Sigma Mrs. Bunny Collection- The BEST Vegan Brush Kit Around!

Finding a good, well rounded collection of vegan brushes can be somewhat difficult. I know of a lot of brands that make great, synthetic hair brushes, but few sell them as an actual collection, and I haven’t seen any nearly as complete as the new Mrs. Bunny Kit from Sigma. This kit includes 12 super-soft synthetic brushes, ranging from a large powder brush down to an itty-bitty eyeliner.






The brushes in this kit use Sigmax HD fibers, which are (obviously) the same as the ones used in the Sigmax collection (some of the BEST foundation brushes on the market, and the precision brushes are my HG concealer brushes!) I know that one of the biggest complaints I hear about Sigma is that their brushes shed.. If you have had that problem, I definitely recommend giving them another try with the Sigmax brushes, because I use them very often and have had nothing but great experience with them.

Now, these brushes are made with the same fibers as the Sigmax brushes, but are much different in build. These are made to replicate your everyday brushes, while the Sigmax ones are VERY dense, meant for thick creams and liquids. They also have the same kit in black, called Mr. Bunny :)

The kit comes with five brushes- Large Powder (F30), Large Angled Contour (F40), Duo Fibre (F50), Foundation (F60), and Concealer (F70).
As well as seven eye brushes- Eyeliner (E05), Pencil (E30), Tapered Blending (E40), Eye Shading (E55), Large Shader (E60), Small Angle (E65), and Medium Angled Shader (E70).

This kit retails for $109, which roughly comes out to $9 a brush. This would be an awesome gift for yourself or for a friend who needs a really nice brush kit, because most kits don’t come this complete!


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  1. Rebecca says

    I love those!!! I need to order them asap! When I look at them it reminds me of spring hehe the color combination is a lovely change (:

  2. Aly says

    Wow, they look great! I also love the colors.

  3. Stephanie says

    I want this kit pretty bad :D Love the colors! Thanks for the review

  4. Nat says

    I want this so bad! So pretty :)

  5. yoshimi says

    I love those colors! Baby blue and metallic pink? YES PLEASE!

  6. Rada says

    Please, can you tell us how does this kit compare to the OCC vegan brushes? I’d like to invest in some good synthetic brushes but finding ones that are as efficient as my natural bristles ones is quite difficult. Thanks! ^_^

  7. Christine says

    These brushes are so cute, they actually remind me a lot of easter haha :) I really want these, might order them tonight :) xo

  8. Kelly says

    It looks cute, but I don’t like pink that much

  9. Randilynn says

    Love these and especially fond of the name! I had a rabitt named Mr. Bunny head whom I miss very much!

  10. Cecilie says

    Wow! They look extremely soft!! I’m definitely going to check them out :D

  11. Joanna says

    Cute brushes!!!

  12. Susy says

    I just ordered Mrs Bunny Blue in a travel size since i read so many good reviews on this product. These are 59.00 and they have a 10% off discount for march if you use the code March2012!!!! I cant wait to get mines!! (:

  13. Sleeperstar says

    I’va got the ‘Make Me Cool’ -set, the bunny-set came too late for me :(
    but is it such a difference? Because it’s pricey enough for a student and I don’t want to buy 2 kits that are the same :p
    And thanks for posting again, I really missed your positivity on the internet :)

  14. Jessamy_eve says

    I ordered the Mr. Bunny kit the other day, the Mrs. Bunny was out of stock :( but they were shipped today so they will come soon! I can’t wait! :)

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