Sigma Born to Be Collection Roundup & GIVEAWAY

Here is the roundup for the Sigma Born to Be Collection! This collection has an eyeshadow palette to create sultry looks with some fun, interesting shades to switch up your everyday smokey eye, eye pencils that are creamy and long lasting, super shiny and non sticky glosses, and more. Links to product reviews of each aspect of this collection are below, as well as a giveaway!

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Born to Be Collection Reviews:


Make sure to check out Sigma and use code FEB2014 for a 10% discount!


This giveaway is for the entire collection, in the display above! To enter, just fill out the Rafflecopter form below, doing as many (or as little) entries as you’d like. The winner will be chosen randomly Friday, February 7th and will have the collection sent to them directly from Sigma. 


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Good Luck!


  1. Heather ツ says

    The palette and the Hint gloss <3

    Rafflecopter: Rosie Areola

  2. Vikki says

    Love the shadow pallette!!!

  3. Jessica Soldwisch says

    Thanks for the Giveaway!

  4. Amber says

    i want this

  5. Monica says

    I’d love to try Sigma! Never have tried any of their items yet

  6. Dorie Chan (YT: Kacsachan) says

    my fave of the collection is the blush :)

  7. Lisa Anselmo Gianna says

    Thank you so much! The pallet looks awesome

  8. Gingy says

    I want that purple gloss STAT!

  9. RedheadSuzi says

    Palette is my favorite!

  10. Lizzy says

    Those blue eyeliners! They’re so freaking blue!

  11. Elizabeth Kopuz says

    I would LOVE this because I really can’t afford higher end makeup and I love to try new looks.

  12. Luna Silvers says

    The pallet looks really nice, with a lot of nice colors.

  13. Ashiie Imperfect says

    That beautiful light blue shade; it’s really unique and that has to be my favourite part of the collection. :)

  14. Olivia Datoli says

    The eye pencils look amazing

  15. Sami says

    The Pallette looks beautiful! All interesting neutrals and that one bright blue, stands out amazingly.

  16. Indera Perez says

    The eyeshadows look amazing! Awesome giveaway..thanks

  17. Liberty Anne Yanaga says

    My favorite part, the eyeliners! Those colors look rad!

  18. Steff Kopp says

    Gorgeous! I especially love the eyeliners and the purple gloss <3

  19. Kristen says

    I’ve never tried anything from Sigma.. now I want to!

  20. Lor Mancera says

    Love the Smoke Screen Eyeshadow Palette! :)

  21. Bre Diaz says

    Yesplz! My favorite part of this collection is both the palette and the pencils! Badass giveaway! <3

  22. Heidi Marquis says

    I really like the natural shades in the eye shadowm

  23. Chris says

    I looked at the swatches on your blog this morning and was SO wishing I’d had that Indigobird eyeliner for Blue Friday! It’s my favorite in the collection!

  24. Cicii says

    I immediately fell in with the “Eleven” gloss when I saw the swatches. It looks soo pretty!
    I had purple lips before, so I’m curious how it will look like on me^^

  25. jmeaston says

    Favorite part of the collection are the eyeliners! So fun and spring -y!!

  26. Erin says

    I’ve never tried Sigma before, but this collection looks amazing!

  27. Bethany W. says

    I would love the palette and eyeliners by themselves!

  28. Betty Ivanova says

    My favorite part of the collection are the pencils ♥

  29. Silje R. says

    I would love to win! The lipglosses look great.

  30. missc_73 says

    i love ur giveaways

  31. rdibened says

    I’m a sucker for anything eye… so those pencils and shadows look amazing!

  32. Brooke Sargent says

    I absolutely adore those eyeliners and the blush!

  33. dazeddez says

    My favorite part has to be the eye shadows

  34. Jenn Peterson says

    This stuff looks so cool! I’d love to use the dark(ish) blue pencil on my waterline!

  35. _justcallmeamy says

    My favorite part of this collection are the non sticky glosses.

  36. Cathy Harris says

    Like the blush and the pencils

  37. TheGingerVirus says

    I need the lip concealer so my lipstick can have a friend!

  38. Vanessa Lopez says

    The eye pencils <3

  39. Nastassia says

    The eyeliners are super pretty

  40. Hunter says

    My favourite part of this collection would be the lip glosses. They look liike cute fun colours.

  41. Xochilt says

    My favorite part is the eye shadow I love the colors

  42. Kuro Hime says

    My favourite are the eyepencils! So many good reviews on how creamy they are and i really want to try em! Plus, the colours look so pigmented and bold!

