Sigma Enlight Collection Lipgloss

The final products I have to talk about from the Sigma Enlight Collection are the Lip Glosses. There are three- a pale mauve, sheer coral, and a transparent deep raspberry.

These glosses surprised me so much! When I first opened the tube, I saw that they had a brush instead of a doe foot applicator, and the lipgloss looked thick. Really thick. I was worried these were gonna be sticky and thick and not something I would ever want to wear, but I was thankfully wrong :) These are a lot sheerer than they look in the tube, and are lightweight and smooth on the lips. They actually really flawlessly complete the Enlight Collection and really work well into the whole idea behind the collection, which is makeup that looks composed, peaceful, and serene. 


SigmaEnglightenedlipgloss 11SigmaEnglightenedlipgloss 10SigmaEnglightenedlipgloss 9 Hint Lip Gloss

SigmaEnglightenedlipgloss 6Hint Lip Gloss

SigmaEnglightenedlipgloss 5Hint Lip Gloss

DSC 0189Hint Lip Gloss

Hint is a light, pale mauve pink. This shade looks perfect on pale skin! I have worn this shade out a couple times and I really like how it complimented my skin and how it is subtle but still changes up how my look is. 

SigmaEnglightenedlipgloss 8Tint Lip Gloss

SigmaEnglightenedlipgloss 4Tint Lip Gloss

SigmaEnglightenedlipgloss 3Tint Lip Gloss

DSC 0195Tint Lip Gloss

Tint is a warm, sheer coral. This is usually the type of color I gravitate towards when it comes to lip colors. I love orangey shades like this!

SigmaEnglightenedlipgloss 7Tranquil Lip Gloss

SigmaEnglightenedlipgloss 2Tranquil Lip Gloss

SigmaEnglightenedlipgloss 1Tranquil Lip Gloss

DSC 0198Tranquil Lip Gloss

Tranquil is a transparent raspberry shade. This shade surprised me, as it is much sheerer than I thought it would be when I first saw it in the tube. I was actually worried this would be too dark for me, so I was really happy when it ended up being sheer and really nice!


Like I mentioned, these glosses are smooth and not sticky, so they are great for the not-much-of-a-gloss-wearer like myself. While the shades are sheer, I really like how they look when applied and feel like they work well into the whole “natural and beautiful” idea of the collection.


Available for $10 from Sigma.




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