Sigma DARE Eyeshadow Base Kit- Unveil, Strike, Dash

Sigma has come out with nine eyeshadow bases, the shades of which are based off of shades from the Dare, Bare, and Flare eyeshadow palettes. Each kit has three shades, but all are also available individually. This review will show the eye bases from the Dare kit, which are more on the warmer side with a gold, red, and purple.  


SigmaDAREesbase 1SigmaDAREesbase 2SigmaDAREesbase 6 The packaging for each base is made of glass and has a plastic lid. The packaging itself is quite bulky- there is a lot of excess glass, and so it looks like you are getting more product than you actually are. I have heard that the packaging will change in the future, so Sigma is aware that the packaging is much more bulky than it needs to be. SigmaDAREesbase 7SigmaDAREesbase 3Unveil Eyeshadow Base

SigmaDAREesbase 8 Unveil Eyeshadow Base

SigmaDAREesbase 11Unveil Eyeshadow Base

SigmaDAREesbase 5 Strike Eyeshadow Base

SigmaDAREesbase 10Strike Eyeshadow Base

SigmaDAREesbase 12Strike Eyeshadow Base

SigmaDAREesbase 4 Dash Eyeshadow Base

SigmaDAREesbase 9Dash Eyeshadow Base

SigmaDAREesbase 13Dash Eyeshadow Base

SigmaDAREesbase 15 F70 Concealer Brush

SigmaDAREesbase 14F70 Concealer Brush

Each Eyeshadow Base alone is $13, but the kit with three bases and a concealer brush is $36, which is like getting a dollar off each base and a free brush (and  a cute case!) If you happen to like all the bases in a kit, I definitely recommend picking up a kit verses the single bases. 
Dare Eyeshadow Base Kit available for $36 from Sigma Beauty. Use code SAVE2013 for 10% off your order.

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  1. Christine says

    These look so pretty, loving Unveil. Great post and swatches as always Leesha :-) Love,

  2. Lisa says

    This seems more like a description with swatches rather than a review … I don’t think you mentioned anything about how these perform.

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