  43. AliciaD372 says

    My favorite part of this collection is the lip erase and the eyeshadow palette!

  44. Brittany says

    Oo, those eye liners are calling my name!

  45. Dani Shannon says

    My favourite part is the shadows they look kick ass

  46. Torey says

    My favorite part is definitely the blue eye pencil! Reminds me of Elsa from Frozen.

  47. myaimistrue25 says

    The whole collection seems awesome, but I am most excited about the lip concealer and the cobalt blue eye pencil!

  48. Jessica Rivera says

    The eye shadows look like colors that can used for everyday :)

  49. jamie lynn prata says

    Hard to decide on a favorite. I would have to say the shadow palette though. Really loving the whole set.

  50. Kaitlin Breanna Acton says

    Totally excited about this!

  51. Victoria says

    The eyeliners are gorgeous! I especially love the dark blue.

  52. Sol says

    That blush, unf!

  53. Diana Cote says

    Loving the collection, The palette is nice but I am excited about the glosses personally. it’s hard for me to find non sticky glosses and the purple has me intrigued. :)

  54. magdella tellez says

    The lip glosses look awesome

  55. mey thao says

    Love the eye shadows!

  56. Devon Boyd says

    such a fun set of eyelines!

  57. Kasey Kupcake says

    Those blues on a waterline! Ack! So gorgeous!

  58. Cassie says

    I love the neutral shadows with the colorful eyeliner! So many options! Thank you for the opportunity!

  59. Courtney Hawkins says

    the light blue eye liner looks incredible!

  60. Mellie says

    wow the bluw eyeliner is gorgeous!

  61. JL says

    I love the neutral shadows with the bright blue eyeliners!

  62. FlorenceSorrisoLee says

    All of the eyeliners look amazing!

  63. Kara says

    the eye shadows! they are gorgeous

  64. Angelica Perez says

    love the eyeliners!

  65. melisa says

    love the eyeliners!! and the palette is soo pretty :)

  66. Jaryn says

    I’m liking the lip glosses! Thanks for the giveaway!

  67. kimmydadiva says

    favorite part of the collection is the eyeliners

  68. Lauren K says

    the eyeshadow palette is my fave! Gorgeous! <3

  69. Katie says

    the eyeliners look great! i’m dying to try them!

  70. Niki T. says

    My favorite part would have to be the lip glosses! =)

  71. Heather Wawro says

    Those shadows! They look so silky and pigmented!

  72. Vanessa D. says

    The eyeliners look pretty cool

  73. dana artesona says

    i love the eyeliners!!

  74. ashleyxoxoalice says

    I love the way the shadows in this collection look. I would love to get my hands on this! :)

  75. Hanne Koerner says

    I really want to try those shadows, they look gorgeous!

  76. Erin Campbell says

    Gorgeous collection.

  77. Emily Muurbech says

    The lip products must be my favorite so far!

  78. Danielle says

    I think that Pool eyeliner would be a lot of fun to plan a look around in the summer!

  79. julie b says

    That blush is the perfect shade for my cheeks! That’s my favorite part of the collection!

  80. Clau says

    Those lipglosses look amazing! What a lovely collection. :D

  81. Kristyna Stukel says

    The eyeshadow pallet

  82. Huyen Van says

    The eyeshadow palette looks awesome I love the different array of colors

  83. Kiera says

    I’m super excited for the eye shadows!!

  84. Stephanie says

    Beautiful would love to win

  85. Marilene says

    Looooove the eyeliners and lip glosses!!!

  86. Misses N MrWhiz says

    That blush looks dreamy!

  87. K. says

    I haven’t tried Sigma yet. I appreciate your reviews about texture. I’m super picky about pigmentation and texture the eye shadows. I’m pretty curious about it. I love neutral palettes (blue eyes!) yet I own so many brights. This would be a nice change!

  88. Joanne says

    the shadows(: im a eye shadow hoarder :P

  89. Diana Newman says

    i really would love to try that purple lip gloss.. so pretty! and those eye pencils look amazing as well :)

  90. Sara Fry says

    My favorite part is the blue liners and purple lip I

  91. beastlet says

    I’d love to try the lip color neutralizer to see how it would make some of my sheerer glosses look.

  92. Melissa says

    This is sooo pretty!

  93. Courtney B. says

    Everything looks pretty awesome! Haven’t tried any of Sigma’s makeup line yet!!

