Sigma Born to Be Collection: Smoke Screen Palette

The newest collection coming out from Sigma features a new eyeshadow palette with 12 colors. The idea behind this palette is to bring unexpected colors into the smokey eye. There’s a nice blend of light and dark neutral shades, and there are definitely a couple shades thrown in that are interesting and will switch up your run of the mill smokey look.

Sigmaborntobe 7Sigmaborntobe 8Sigmaborntobe 9Sigmaborntobe 10 Veiled

Sigmaborntobe 11 VIeled

Vieled is a light shimmery beige with peach undertones. almost as light as my skin tone, just with more peachiness.

Sigmaborntobe 12 Opulent

Sigmaborntobe 13 Opulent

Opulent is a frosty, bronzey peach with a really great texture.

Sigmaborntobe 14 Ember

Sigmaborntobe 15 Ember

Ember is a warm light brown with a taupe shimmer. This has a frosty texture and is super soft and blendable.

Sigmaborntobe 16 Thunderhead

Sigmaborntobe 17 Thunderhead

Thunderhead is a cool satin brown. This would be a great shade for the crease of the eyes, especially considering many of these shades are frosty texture.

Sigmaborntobe 18 Misty

Sigmaborntobe 19 Misty

Misty is a very light lilac matte. very soft texture and blendable- it would work well as an inner corner highlight, or over a white base to make the lilac aspect more prominent.

Sigmaborntobe 20Haze

Sigmaborntobe 21 Haze

Haze is a very cool toned mauve matte. Great texture and easy to blend.

Sigmaborntobe 22 Svelte

Sigmaborntobe 23 Svelte

Svelte is an army green satin. This is an interesting color you don’t see very often.

Sigmaborntobe 24 Rave

Sigmaborntobe 25 Rave

Rave is a chocolate taupe with gold sparkle. The gold sparkle will be more consistent over a sticky base.

Sigmaborntobe 26 Nebula

Sigmaborntobe 27 Nebula

Nebula is a bright aqua blue with silver shimmer. The pigmentation in this one isn’t bad, but it isn’t as strong as I was hoping based on how it looked in the pan, but I still like the color.

Sigmaborntobe 28 Atmosphere

Sigmaborntobe 29 Atmostphere

Atmosphere is a chocolate raspberry with red sparkle. the color payoff is definitely buildable, and isn’t as strong with just one swipe. I don’t think this is a terribly bad thing with a deeper color because its easy to go overboard.

Sigmaborntobe 30 Cinders

Sigmaborntobe 31 Cinders

Cinders is a gray with silver shimmer.

Sigmaborntobe 32 Almost Jet

Sigmaborntobe 33 Almost Jet

Almost Jet is a charcoal with slight silver shimmer. Like the name implies, it’s not quite jet black.


The biggest plus with this palette is the texture of each of the shadows. Every shadow has a nice, buttery texture that is easy to apply and blend. While I do feel that sigma has been doing more neutral collections lately (missing that Creme de Couture feel!) I do like that this has a few pops of color and ways to switch up the traditional. The shades all have really nice texture, which is always a very important aspect of any palette, no matter what the shades are.

Available for $39 from Sigma starting February 10th.



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  1. Chantel says

    Gorgeous palette. I want this!

  2. Claire Brown says

    Gosh, Nebular is a gorgeous colour and will make a great twist on a natural smokey eye! 😊

  3. Lindsey says

    Love misty and nebula

  4. C.M.J. says

    So is the Almost Jet still dark enough to be considered black and is it shimmery or does it have chunks of glitter in it? I’ve been on the hunt for a black eyeshadow with a shimmer or a sheen, not matte black with glitter. Does anyone know if such a black exists and if so can you please tell me how to get it?

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