April 16, 2014
The Latest Scoop

Good Luck!

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  • Moa

    I think the whole collection seems awesome, but I’m most excited about the lip concealer! :)

  • Sammi3ko

    I really love the eyeshadows!

  • karol

    I loooooooove the purple transparent lipgloss!

  • Roxana Elena

    Hope I wil win Never won any giveaway :P

  • Elizabeth

    I love the palette!!

  • Michelle

    The colors of the palette are SO gorgeous!

  • Elle

    My favorite part of the palette is the lipglosses!

  • ZombieMunstarrMakeup .

    My favorite part is the eyeliners! They are super gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Jamie lynn

    I love the lip glosses!! Especially eleven, you were right in your video, its very wearable considering the color.

  • Venachia

    My favorite part of the collection is definitely the lips concealer :)

  • Jenny Zuckerberg

    Deff need to get my hands on that lip concealer!

  • Haji

    Definetly the lip glosses the purple color is so intriguing!

  • kat

    i love the eyeliners!!

  • Ellinore Strömberg

    I looove the Eleven lipgloss, the color is so awesome!

  • liz v

    That s collection looks amazing!!!

  • Jackie R.

    I love your videos Leesha! You’re awesome! That set looks great!

  • Raquel

    The lip glosses are my favorites of this collection!

  • Leigh Gillies

    Just adore the blush!!x

  • Theperfumecollector

    You always give such great reviews. Looks like a good collection.

    • Theperfumecollector

      Favorite is the eyeshadow palette :)