  94. Ellen Brousseau says

    Love the liners :) I haven’t tried much sigma stuff yet, but this looks like a good place to start!

  95. simone says

    The shadows and liners look amazing!!

  96. mysteries1984 says

    The eyeshadows!

  97. Samantha V says

    The liners and glosses look great!

  98. deathbyglitter says

    The eyeliners and the palette! :D

  99. Shelley Pringles-Papz McIntyre says

    The eyeshadow set

  100. Ana Romero says

    Live the eyeliners

  101. Jessica Bailey says

    loving those palette colors

  102. Jennifer Innes says

    I really like the lipglosses, especially the lilac-y one and the blue liners!

  103. Mackenzie Davison says

    I really like the purple lip gloss. c:

  104. Dana Dark says

    Yes Please!!! The eyeshadows look nice! My kind of colors!

  105. Hannah Wilson says


  106. Navika says

    ahhh I’ so excited about this collection! :p

  107. Erica says

    The eyeliners are beautiful.

  108. Julia Métayer says

    My favorite part is the lipglosses <3

  109. Stephanie says

    Excited about this collection and really curious to try that lip concealer.

  110. Chia-Yi Liu says

    cinders, atmosphere, and nebula are gorgeous!

  111. Bibiana Rodriguez says

    I love the eyeshadows! :)

  112. Jill Ashley says

    My favorite parts of this collection are the eyeliners and the palette :)

  113. Frickster32 says

    I’ve never tried Sigma eye shadow – would love to check it out!!

  114. PopPenguin says

    Such an exicitng give away …thank you for doing this!

  115. Megan says

    My favorite part of the collection is the eyeliner pencils!

  116. taylor says

    I love the eyeliners!!

  117. Michelle Zychowski says

    This collection is beautiful! I LOVE it!

  118. Nicolstabeauty says

    Eye liners!!!! But I love everything soooo much!! Please pick me !

  119. Kimmieteos says

    I’m definitely excited about the Indigobird eye pencil!!

  120. Kittyboop says

    Omg that palette is gorgeous! I would love to win! I usually have terrible luck lol :(

  121. Emily Bryan says

    I’m loving the whole palette! So pretty <3

  122. Stephanie Amatuzzo says

    My favorite part of the collection is the eyeliners! They’re so pigmented and creamy!

  123. Nicole Tucker says

    I really like the colors I always want try them but don’t know if they will look good.

  124. mckinzie says

    I love the idea of the lip concealer, very interesting!

  125. Nicole Tucker says

    My favorite thing about this collection is the bright eyeliners

  126. Jen Ireland says

    I love indigobird and my cloud. The look amazing!

  127. disqus_kyr6WlfXSN says

    the palette!

  128. Grace Stewart says

    I need that palette and lip concealer!

  129. TheJewellsparkle says

    Really keen on the lip glosses!

  130. Jenny Weasley says

    The “My Cloud” pencil is gorgeoussss.

  131. CHELSEA says

    The palette of course, I love how warm the colors are, its such a great looking palette.

  132. Raeyvannah says

    Looks like an awesome collection

  133. kristine says

    I love the eye pencils!

  134. Raeyvannah says

    I can’t decide what seems the best however that purple gloss grabs me

  135. xxSusanxxxx says

    The whole collection!

  136. Meg says

    The eye pencils!

  137. MabQ says

    The lip eraser Seems really nice.

  138. Aurora says

    Everything looks fantastic! I haven’t tried any Sigma products yet…fingers crossed! :-)

  139. TheGlamKitty says

    I’m most interested in the lippies and the lip concealer.

  140. Jody Stevens Curtis says

    I really LOVE the colors in the eye shadow palette…:-)

  141. Keiko says

    I’m interested in the lip glosses. I think it’d be pretty neat to wear them over various lip colors for different effects.

  142. Bianca Rogoveanu says

    The glosses seem to be great !

  143. Stephanie says

    The eye pencils look awesome! I’m also a sucker for eyeshadow palettes

  144. Crystal says

    The purple gloss looks amazing

  145. spaceysno1girl says

    Love the pencils, those blues are gorgeous – i love bright eyeliners but havent tried any from Sigma xx

  146. Chavi says

    Lip eraser sounds unique… but you can never have too many shadow palettes!

  147. Claire Brown says

    I love the pallette! Nebular adds a gorgeous twist to a classic smokey eye!

