products from Fortune Cookie Soap and Belle Ame.

This time I’m trying out Skin-a-Licious!

I first heard about this company from my friend Brooke.. She did a video on her channel:

These soaps were originally made with the intent to help those with skin conditions, like eczema. Some soaps contain fresh goat or fresh coconut milk, along with pure organic oils.

Here are the things I got:


Cute box..


Full of yummy bath stuff! :)


Ice Cream Scoop Bubble Bar
This guy got a little roughed up in transit, so I couldn’t take him out of the packaging without breaking him :( The scent I got this in is Berry Kraze, reminds me of sweettarts.


Dark Raspberry Cream Cake Soap
LOVE this, a piece of cake soap! I dunno if I could get myself to really use it haha


Marshmallow Bubble Bar
Too freaking cute. The scent on this was Zing-a-licious. There’s a strong citrus scent with this one!


This scent came in “I’m Awake!” I’m not sure what the scent is supposed to be. When I think “I’m awake” I think something minty that will wake you right up..This isn’t that. It seems kind of like a blend of fruity smells (I suck at scent describing!) I will say that I feel like the top design has a much stronger scent than the actual soap, but that could just be because I haven’t cut into it yet.


Macintosh Apple Soap.
This doesn’t remind me of Macintosh apple at all, but its EXACTLY like a Sour Apple Blow pop. Smells great, but I smell more Granny Smith than Macintosh!


Cranberry Orange Muffin Soap.
This was Brooke’s favorite and she practically demanded I try it :) It smells so good, you can really smell the baked element in this. Sooo strange to smell a soap that smells legit like muffins, haha I love it


Zing-a-Licious Cupcake Soap
Again, this is a very citrusy scent. It looks so cute in the packaging, with the bow and cupcake liner :) The “Frosting” smells a lot stronger than the cake part, which is the soap.


Berry Kraze Whipped Body Butter Lotion
I love whipped body butter because when you touch it it’s like the bubbles pop in your hands.. does that make sense? It actually reminds me of this UK candy called Aero Bars.. it’s a mint chocolate candy and the inside is all full of bubbles. So weird/cool. Smell wise, this reminds me of sweet tarts.

Body Spritzer Very Pear Berry

This scent is very similar to Bath & Body Works Pear Berry, which is what I’m assuming they were going for :) Yum!

Faves: Macintosh Apple Soap, Cranberry Orange Muffin Soap, Bubble Bars

Overall I’m not too crazy about some of the scents, but I can’t complain too much as I didn’t pick them out (I kinda just told the owner to pick out popular scents since she knows her company better than I do!) I wish the soaps were cuter, I think I was spoiled with the cute packaging of Belle Ame and how their soaps along with Fortune Cookie Soaps seem to be molded individually, while these soaps seem to be made in bulk and hand cut, like Lush. Nothing wrong with that, that’s just me and my aesthetically pleased eye complaining :)

I’m looking at her site now and wishing I did pick some of the scents out, as she has quite a few pumpkin items that I wish I picked out! Mild (huge) obsession with pumpkin :)

I would definitely say at least check this site out, especially the cuter things, like the marshmallow and ice cream scoop bubble bars, and the cupcake/cake soaps. Too freaking cute, and it’s nice to know they were made to treat skin conditions, so they are super gentle!

Products sent for consideration by company


  1. Jessica Allison says

    I recently found the myriad of soap shops on Etsy & feel like I could never go to a bath & body works again! My favorite right now is One Hand Washes the Other- she has a ton of scents & will do custom blends too (she whipped up a maple syrup scent for me that was super yummy!) I’d definitely recommend you check them

  2. Annie says

    I wish the Whipped Body Butter Lotion smelled like Aero as well as looked like it – it’s my favourite candy EVER but you can’t get them where I live D:

  3. My-Linh says

    Just an FYI, Lush will be putting in a store in Austin! Not sure when but soonish as my best friend works at Lush and told me so! It’s about time because I would think it would do really well there.

  4. Harper says

    Oh my god. You guys don’t have Aero in the US?! You’re missing out! It’s times like these that I’m so glad I live in Canada.

  5. Carly Jones says

    WOW! You really did these products injustice. I have bough some of her products and love love love them. Your explanation is all over the place, it is hard to understand. It sounds to me that because you were accused of accepting money from the other 2 companies, that you were afraid to say you loved these products as well. It’s sad to say that this company will probably have to pay for it because you are too scared to stick up for yourself and ignore them. Why do I think you wrote this review? First, I see no video for this on your youtube channel, as with the other 2 companies AND second, you mentioned that you purchased some products on ETSY you hope to do a review on. When you know that someone with your countless subscribers, all you need to do is contact them and tell them who you are and I am sure they would throw their items to you. So why purchase them, and why now? Sounds fishy all around if you ask me. I feel sorry for you because Karma is a B****.

    1. Brook Nez says

      Wow, you really need to calm down. It’s her opinion. Get over yourself.

  6. Laurie says

    Too bad you were disappointed. I have been using the pUmpkin Harvest and the Vanilla Sugar Scrub for about a month those are really good. If you like pumpkin I recommend going back and purchasing the pumpkin harvest soap and she can make it intoa spritz/spash for u, that’s what I am doing I am also a big fan of those smells and her’s are very very yummy no werid fragrance no fillers just spice and pumpkin and ciammon, oh I am in love give it a try let me know what u think!

  7. Emily says

    Aero bars are sold in Canada too! And they’re not just mint…but they are delicious! With that description i TOTALLY know what you mean about the lotion.

  8. Valerie39 says


  9. Abby Rmrz says

    I was looking at the Cranberry Orange Muffin one and……. I wanna eat it! It looks like a piece of muffin but in a square shape!!! I WANNA EAT IT!!!!!!!!!! Lolz.

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