Sigma Creme de Couture PRE-ORDER!

I totally forgot to mention in my Creme de Couture Palette post, but the palette is available for pre-order right now! You can pre-order this palette for $32 by clicking here. (EDIT: Also get 10% off with code LJW2013!)The palette goes live on the site on Monday, September 9th, but if this is something you think you’ll like I totally recommend doing the pre-order just to be safe! You can see my posts and looks on the palette below!!

Cremedecouture 3Creme de Couture Palette Review & Swatches


CDCeyelook 2Creme de Couture Eye Look: Pastel Neons!

CDCeyelook2 5Creme de Couture Eye Look: Cafe au Lait!


Let me know if you guys are planning to pick up this little beauty. I should have a video review on this tomorrow!!!

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  1. Ann says

    Thank you for the pre-order link!!! I contacted Sigma after seeing someone on Facebook mentioned pre-ordering, but they said it wouldn’t be online until the 9th. It’s officially ordered now :)

    1. suedechik79 says

      You might get it before then! I cant believe I just got mine in the mail after ordering a few days ago.

      1. Ann says

        Omg that would be so awesome! I am feeling so greedy and impatient for these colours :)

  2. Erin says

    That palette is so pretty!

    Hey Leesha! Hope you are well. :)

  3. suedechik79 says

    I preordered the Sigma Palette Crème de Couture collection (blushes also, cost around $50) a few days ago with the 10% discount code AND IT CAME TODAY. Dying.

  4. Hillary says

    So this link is saying this palette is already sold out… but the set with the blushes is still available? How is that possible? I really wanted this palette but I guess Im going to have to wait til they restock.

  5. Tapnfeet99 says

    Still sold out, including the one with blush

  6. Kitty says

    I just ordered it today (I gave in). So the wait begins…

  7. Ju says

    Are they still selling this? Is it just out of stock?

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