Sigma Enlight Collection Blushes- Peaceful, Serene, Mellow

In the Enlight Collection, Sigma has introduced 3 new blushes- a shimmery highlight, a warm pink, and a warm brown. These are my favorite pieces in the new collection- they work amazingly on their own, but together they create the most beautiful cheek! Out of all the products in this collection I know these will be used more than anything.

What I particularly like about these blushes is that they blend really nicely (no patchy cheeks!) and the pigmentation isn’t overpowering. There is nothing I hate more than blush that is SOOOOO pigmented, that a fair girl like me has to barely touch the brush to the blush and even then it’s still too strong. These are very buildable, so you can get more pigmentation if you need it, but they don’t start off overly strong. 


SigmaEnglightenedblush 1SigmaEnglightenedblush 3SigmaEnglightenedblush 6 Peaceful Powder Blush SigmaEnglightenedblush 7 Peaceful Powder Blush 

Peaceful is a silvery beige highlighter. This is absolutely gorgeous. The shimmer in this blush is subtle, which leaves the highlight looking glowy instead of oily and sweaty (at least, thats how I feel with highlighters with a TON of shimmer!)

SigmaEnglightenedblush 8 Serene Powder Blush

SigmaEnglightenedblush 9 Serene Powder Blush

Serene is a satin medium orangey pink. This blush is great because it’s very buildable, so you can apply it nice and softly or apply more to get a strong cheek look. 

SigmaEnglightenedblush 4 Mellow Powder Blush

SigmaEnglightenedblush 5 Mellow Powder Blush

Mellow is a medium taupe brown satin. This is another buildable shade and doesn’t immediately come off as too dark. I love, love, love this shade as a contour color and as a bronzer. The satin aspect isn’t really noticeable when applied, but it does help with the blush blending out nicely. This shade seems to be on the cooler side.


Like I mentioned up top, I really love how these blushes look together, and especially how they apply. The shades aren’t anything revolutionary or unique so to speak, but for me the texture and pigmentation in blushes is everything. These are great, and I will absolutely be putting these to good use in my everyday makeup routine!


Each blush is available for $12 from Sigma

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  1. steph says

    the colours look so pretty. Im not much of a blush person but these look like ones I would use! All 3 of them! xxx =)

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