Sigma Enlight Collection Eyeshadow Bases

Sigma’s Enlight Collection comes with three new eyeshadow bases in a light pink, peachy shimmer, and matte medium brown. These apply fairly pigmented, but can be more buildable to a point (and I say to a point because if you apply too much of a cream product on your eyes, it’s inevitably going to end up creasing). 

The main thing I don’t like about these shadow bases isn’t even the product themselves, but the packaging. The packaging is really wide and a bit deceiving when you look at it with the lid on. It makes it look like you’re getting a lot more product than you actually are, so when you take off the lid if seems like false advertising (when in reality, the amount you get is pretty average. For example, the amount of product here is 0.17oz, the same amount as a MAC Paint Pot). Other than the packaging, I do like the quality of these eyeshadow bases. They apply nicely, last for hours and keep your eyeshadow in place. 

SigmaEnglightenedgelliner 10SigmaEnglightenedgelliner 9 Awake Eyeshadow Base

SigmaEnglightenedgelliner 8Awake Eyeshadow BaseSigmaEnglightenedgelliner 7Awake Eyeshadow Base

Awake is a light, shimmery baby pink. This is one of my favorite pieces from this entire collection- I don’t think I’ve seen an eyeshadow base in this color! I have seen eye pencils that are meant to be applied to the waterline to make you look more awake, but never a shadow base. This color works in the same way, though. If gives your look a nice, soft, awake look.

SigmaEnglightenedgelliner 6

Neutralize Eyeshadow Base

SigmaEnglightenedgelliner 5 Neutralize Eyeshadow Base

SigmaEnglightenedgelliner 4 Neutralize Eyeshadow Base

Neutralize is a peachy shimmer with gold micro glitter. This shade is gorgeous, especially for those of you with blue eyes! This color would work great by itself with no shadow on top as well, as it has good pigmentation and is nice on its own. If you apply a shadow overtop, it will somewhat mute out the gold sparkle.  

SigmaEnglightenedgelliner 3 Composed Eyeshadow Base

SigmaEnglightenedgelliner 2 Composed Eyeshadow Base

SigmaEnglightenedgelliner 1 Composed Eyeshadow Base

Composed is a matte warm medium brown. This is a great base for a soft smokey day look, as it’s not too dark, and can be sheered out if needed.


Overall I really like these bases. I can see myself using Awake more than anything, as its a unique shadow base shade and really beautiful. 


Available for $13 from Sigma


  1. Phyrra says

    Awake and Neutralize look like must haves to me!

  2. Jade says

    Great swatches! The brown one looks lovely but I might pass on the rest simply because they look like a pain to store.

  3. Shelbi Jeane Forgey says

    Composed over head picture looks like it has a tiny footprint in it=] I really like Awake[=

  4. Chia-Yi Liu says

    i hope we can see awake and neutralize in some looks soon!

  5. Letitia Harriet says

    I’ve never used a cream shadow as a base, I’ve always used UD Primer Potion. I couldn’t possibly wear eyeshadow without it! What would you suggest is the best cream eyeshadow/ primer that would work similarly to the UDPP?

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