  148. Angela Sandoval says

    I love that blue pop of color so many possible looks… Love it

  149. Natalie Carlson Brown says

    I’ve never tried anything from Sigma but have certainly investigated their website. It’s a brand I’d love to check-out. The variety of eyeliners look like fun! Thanks

  150. dan zhel says

    The eyeshadow palette looks awesome. I love the neutrals, but that blue is gorgeous!

  151. Chelsey says

    I’m actually really surprised I like the look of this collection as much as I do!
    I really loved that mauvey-brown tone in the palette, middle row second in, also the eyeliners look super fun!
    Thanks for the giveaway, whether I win or not :)

  152. Sarah Thompson says

    My fav part of the collection is the eye shadows. Im DEF an eya shadow junkie! They look like great colors. I have never tried Sigma so am very curious as to their quality. Thx!

  153. Imogen says

    they eyeshadow palette looks great! I think you could do lots of different looks with all the colours.

    Also, you I can’t find anything in this post – is the giveaway open internationally?

  154. Britt says

    Favorite is the light blue eyeliner!

  155. Amanda says

    Loving the eyeliners! So pigmented!

  156. Katie says

    That blush is the perfect shade!

  157. Carolyn Rubin says

    I’ve heard great things about Sigma. This would be great to try several different products from them

  158. Harley says

    Loving that eyeshadow palette! Really nice mix x

  159. BettY says

    I’ve never tried Sigma but I’d love to!! The eyeshadows and eyeliners look gorgeous!

  160. Noe says

    The Blush and eye pencils looks really nice! I would love to try them out :)

  161. Carrie Cusher says

    Everything is pretty, but I’d LOVE to try out that purple lipgloss. :)

  162. telle says

    i really love the palette…! if i don’t win, i will definitely have to order it. Thank you for the giveaway Leesha! :)

  163. Naomi Williams says

    I love the lip concealer I’ve never tried one…guess I need to branch out

  164. Barbara says

    This is a gorgeous collection! I’m really impressed by the products I’ve seen from Sigma lately.

  165. Halifax says

    The palette, definitely :)

  166. Jen D. says

    It’d have to be the eyeshadow palette for sure.

  167. Rebecca says

    love the whole collection but the blush and purple lip color are super amazing! :D

  168. Rebecca Hill says

    I love the eyeshadow palette and how it combines neutrals with a pop of colour!

  169. Brittany says

    I don’t have any products from Sigma. This would be nice to have. Thanks for the chance!

  170. Kylie-Sky Lindsey says

    Those blue liners! Need!

  171. Evelyn says

    That purple lipgloss. /dies

  172. Melissa D says

    Eyeshadows. I’m always craving more/new eyeshadows. Thanks for the giveaway!

  173. Jessica Leather says

    The Lip Concealer and the eyeliners are so awesome!

  174. Becky Dunmall says

    The eye liners! Love me a bit of blue!

  175. Veronika says

    The palette!!

  176. Chris says

    The palette for sure!

  177. Anya Rebecca Stamper says

    The lip glosses!!! Everything!!!

  178. silvia says

    I love the palette!

  179. rileytibbles says

    The lip glosses look amazing!!!

  180. Nora says

    the palette seems really nice, but also the lip concealer would be handy to have ^^

  181. Missy says

    I love the blue eyeliner!

  182. Carin Clasdotter says

    That palette looks sooo amazing! All of it looks amazing, but if I had to choose one thing, I think it’d be the palette :)

  183. Jennie Zacharis says

    I really like the indigo blue eyeliner.

  184. Dee J says

    the Lip gloss looks awesome! I like the purple one.

  185. CoshiSpencer says

    I never would have though a baby blue eyeliner would be nice, but My Cloud is beautiful.

  186. alicia says

    the eyeliners are gorgeous:)

  187. Karolien says

    This really is a beautiful collection! Btw, congratulations on the pregnancy! Lovend the way you anounced if it’s a boy or a girl!

  188. MissBrunzy says

    What a gorgeous collection! My favs were the blush and all 4 lip products. I hope to get my hands on this entire collection!

  189. Britt says


  190. JaxBeauty says

    I love your page, Also you are one week more pregnant than I am and I love keeping up with you on youtube

  191. Erica Hinojosa says

    I think this is a creative collection when it comes to sigma, especially since the last one was more neutral, love it!

  192. Celena Clause says

    Those eye pencils are lovely colours!

  193. Jackie M Goff says

    Would love to try sigma, have never had a chance to yet :-)

  194. Melissa says

    The lip primer sounds awesome!

  195. Genevieve Rodriguez says

    I like the eyeliners! :)

  196. Sammie says

    Love the shadows!

