Sigma Beauty Video Shoot with MakeupByTiffanyD- Preview

Earlier this week I got to take a trip up to the Sigma Beauty HQ in Minneapolis, MN and film some videos for their Youtube Channel. Tiffany from MakeupByTiffanyD was also there, and we had such an awesome time! I can’t wait to show you all the videos we filmed, but for right now here are some teaser photos from the trip. The videos will be coming out over the next few months :)





and just for good (embarrassing) measure- here’s a ninja shot of us at dinner, getting ready to do saki bombs! keeping it classy, obv. lol :)



I’m really excited to see how these videos turn out. We each did two looks, and one of mine was using the Bare palette and one using the Dare palette. Here’s a terribly quality photo of the Dare Palette look- Tiffany challenged me to do a look using the bright yellow and reds in the palette because she never uses them.. challenge accepted!


I’m also obsessed with this model’s haircut. I’ve been itching for a pixie cut for weeks now, and she comes in with this awesome asymmetrical cut. GAH!

Anyways, just thought some of you might enjoy these photos :) Can’t wait to share more photos & the videos when I see them, I know you’ll love them!!



  1. Audrey says

    I have those earrings you’re wearing! :) Do you have a farmer’s tan from living in TX? :P

    Can’t wait to see your next hair cut…I love seeing the risks you take w/hair!

    1. Leesha says

      LOL i dont have a farmers tan. they were using a reflector so it made upper body look a lot lighter :)

  2. Jules says

    You look super glam in the photos. Can’t wait to see the vids.

  3. JP says

    You two are gorgeous!

    Also Leesha, I don’t know if there’s anything you can do but a while ago but all pics stopped appearing in my google reader. It used to work fine. Don’t worry about it if there’s nothing that can be done I just come to the site cause I can’t miss out :)

  4. JP says

    wait, I’m lying…kind of. These pics worked (except the last, the model one) but the ones on the mattifying primer post didn’t at all.

    1. Leesha says

      ive had a lot of people tell me this, and i honestly have NO idea why. i do know that if you change the http:// part to https:// it will work. they show on a secure server only for some reason :( the reason these showed in google reader is because you came here, so they were stored in your cookies! :/ im sorry it doesnt work!

  5. Kellbell21 says

    This is wicked cool… I’m sure when you started doing this you never imagined how much of a celebrity you would get from this! :)

  6. Shauna says

    You look amazing Leesha :)

  7. Chiara says

    That’s so exciting! You’re such a cewebrity!

    Also, I am in loooooove with your shirt! Where’s it from??

  8. Ashley says

    How cool! I’m from Minneapolis and didn’t even know they were headquartered here. Love the ninja pic! You must be at Chino Latino :)

  9. Niamh Ellen says

    You look beautiful in all of these, life must seem unreal to you, all of this cool, exciting stuff you get to do! You deserve it though, you’re wonderful. Also, I say yes to pixie! I had one for a few years and even though I’ve grown my hair back out now it was super cute and pretty! It would look beautiful on you.

  10. Christine says

    I really love these pictures, you girls look so beautiful :) Cant wait to watch all the videos :)

    Love Christine ♥

  11. Sammie says

    Are you going to dye your hair red again? I loved it when it was red!

    1. ZharPay says

      uhm, you are right…leesha was kinda cute when she had her hair red…but the hair she’s wearing now is fabulous…

  12. trouble says

    First photo , the women are so beautiful.

  13. BraniK says

    You look so gorgeous! You and Tiffany both!!!

    1. ZharPay says

      that’s right….
      actually they have desame style,which i like most

  14. rashmi says

    loved those pics :D you both are looking HOT :D :D
    will wait for the looks you gals did with the palette …

    you outfit is sooo damn Cool honey :D :D

  15. Dakota says

    My two favorite beauty gurus in one place! Crazy!

  16. Bri says

    Hi! I was looking to purchase some brushes when I ran across your crown brushes review.. Now, that I see this, I am womdering if I should wait for your review before I decide which brushes to purchase.. Any advice? BTW, I love your videos, you rock!

  17. Liv says

    I TOTALLY KNOW THE RESTAURANT YOU GUYS ARE IN!!! They seriously have the best food in the ENTIRE world. I always go there for my birthday :3

  18. Tana says

    OMG! I live in MN! lol What did you think of our weather and our beautiful city? lol

  19. ZharPay says

    oh my gosh!!!! when we had our girl’s party last night and i wore this make-up…and guess what i won the best in make-up and i’m crowned as the girl of the night…thanks for this look..

    love lots,

  20. Brooke says

    ahh this looks like heaven!! all that makeup and pros to apply it, what could be better lol. that red and yellow looks is awesome, i must try that next (and i also want her haircut!!) you guys are so nice, you and tiffany. glad you had fun! =)

  21. Ari says

    This is a pretty random comment, but if you ever find yourselves in Minneapolis again, let me know. Chino Latino is fun, but we have such better restaurants. Although Chino’s Mango Tini’s can cure almost anything.

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