Sigma Resort Palette Eyeshadows Available Individually!

Something relatively new to the Sigma makeup line is selling individual eyeshadows of colors previously exclusive only in palettes. Generally this isn’t something you see many makeup companies do, or if they do its usually a handful of colors (that may have already been available individually before the palette came out). I really like this idea because I feel too often you can find a palette and really LOVE one or two shades, but don’t want to buy the entire palette for just that. 


Sigma just released their Resort Palette Eyeshadows as individual shades, so if there was a certain shadow you liked above the rest, you can pick it up by itself. This is a great deal if you only wanted one or two shadows, but if you liked more than that, it may make sense to purchase the palette itself. Each individual eyeshadow will cost you $11 each, while the palette, which comes with eight eyeshadows, a blush, a liquid highlighter, and a double ended eyeliner, costs $42.


You can check out swatches of each eyeshadow (and the rest of the Resort Palette) by clicking here


Available for $11 each from Sigma.


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