  197. Jenni says

    The eyeshadow palette!

  198. Kathryn says

    oooh, that bright blue looks awesome!

  199. Whitney says

    Loving the new shades of eyeliner. Hope to get my hands on them soon!

  200. Nicole Fontanetta says

    Everythng in this collection looks gorgeous!

  201. Erin says

    The light blue pencil is my favourite!

  202. Alicia says

    this collection looks absolutely beautiful!

  203. Emily says


  204. Ricki says

    This collection looks awesome!!!

  205. Brontie says

    My favorite part of the collection has to be the palette. Its a perfect selection of colours and something I’d use on a daily basis.

  206. Zoe Neocleous ☠ says

    My favourite part is the eyeliners, they look so creamy and pigmented in the post on them!

  207. Sophie Reynolds says

    My favourite item would have to be the lip products. I’m a sucker for lip stuff and this is something I would use on a daily basis.

  208. Nia Sd says

    I LOVE the entire collection! I think the lip concealer is good for me, cause I have very pigmented lips and I usually can’t wear nude lipsticks, Also, the eyeshadows and the eyeliners are awesome.

  209. Desilu42 says

    I’ve heard good things about Sigma but haven’t purchased from them yet. Would love to try them! I absolutely adore the eyepencils

  210. Kelso says

    I absolutely can’t wait for these to come out! The liners look especially fab. :)

  211. Liz Hanlon says

    I’m really loving those eyeliners and some of those matte smokey shadows!

  212. Angie says

    Love the eyeshadow palette and blush! So pretty!

  213. Katy says

    I love the look of this! I was so impressed with the quality of their last collection and i’d love to give this one a go :)

  214. Raven says

    That blue is to die for! One of my favorite colors!

  215. Llyrra says

    I’m drooling over the ENTIRE eyeshadow palette. It’s rare that every shade appeals to me in a palette that size.

  216. Karen says

    The color for Eleven lip gloss is so pretty! And Sheila actually looks like it would be able to show up on my lips!

  217. MsMadamMadness says

    Woohoo.c: Look great, I’ve never tried Sigma!

  218. Gabby says

    I really love the eleven lip gloss (I love the other ones, as well) and all of the eyeliners!

  219. Angie Bunn says

    I looove the eyeshadow palette! Eyeshadows are always my favorite, and I’ve never tried Sigma!

  220. Kell Hunss says

    Excited! Love you!

  221. Jessi Nutile says

    I like the Smoke Screen eyeshadow palette ~ Thank you for the giveaway!

  222. Ali Ku says

    the palette

  223. michela stringati says

    io amo tutta la collezione ma la palette è molto interessante

  224. Anna Gray says

    I think my favorite part of the collection would have to be the eyeliners. I’m always looking for something to add a little bit of extra color.

  225. Stephanie Mathes Bolden says

    Love the eyeshadows

  226. ke-ke says

    my favourite part of the collection are the eyeliner pencils

  227. Allie says

    I love the eye shadow pallet!!

  228. Melody says

    I’m most impressed by the Lose the Halo Lip Concealer, and I’d love to get to try everything if I win the giveaway!

  229. nana says

    the palette is great

  230. Jillian C says

    Excited ab the palette!

  231. Rebecca Baker says

    I’m really loving the colours of the eye pencils!

  232. Amanda Labonte says

    The eye shadows are so vibrant pigment is great and great range of colors definitely like the palette

  233. Kristen Maria says

    my favorite item is definitely the palette. so excited about that blue!

  234. Nicoleta Alexandra says


    Is this open to international followers?

    Thank you!

  235. Tiffany says

    I’m really interested in the lip concealer!

  236. Jana Hayes says

    Wow the whole set looks really neat! I wish we got these products over here in NZ. I’d love to have these awesome products.

  237. Doriboo1 says

    Oh gosh I love the lipglosses! T_T

  238. Tris says

    I’m in love with the eye shadows!

  239. Sable says

    Looks so pretty !

  240. Casey says

    The eyeshadow palette is perfect!

  241. brittany says

    I like that expresso colored eye liner :)

  242. Ida says

    Everything is beautiful!!

  243. Joanna says

    Glosses look so pretty! And the lip concealer is so neat!

  244. Kira Nikole says

    I love the Eye liners

  245. nedduts12388 says

    Favourite part has to be the palette.. I cannot have enough shadows! Favourite shade is Rave :D

  246. deborah says

    i’d love to try those glosses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  247. Chibihisagi says

    The eyeshadows look divine! I use my sigma palette at least once a week or more when I need some bright colors but I would really like something dark!!

  248. Rebecca says

    I want to try the eyeliners and the lip glosses. Actually, everything!

  249. Jennifer Weeden says

    The blush is beautiful!

  250. Morgan Meuse says

    i love everything, but the palette is my favorite.

  251. Marichen Lehman says

    I love those lip colors! They are gorgeous!

  252. Cherry Bomb says

    The Eleven lipgloss is so pretty! Love it.

  253. Niki says

    love this collection

  254. Heather Armstrong says

    Love the palette

  255. Sammy says

    Those eyeshadows :O :O :O

  256. xgirl2740 says

    My favorite part of this collection, has to be the lip glosses as I love the bright colors for summer.

  257. Jenn Hughes says

    I’m loving the colors of this collection!
    The shadows are perfect for the looks I do.

  258. smartlilwitch says

    i like the pallet because it’s really neutural but also a few alternative colors

  259. Joyce Bosmans says

    I like the sheila lipgloss it’s pwetty :D

  260. Ambernicholl says

    This whole collection is gorgeous! Especially the shadows.

  261. PlusSizeBeautyTv says

    I am really interested in the lip concealer cause I have freckles on my lips an you can see them through almost everything. Thanks for the giveaway. PS congrats on Baby Sparkage …. Cant wait to see her :)

  262. Noelle Paduan says

    That lipgloss! I want it!

  263. Andrea Sotos says

    I love the eyeliners! Specially the teal color!! :P

  264. AsylumFreak19 says

    Thank you so much for doing this Giveaway Leesha and I am more excited for you to have the baby :)

  265. tiegan says

    the purple gloss was my favourite!

  266. Leslie says

    I looove the eyeliner pencils!

  267. AsylumFreak19 says

    My favorite part of this giveaway would have to be the Lip Concealers

  268. sreed says

    The pink lip gloss would have to be my fav!!!

  269. PatheticLittleLostGirl says

    I really love the lip concealer and the eyeliners :o

  270. Joana Rodrigues says

    I love the palete :)

  271. Harri says


  272. Silvia says

    After watching your review I like this collection a lot. I actually was not interested in it, but now I’m dying to try it out!
    Loooove the blue eyeliners!

  273. Erin says

    I adore that lip gloss I Eleven. Omg.

  274. zyo666 says

    I’m intrigued by the liners :)

  275. Bertha Solis says

    my favorite part are the liners :)

  276. obkbob1 says

    I love the eye liners.

  277. Tori says

    My favorite part would have to be the eyeliners! Those colors are just fantastic! The palette is a close second though, for sure!

  278. Lauren Parker says

    I love the liners.

  279. Olivia says

    I love the collection, the idea of lip concealer is my fav as I have the problem you described in your video :) x

  280. aftin says


  281. Shyela says

    I love the misty color

  282. Grace Toledo says

    liners please!

  283. babybellykelli says

    My favorite is that peach lipgloss! So pretty!

  284. Iris says

    I’m loving the way the pencils look

  285. bookbug201302 says

    Love love love this palette

  286. Joanne says

    Definitely the liners and the palette(:

  287. yukiXshelly says

    My favorite part of this collection is probably the liners~ I love blue liners as a base for black or grey smokey eyes and as a pop of color on the lower lash line~

  288. Olive says

    The eyeliners look lovely.

  289. belinda says

    love all the make up (:

  290. olivia amis says

    I like the lip concealer stuff

  291. Emily says

    I really love the eyeliners!

  292. brittany says

    i love the palette

  293. Becky says

    I love the liners and lipgloss

  294. LadyZebes says

    that lip concealor is awesome!! what a great idea! i totally need it! :D

  295. AnnekaF says

    The blue eyeliners look like they’d be my fav. They look fantastic!

  296. ayesha says

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    I really love the palette and the liners! Its a really good variety of colors! I especially love the shades: opulent, rave, nebular, and atmosphere! :)
    And I’m really excited to try the liners. I’ve yet to try a liner that stays put on my waterline…but maybe thats just because I’ve never tried any higher end liners. The ones I have tried, fade within a few blinks. It sooo frustrating! So, I hope I get the chance to try these! :))

  549. Amber vR. says

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  550. Lisa chapmond says

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    1. Amanda Ryan says

      My fave part would be those lip glosses ;)

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  577. Sara Ferreira says

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    xx Lolo from

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